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What do men love in us, women?

The world, as is known, is divided into men and women. It's impossible to live without each other, boring and tedious - so Mother Nature has conceived. Eve fills Adam's life with meaning, and vice versa. People love, suffer, part, again fall in love. Do the males and females have the same feelings, because they are so different. Let's see how the representatives of the stronger sex like.

what men like
Women's qualities that are so intriguing

First of all, it is necessary to understand what men likein women? Do they pay attention to appearance, or is the female inner world important for them? Does it matter what the girl is dressed in, or is it enough for him to talk with her, and everything else becomes less important?

Here is a list of those qualities that men love and appreciate in female representatives:

  • Sociability.
  • Beauty.
  • Sincerity.
  • Cheerful disposition.
  • Punctuality.
  • Activity.
  • Sexuality.
  • Romantic.
  • Mind.
  • Shyness is in very moderate quantities.
  • Following the fashion.
  • Reality.
  • Mysteriousness.
  • Individuality.
  • The shape of a slender or curvy shape is the taste of a certain man.

men like the eyes
Female Activity

In terms of the business qualities of women, let's say that men love most:

  • Women know how to do one hundred things at once, this is our inherent quality. Its something male representatives and welcome, even a little jealous of having one.
  • The art of seduction. While he "thinks" how to do it, the coquette will shoot with eyes, or walk past an intriguing gait, and it's done.
  • If she really needs it, then there is no limit to the power of persuasion. Do not believe me? Are not her eyes and caresses persuasive when she wants a new thing or another ringlet?
  • Famous sweets and lovers of delicious food,that men love more? Correctly! When his half is cooking in the kitchen. She may disappear there for several hours, he will spend there no more than half an hour a day at best.

men love
Why do women have ears?

And what about what men love with their eyes and women with their ears?

Here, unfortunately, not everything is so simple. After all, many suitors, knowing this female weakness, it is her that is used to achieve the desired. A prelestnitsa, hung up the ears, does not know that this is just cleverly arranged men's networks.

His words "love", "desired", "only you"almost any girl will drive mad. After all, in our hearts each of us is waiting for our one and only. And the magic words we expect from "him", and not from the imposing, self-confident donjuan.

True, the fairer sex in stocktoo many tricks, thanks to which they achieve their. When a woman understands male psychology, she is unlikely to give herself offense. Therefore, say, men, you say, we will listen carefully and draw conclusions not by words, but by your actions.

And a few more words ...

We women believe in love and romance and we wantbe near your loved one. We believe that they want the same thing. It is, of course, the real representatives of the stronger sex. After all, what men love in us, if not ourselves - natural and tender, touching and seductive, skinny and puffy. And that means - "Hello Harmony!"