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A few ideas on how beautiful it is to meet a wife from a hospital

Until recently, you were both happy with twostrips on the test, determining pregnancy, gently stroked the rounded stomach, felt the tremors of your baby and convulsively collected the packages in the maternity hospital, because the fights did not take long. And now, in a very short time, you, the young father, will be able to see the newborn and for the first time take him in his arms. However, few of the newly-baked dads know how beautiful it is to meet a wife from a maternity home and thereby say a big thank you to your second half for a baby. We'll show you some original ideas.

how beautiful it is to meet a wife from the hospital

But at the very beginning you need to find out if you needsimilar surprises to young mummy. Before it is nice to meet a wife from the hospital, find out how she feels, whether she is ready for a noisy meeting and whether it is not against pomposity. If her mood and health is all right, boldly embody ideas in life. And hurry, because there is not much time for preparation: usually all women are discharged on the 5th-7th day after the birth of the child. Of course, you can always get off with a bouquet of flowers, which everyone will be happy about. But it's better to think how beautiful it is to meet a wife from a hospital, because this day is special, and he must forever remain in the memory of a woman who gave birth to a child.

 the husband meets his wife from the hospital

The first thing you can do is decorate yourcar. Usually the husband meets his wife from the hospital by car, so it can be labeled "I'm going for my son!" Or "I'm going after my daughter!", Tie balloons to her or even make a figure in the form of a nipple and strengthen it on the roof of the car. Such an original cortege will be noticed by all, do not doubt. Or order a limousine for your family - a smart gift for your wife to have a baby.

If you have talents, you can right at the entrance to thematernity home to sing your favorite serenade or dance. It's great if friends and family help you in this. However, the performance should not be too noisy, so as not to disturb the peace of the parturient women and their children. It is possible to meet the wife from the hospital in an original way by inviting specialists. Huge soap bubbles, clowns, magician, fire-show - all this will surely impress your favorite.

In order to capture this important foryoung family day is not only in memory, but also on more reliable media, invite to the extract of a photographer or videographer. They will certainly catch the most touching moments and make wonderful family photos.

Do not forget about the apartment. Before you go for a wife and child, all rooms must be carefully cleaned and ventilated. And only after that you can start decorating: balls, flowers and garlands. This is an integral part of how beautiful it is to meet a wife from a hospital. And if you want to make an even more pleasant surprise for your beloved, wash the bathroom and get the most fragrant bath foam and candles. Your wife, tired of hospital walls, will be happy to relax in warm water and fragrant foam.

to meet his wife from the hospital

And, of course, do not forget to tell your wife the most important words about the love for her and the newborn baby. At such moments your second half needs your care, attention and tenderness more than ever.