/ How to return a loved one? Several ways

How to return a loved one? Several ways

No relationship can not do without quarrels, quarrels, grievances ... It is important that such

how to return a loved one
situations did not turn into partings. But if it happened, how to return your loved one? Trying to ask forgiveness, constantly watch him around the house, try to explain why you did it anyway?

How to return the guy? It is important for a girl to decide for herself - do I have to return it? Before giving advice, let's find out if the man is worth trying to get him back? Many immediately reply that there is nothing to think about, and this is the love of your life, can you now without it? But most often in such moments you are told emotions. It is better to try to assess this situation soberly, clearly and thoughtfully reflect on whether everything was good for you? After all, quarrels arise not just because quarrels become the decisive link in your relationship. If you still counted more minuses than the pros in your relationship, it is better to put an end to this. After all, reunification often does not make people happy, but only exacerbates an already difficult situation. To think, how to return the beloved person for the sake of throwing herself, is also not an option. It's stupid and completely childish. It is better from this already just like no one will.

How to return a loved one. A few tips

How to return? A loved one is easy to return. It's hard for him that you

how to return your favorite
quarreled. But if he still does not make the first steps, and you value relationships, they arranged you, and an annoying quarrel or resentment brought strife into them, then we will give several ways that will help answer the question: "How to return your beloved or your beloved?"

Council first

Many psychologists, and your common sense isnumber, advise us to calm down. It is impossible to begin to take any actions on emotions. You have offended, he is offended ... The best option for a start is to calm down both. Otherwise, you risk making even more mistakes, which you will regret later. Take care of yourself, your time, give a couple of days to think, re-evaluate the situation anew. Meet with friends, go to work, in general, do everything to minimize the amount of free time, do not just stop to think about how to return a loved one. Live diverse.

Council of the second

Take care of yourself and your appearance. Try to look good. Go to a beauty salon, shopping, classes at the fitness club - use everything that will help you look attractive and confident.

Council of the third

how to return a guy to a girlfriend

Sooner or later you will have to communicate with yourfavorite. Try to keep yourself in hand, do not go to extremes: from "oh, how good without you" to "I can not live without you". No suffering for the public and aggression. Do not also devote a person to the details of his life, do not impose himself on him. The best is when your successes will be told to him by your friends. And the fact that he will be interested in you in common acquaintances - one hundred percent! If you understand that when personal communication can not cope with their own emotions, then go to the letters. SMS or e-mail, and maybe handwritten messages - all that you like. With this method of communication, you can turn back the time and rewrite something that you did not like or seemed sharp and offensive.

Council Fourth

But if, despite your proposal forreunion, your man refused, have pride, do not insist and do not beg! The most effective thing is to stop contact for a while. Do not meet, do not call, do not try to catch your eye. All this time spend with advantage for yourself. Do not cuddle with a pillow and do not cry at night, try to keep a fresh and vigorous appearance and do not let your man think about what you can not bear without him. After some time, you can start again, but try not to hint at love feelings, treat him like a friend. Remember that if your man loves you, he will sooner or later answer you either positively on your proposal, or show your own initiative to resume the relationship.