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Krypton wedding - how old? 19 Years of Wedding

Anniversary of the wedding is an important family holiday. Each year the spouses strengthen their feelings more and more, passing through various life troubles and problems. And it does not matter that a real wedding happens only once in a lifetime. The anniversary of this event will remind us of the day when two loving hearts joined together.

Many families are accustomed to celebrate only anniversary dates - 5, 10, 20 years from the date of marriage. But other anniversaries are no less important. One of them is a krypton wedding.

How many years must the couple live together before the Krypton wedding?

If the family has managed to overcome all obstacles and keep love for 19

krypton wedding how old is it
years, you can celebrate the krypton anniversary. Such a date was not accidentally received the original name. Krypton is a symbol of light. If loving hearts have managed for a long time to maintain the original relationship with each other, they bring light and joy.

Some are accustomed to call 19 years of marriage alsogarnet or hyacinth anniversary. But with krypton this event is associated much more often. And, despite the fact that the date is not a round one, it can be an excellent occasion for a cheerful and bright family holiday.

How to organize an event?

Any anniversary is considered a family holiday. Not the exception is

19 Years of Wedding
krypton wedding. How many years had the couple lived together before her? 19 years is enough to prove the sincerity of their relationship not only to each other, but also to their relatives. On the holiday, you can call your parents, as well as your closest friends. It's great if people who came 19 years ago to witness such a momentous event as the formation of a new "community cell" can come to the event.

And yet the wedding anniversary of 19 years is nota round date. Therefore, the celebration of the spouse may well be noted and alone with each other. At this stage of living together, some couples feel a little cold. A romantic candlelit night will help loving people to remember under what circumstances they met and when they decided to start a family. Cooled feelings will flare up with renewed vigor!

A great option for celebrating 19 yearsa wedding can become a romantic journey. To get a burning tour today will not be difficult. You can do it in any season. It's worth taking a short vacation at work to fully devote your time to each other.

What to cook for a family dinner?

Those who still decided to celebrate the event in the familycircle, you should think about how to treat your guests. The theme of the event will be a krypton wedding. How many years the couple lived together, so many dishes should be on the festive table. It can be a variety of salads and snacks. But the center of the composition should be a loaf. Ideally, the landlady should bake it himself, but you can order it in the bakery.

Decoration of the table can be a birthday cake. Today, many companies offer a beautiful and delicious cake with an original design. Here photos of spouses, their children can be depicted. The cake can be originally signed. Such a culinary product, of course, will not be cheap. But the wedding anniversary of 19 years is only once in the life of the couple.

Krypton wedding: what to please the spouses?

When a Krypton wedding is celebrated, what should be given is decided by each guest. Based on the name of the anniversary, it would be logical to present the original

wedding anniversary 19 years
krypton lamp. Today, the shops offer a variety of models of chandeliers and lamps. But the choice is still better to do, based on the preferences of the spouses. Therefore, it is worth asking beforehand which lamp model they would like to see in the interior. Better yet, go shopping with them.

The anniversary also has other names. The gift can be associated with hyacinth or garnet. You can give spouses jewelry with elements of hyacinth or pomegranate branches. It can be not only jewelry, but also a framework for photos, flower pots, table souvenirs, etc.

Pleases spouses as well and any practical gift. It should be clarified what the family needs at the moment. This can be a subject of household appliances, which they have long been planning to purchase.

A great gift for a loving couple will be a trip to one of the romantic countries of the world. Spouses can spend a few days alone with each other and relax from everyday life.

What to wear for the holiday?

Despite the fact that this is already a fake wedding, 19 years of marriage are also a significant event, the center of which are the spouses. Therefore the culprits

krypton wedding what to give
Celebrations should look perfect. On this day, a woman should choose the best outfit in the closet, or, even better, buy a new one. Ideally, it should be a white dress. After all, the anniversary of the wedding is celebrated! A beautiful white outfit will allow his wife to feel like a bride again.

Due attention should be given to the species andwife. You should choose a suit that will harmoniously approach the dress of his wife. It is better to give preference to light shades. It should not be forgotten that a Krypton wedding is celebrated. How many years the light is considered a symbol of this anniversary! Such symbols should be adhered to in dresses.

You can also give preference to shades of burgundy. After all, one more symbol of the anniversary is a grenade.

19 years - life is just beginning!

During 19 years of marriage, the couple managed to overcome many obstacles. Some have not managed to maintain a family union by this time. But to those who crossed the

wedding 19 years of marriage
some of their principles for the sake of the second half, asthe krypton wedding is dedicated. How many years have to live together? How many difficulties and joys awaits in the future? Nobody knows this. But all in the hands of those people who once decided to forever connect their destinies.

After 19 years of living together in manyfamilies already have adult children. A little more time will pass and they will be able to continue the family. They will have their own families. And this means that life is just beginning! Krypton wedding can become a real symbol of a new life. Children no longer need a parent wing. Spouses can start to live again for each other, as well as long 19 years ago.