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How to Find a Girl Who Will not Change

According to Chinese folk wisdom, a womanshould not only be the keeper of the hearth in the house, but, under no circumstances, even under the threat of murder, do not change her husband. It sounds beautiful, does not it? In reality, everything is much more complicated. First, today it is difficult to find a real hostess, and secondly, it's even harder to keep track of her faithfulness to her husband.

So what about the search for the faithful? In a word, there are still girls from the fairy-tale: Cinderella, snow-white, princess, although there are also women-ezhki, witches. Each man has his own destiny, maybe even a peasant woman in the guise of a Cinderella. This is as lucky. How to find a good, intelligent, hard-working girl, and yet not walking? Are you sure you found it? Do not jump to conclusions, as a beautiful half can mislead you. And that's why.

Everyone knows the fact - people met,fell in love with each other and bound themselves by marriage. And everything would be fine if it were not for treason in the family. According to statistics, 86% of the changes fall on the side of the wife and 50% of the changes in the husband due to problems with the wife. And here men immediately tell their beloved: "When we met, you were so sweet and gentle, you swore to me in eternal love, promised that you will never change ... And where did your promises go?" And here comes another question from the strong half of humanity: "how to find a girl who will not change?".

To solve this problem, there are severallife-tested ways. So, where to find the girl who will be faithful to you? Only not in clubs, it is very rare to find such a highlight on the pages of online dating or in a cafe. More often than not, a girl with "right blood" flowing in her veins, who does not dare to let anyone but her one beloved guy come to her can be found in libraries, in the village and with a small income level. And I'll explain why. Girls who give all their attention to science and spend their time on the library are smart enough and aware of any consequences of adultery. Even if it ever changes you, you will never know about it. A girl with a village and a low-income, is considered very modest, who is embarrassed to make every move. The main thing is that you let your half understand that first of all, appreciate in it, its loyalty and devotion. Tell that treason is a step into the abyss, which drags and spoils people. So you can arrange for a girl.

If you still want to meet a girl not fromor not too smart, you should carefully check it for the possibility of betrayal. Meet with your beloved for 3 months and give her a test. Let it be a party. Persuade your friend to put up with her, but with a competent approach. Let him say that you are not for her, but he is her real opportunity to be happy in all respects of this word. Let the friend even a week give her flowers, compliments. Try to find the most sympathetic of your acquaintance for this role. If the girl does not fully love you, she certainly will not resist such courtship. If she bows to the choice of your friend, then from such a girl should be run as far as possible. This is not your happiness.

The question of how to find a girl true to you, requiresclose attention. If you meet with a loved one and wish to marry her, suggest a joint life to begin with without registering in the passport. Just be very vigilant, do not have children yet. It is recommended to live together for at least a year with a civil marriage. What does it give? You can learn a lot about your partner in everyday life. Civil marriage will help you answer the question of how to find a girl for a long life together. Just do not ask friends "help me find a good girl." Let everyone know that you can search for yourself, and no one needs help. And, most importantly, your girl you will feel heart and soul, but not physiological need.