/ The Azerbaijani wedding.

Azerbaijani wedding.

Wedding in the life of each person issolemn and exciting event. After all, only on this beautiful day, guys and girls apply for themselves a new status, which imposes certain duties on a person. To marry is a very serious decision, which needs to be approached thoroughly, because from this decision depends entirely on how your life will develop in the future.

Azerbaijani wedding, what it really is? The embodiment of all the traditions of the people in this festive celebration. Azerbaijani wedding is very different from weddings of other nations. This is a more impulsive and emotional holiday, which is filled with traditions that originated hundreds of years ago. Azerbaijani wedding begins with matchmaking. A close relative is sent to the bride by the groom, who must inform the family of the bride about the intention of the matchmaking. It happens that the agreement can not be obtained, then one of the most respected people of the groom's kind takes all measures to get this positive response from the bride's parents.

Further, the traditions of the Azerbaijani wedding includeyourself matchmaking. The father of the newly-married groom asks to come to his house the closest relatives. Next, all together make a general decision about the direct matchmaking. Relatives on the part of the groom consult the bride. They learn her opinion on this matter, after the general decision-making of the mother of the bride, the date is announced when a small and great betrothal will be held.

The first is a small betrothal. During it, according to tradition, the bridegroom bestows gifts to the bride, or gives her a ring, which is worn on the finger either by the groom's father or his sister. The next stage in the Azerbaijani wedding is a great betrothal. On this day, relatives of the groom are presented with everything necessary for the wedding attire of the bride. But there is one nuance: this decoration does not include shoes for the bride, her mother-in-law presents the girl a little later. Also on the day of the bride's big betrothal, other gifts are presented on special trays by the groom.

A month after the big betrothal, the bride and her relatives come to visit the groom on a return visit. All trays come back, extra gifts are already given to the groom and his relatives.

A few days before the wedding, the bride sendsall my dowry in the house of the groom. There he is disassembled by the boy's sisters, and after that they begin to prepare a room for the young. Also, a few days before the wedding begins a stormy preparation for the celebration. Women begin to prepare yogurt, lavash and fetir. These products are the main part of the festive table of the Azerbaijani wedding.

Early registration of marriage meant only socalled the wedding, which was held by the mole. This religious rite was performed a few days before the celebration of the celebration itself. In our days, registration of marriage also includes official registration in the registry offices.

The very celebration, i.е. Azerbaijani wedding lasts about three days. The first day is the celebration of the wedding only by the side of the bride, also the groom and several representatives from his family are invited. The second day is the celebration in the groom's house, respectively. In the morning preparations begin, and the groom, most often with his father and brothers, goes for his already wife. While the young people are going to the celebration at the groom's house, his relatives cut a ram at home. The task for the young is to jump over the sacred animal at the entrance to the house, but first the mother-in-law smears young blood on the newly killed animal. The wedding night of the Azerbaijanis as if sums up the unmarried life of the young and gives rise to entering into a new, already family life.