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Plus to desire. Products "Conteks": grease (types)

To be ready for sexual conquests, a man inMost cases need only a couple of minutes, but the woman is arranged a little differently and requires a qualitative "warm-up". Otherwise, the act of love turns into a monotonous occupation without a special purpose. But there is no progress on the spot, and special funds are available to help couples. For example, a gel-grease "Conteks." All kinds of product do not fit in memory, as there is a product for every taste. The main thing - love of the process, and help is always found in the sex shop!

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By trial and error

For various reasons, women are dry inan intimate place, and a man can not correct this sometimes. So, you need a lubricant. Someone uses natural, for example saliva. But it's still unaesthetic and not completely clean. Moreover, pharmacies and specialized stores fully satisfy the need for such products. Someone chooses comparatively cheap and pleasant in applying cosmetic oil, others prefer the old kind baby cream. The function of moistening these tools perform with interest, but no bonuses you will not wait.

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Optimal output

By a long trial and error, most pairs andsingles come out on a universal option, which, no doubt, is a gel-grease "Contex." All kinds in the lineup are of high quality, so it's unlikely to choose in the choice. Buyers assess the lack of tackiness, since the lubricant is produced on a water basis. Traces on linen product does not leave at all, but in addition, it is quite economical in use. For one "love session" enough portions of a gel the size of a pea. In the composition there is panthenol, which contributes to the restoration of tissues and therefore eliminates the risk of "nartness". In general, couples choose several products from the "Contex" product line. Grease, all kinds of which, by the way, are good in their own way, it seems to be a product unnecessary and superfluous, as ideally partners receive natural moisturizing before the sexual intercourse. But the fact is that lubrication is a universal purchase, warming up partners and filling sex with new colors.

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Cooling from "Contex"

Lubrication species has different, not only forhetero-, but also for homosexual couples. This does not mean that there are products of the line, completely contraindicated to certain people, but it is harmless to have on the personal shelf in the bathroom several varieties.

There is a gel with menthol, which causes a feeling of coldand a corresponding decrease in the sensitivity of the receptors of the penile penis to prolong the act and enjoy it. All sensations are exacerbated, and the moistening of the vaginal mucosa grows after an artificial "recharge". I must say that the pH of the natural environment does not suffer from the production of "Contex". Lubrication, all kinds of which are safe and anti-allergenic, does not contain alcohol and does not destroy latex, and therefore is ideal for use with a condom. Friction is minimized, so the risk of possible damage to the condom or mucous membrane is reduced, which is even worse. Contraceptive lubricant is not, so it would be strange to believe that an extra layer will protect against consequences.

Warm up

In sex, a special role is played by the contrast of temperatures. But the cooling of emotions and sensations exacerbates, but the heating - on the contrary, relaxes. For cooling and some narrowing of the vagina, the menthol "Contex" (lubricant) is well suited. Kinds for warming up, in particular "Контекс-Флэш", are recommended in cases when it is necessary to stretch muscles. For example, with anal sex. The partner needs to warm up and remove the fear of coition. The product contains hydrogenated castor oil, pine kidney extract, lactic acid, as well as cinnamon, cumin and juniper oil. Grease protects against bacteria, increases potency and gently warms. Your sexual contacts take place in comfort and with pleasure. Sensitivity is enhanced along with moisturizing. Particular attention should be paid to the fragrance that "Contex" publishes - a lubricant whose kinds can be with the smell of apple pie, cinnamon or even cinnabon. The smell, by the way, is sturdy, but very pleasant. If you use the product in preparation for anal sex, it shows an easy, but intense massage with a gradual increase in pressure.

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Summer freshness

You want to try all the possibilities thatprovides the brand "Contex"? Grease with green tea extract is distinguished by its natural antiviral effect. By the way, it also prevents inflammation and has a light pleasant fresh aroma. The gel is soft and delicate, but in some cases it is fraught with irritation. A small tube of 30 ml is enough for a long time. By the way, summer freshness in the heat will also be presented with moisturizing and menthol lubricant "Conteks".

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All types: customer reviews

Who will give the most honest and truthful resume?product? Of course, the person who first tried it. It is difficult to convince the "newcomer" that he needs an assistant in amorous adventures. Therefore, beginners choose a series of "Romantic" with the aroma of strawberries and glycerin in the composition. In a tube 30 ml, and in a bank - three times more. The aroma is pleasant, and the gel itself is easily applied, as well as other lubricants "Contex". All kinds, the description of which are newcomers, are very gentle and have a strong moistening effect.

For experienced lovers is more suitable series"Love" with menthol and a corresponding decrease in the sensitivity of the penis and the walls of the vagina. With the use of this remedy, it is possible to avoid premature ejaculation. And what is the most pleasant, of small material costs requires "Conteks" - lubrication, types, prices and even the capacity of which correspond to the needs of any buyer. A large tub of grease will cost approximately 500-700 rubles, depending on the variety. A small box costs only 150 rubles and is quite suitable for a trial experiment of a couple with a "love potion".