/ Sexual relations outside marriage. When the third is not superfluous

Sexual relations outside marriage. When the third is not superfluous

Going down the aisle, the couple swear to keeployalty to each other. The Christian religion is very categorical, attributing adultery to mortal sins. However, the forbidden fruit is even sweeter. There are few men who have not changed their spouses at least once. However, if you remember how many jokes devoted to the situation "the husband returns from a business trip ...", it immediately becomes clear that the ladies are in no way inferior to them.

Unfortunately, many couples loyalty seems burdencompletely overwhelming. “Life is too long to be limited to one love only” - one of the great ones noticed very precisely. Let's try today to look at treason from an optimistic point of view and look for positive aspects in this situation.

Strange as it may sound, there are pluseseven here. Experienced ladies' love joking that a good "leftist" strengthens the marriage. With regard to the representatives of the stronger sex is 100% true. Men rarely confuse sex and relationships. Nothing prevents them from passionately loving a woman and passionately wanting her friend. Moreover, the satisfaction of desires on the side often gives new colors to their lives with a constant partner.

I note that this is not about indiscriminatesexual relations, almost before the eyes of the second half. (In this case, there is disrespect and disregard for a loved one). However, betrayal can take place, for example, on vacation. A wife is unlikely to be aware of such an intrigue, which means her ego will not suffer in any way. A strong half will gain additional confidence in their irresistible and masculinity.

Men for whom sex on the side serve as a kind of doping, not so little. And, oddly enough, cheating helps them live until a golden wedding with one woman.

Now let's talk about another situation, which alsonot at all uncommon. Spouses over the years have built a cozy nest, got used to each other. They are comfortable living in the same territory, but both believe that sex in the relationship between husband and wife does not play a special role. You'd be surprised, but there are a lot of such families (I personally know at least four pairs). In this case, the spouses may even agree that they satisfy their needs on the side. You can argue that a marriage without love has no right to exist, and you will be wrong. Any relationship model is good if it makes both happy.

Psychologists believe that women are sexyrelationship on the side is much more dangerous than for men. It is difficult to argue with the fact that ladies are emotional beings and live with feelings. But many modern women see nothing bad in sex for the sake of satisfaction. There is no question of any love or affection here. However, the interest of the opposite sex for the ladies is always an incentive for self-improvement. Moreover, the confidence of a woman in her own attractiveness always makes sexual relations in a couple more vivid.

To top it off, I'd like to touch on the following.topic: sexual relations on the side as revenge for treason partner. Caught in a difficult life situation, many people do not know what to do. On the one hand, there is no wish to destroy the family because of the campaign of the second half. On the other hand, there is no power to forgive. Often, knowledgeable people are advised to answer the husband or wife with the same, and the question will be resolved immediately.

Of course, this method helps not everyone. Here a lot depends on the nature of the offended side. But people who believe that treason partner gives them the right to go "left" - is also not enough. In this case, the spouses, exchanging "courtesies", continue to coexist, as if nothing had happened. Moreover, putting themselves in the place of another person, they begin to better understand the motives of his behavior. But do not forget that the "case of revenge" must remain purely personal. Sharing this secret with someone should not.