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Cape for a wedding dress: in pursuit of fashion

cape for a wedding dress

Preparation of a wedding usually falls on the shouldersbride. A lot of questions and problems it has to solve. Including pick up for yourself attire. The focus is on choosing a dress. You need to worry about shoes, and about various accessories. Usually it is a veil, a garter, stockings, gloves. A cloak for a wedding dress is an optional accessory, according to many brides. And pick it up mostly those who arrange a celebration in the cold season. The opinion is erroneous. A cloak for a wedding dress can come in handy for any bride. In addition, in the winter it can not do, you will need at least a fur coat.

Who needs a wedding cape

  1. If you decide to get married in a church, and want to wear a dress only without sleeves.
  2. If the wedding you play in the summer, then in the evening it can still be cool, and you will want to keep warm.
  3. If the banquet takes place in the premises of a restaurant equipped with air conditioning. There is always a risk that you will freeze or bleed.
  4. If you are looking for options how to diversify the photo session, then a lace cape for a wedding dress or any other will help to do it.

Variants and offers of modern salons

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A wide range of offer wedding salons. The cloak for the wedding dress can be trimmed with fur (artificial or natural), and can be simply made of a dense fabric. So the bride will be warmer. Very fashionable now are models based on swan feathers. And if you still get a cloak for a room or a summer wedding, then pay attention to the options of silk or French lace.

Cape for a wedding dress can either be combinedwith it, to serve as its continuation, or, conversely, to create a contrast, to further emphasize its beauty. It is best to choose this accessory at the same time as the dress. The classic option - the entire outfit is made in one color scheme. But now many brides choose and more original combinations. Let's say an ivory dress will perfectly complement a golden or yellow cape. This option has the right to exist, because among the brides now a lot of experimenters.

A cloak for a wedding dress can be a bolero. It's very fashionable now. You can find models with hoods. They are able to make the image of the bride particularly romantic and touching.

If you come to the salon and look for a cloakfor the winter, then, most likely, you will be offered her a substitute - a fur coat. It can be made of astrakhan, have a synthetic base. However, artificial fur also looks attractive. After all, fox fur, for example, not every bride is available for financial reasons.

lace cape for a wedding dress
How varied and diverse are the cloaks onWedding Dresses! Photo is confirmed and clearly demonstrated. It remains only to choose the one that you will like. After all, at a wedding, nothing should stop, annoy, seem out of place or ridiculous. Think about your image well in advance. And do not forget about the convenience in pursuit of fashion. Perhaps, it is necessary to be guided not only by the fact that magazines and catalogs are offered, but also common sense.