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Wedding customs

The wedding, uniquely, is an exampleritual action. No holiday is no longer connected with so many signs, traditions and various rituals. Today people are much easier to look at things. Wedding customs in the form in which they were observed earlier, are preserved only in some remote villages and villages. Urban residents now increasingly organize a celebration, based on their personal preferences and financial opportunities.

With all the abundance of new, more moderninterpretations of the wedding ceremony, wedding customs and traditions are still partially respected. To begin with, it is worth considering how this celebration was celebrated in Russia before.

There were pre-adolescent customs, in this groupit is possible to carry an acquaintance, then bride-watching, as well as girlish divination. Now people continue to do all this, except, perhaps, the second item. Pre-weaver's customs are matchmaking, then there were visions, collusion. It was not without the hen party and groom's gatherings. Familiar? Agree, many people are still trying to stick to this scheme. But wedding customs and rituals are bride's ransom, then - a wedding train (well, what do you do not ride around the city on a limousine?), Then there was a wedding and a feast. But the second day and visits were related to post-wedding traditions. Thus, it is quite obvious that even today, many wedding customs do not go unheeded.

Let's see what else is different about the Russiana triumph from all the rest of the world. Only our newlyweds are accepted to meet with bread and salt, usually it is done at the groom's house. But now the option of observing a similar tradition in the restaurant is common. And the young couple's parents meet the groom.

Wedding customs are almost always observed forthat the life of the newly-made husband and wife should be happy and long. This is also connected with the tradition of drinking a glass of champagne before entering the restaurant. Then they should be thrown over your shoulder back so that they will break for good. Although many argue that this can not be done. From these glasses it is necessary to drink champagne on the anniversary of the wedding, and also on the birth of the first-born.

The first dance of the young - without it does not doToday, no wedding. He is usually not satisfied right away, young people should take walks and travel around the city. As a rule, they are determined in advance with the composition, under which they will dance.

Wedding customs include throwinga bridal bouquet, and cutting a cake by the newlyweds themselves, and stirring up a family hearth, and much more. Some of them came to our country from the West, and some are the result of a long history and illustrate the centuries-old experience of the Russian people.

And what are the interesting and unusual wedding customs for us outside our homeland?

For example, in Germany, the bridegrooms always put theirpockets of a handful of grain, which is designed to bring good luck and wealth. And in Nigeria, a girl simply must collect a few extra pounds before the wedding ceremony, otherwise it can even be returned to her parents. And the tradition of drinking wine from beautiful glasses, which are connected by a red ribbon, came to us from China. Heard about this? And how can you forget the American romantic comedies in which the car of the newly-married newlyweds goes to church, desperately treading cans of empty cans? Such noise, for your information, drives away evil spirits. And the tradition of abduction of the bride in different centuries existed in many countries, for example, Albania, Ireland, England, Japan.

In any case, wedding traditions are onlytribute, which people give the history of their country, their ancestors. If you want to celebrate the celebration as something completely special, do not listen to anyone, do as you please.