/ / Prayer for the preservation of the family of the Blessed Virgin. Who to pray for family preservation?

Prayer for the preservation of the family of the Blessed Virgin. Who should pray for the preservation of the family?

Family is the most valuable thing in lifeperson That it becomes a reliable haven and source of peace in the period of any troubles: whether it is problems at work, in personal life, difficult situations. However, like any relationship dear to the heart, it must be valued and cherished, keeping grains of goodness and dismissing all that is bad. A prayer for the preservation of the family can help you in this.

family preservation prayer

What is prayer?

Before answering a series of questions regardingpreserve the family hearth, let's clarify the very concept of prayer. It implies a kind of mental or voiced appeal of a person to God: it can come from the depths of the soul (when a prayer comes up with the text of a prayer in the course of conversion) or be composed in a poetic form. A prayer is said for the preservation of the family (like any other) in a low voice, a whisper or a chant.

Appeal to God can be presented in the form:

  • requests (“Please solve my situation ... Help!”);
  • question and reproach (in the biblical texts they speak of “grumbling at God”) ;;
  • forgiveness and repentance (“Forgive me” ...), etc.

When is prayer used?

Any plea is associated with any problems ordifficulties in the life of the supplicant. For example, a prayer for the family of the Blessed Virgin Mary makes it possible to preserve its integrity. Each petition is purely individual and applies to each specific person and occasion. For example, some women turn to the faces of the saints with a request to return their husbands to the family, thinking that they were “charmed” (forced to love another with magic). Others worried about the health of the spouse who went to work far from his home, etc.

prayer for the family of the Blessed Virgin

Prayer can be associated with solemn(childbirth, marriage, promotion, etc.) or an alarming and even tragic event (illness or injury of a loved one, bankruptcy and other problems).

How to pray?

Any request to the Almighty, as well as a prayer for the preservation of the family, provides for a certain ritual. For example, traditionally it is considered: in order to pray, a person needs to:

  • kneel down;
  • raise your eyes to the sky (ceiling or look at the icon);
  • close hands (palms together, fingers together).

However, this is not quite true. A prayer for the family of the Blessed Virgin Mary can be voiced in any form (for example, lying on the couch). It should be pronounced at any time convenient for you. The main thing is that the text of the prayer reflects the purpose of the appeal.

Each a prayer for the preservation of the family is associated with a certain hope and faith of the person that everything he asked for will be fulfilled.

Who to pray for family preservation?

As in Greek and Egyptian mythology,Bible stories tell about a variety of saints, which are advised to apply to the experts in the field of religious teachings. At the same time, every saint, according to tradition, is responsible for a certain “sector”. For example, we can recall the appeal of one of the heroines of the movie “D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers” Catherine, who sang the song: “Holy Catherine! Send me a nobleman ... ” In this case, the saint was the patroness of unmarried women and helped them find suitable suitors.

matron prayer for family preservation

So, the Blessed Virgin Mary for many centuries been the patroness of the family hearth. "Seven-Trends" saved families from vain rumors, from evil and treason (both from the man and from the woman).

That is why the prayer for the family of the Most HolyThe Virgin Mary is so loved by married women. This is especially true of houses in which husbands are forced by the nature of their activities to frequently go to distant lands.

Prayer to the Holy Mother of God to save the family

A prayer to the Mother of God for the preservation of the family has several interpretations, the most popular of which is the following:

prayer to the Virgin Mary to save the family

Prayer is recommended either in the temple(directly near the icon of the Mother of God), or at home in front of the lamp, calendar, poster and any image of the Virgin Mary with the baby.

No matter where the call is toOur Lady, after pronouncing the cherished words, need to put exactly three candles in front of the image and light them. Next, you need to wait until the candles burn out to the end, three times to cross and sprinkle yourself with holy water.

Prayer of St. Matrona of Moscow for the preservation of the family

Another petition for wives and mothers includes the Matrona prayer for the preservation of the family. At the same time they say aloud the following:

family preservation

Since Matron was considered the patronesspoor, suffering, and also, in modern terms, "was responsible for charity," in addition to pleading for help, asking, according to custom, had to make a certain donation for her. To this end, you need to treat any homeless person with one of this list of products:

  • black bread;
  • cookies;
  • raisins;
  • walnuts;
  • crackers;
  • flour;
  • honey or sugar.

In addition, before the image of the Matron can be a signworship put a bunch of living chrysanthemums. According to legend, it is worth asking Matrona for help if your family has begun to have frequent quarrels about housing problems. For example, you can’t get a separate apartment or house and you have to live with your parents or other relatives. It can also be addressed when the family has frequent scandals about raising children or having problems at work.

Prayer to Confessors Samon, Aviv and Guria

Preserving the family was considered the most cherishedlife of any person, regardless of his religion and nationality. In addition to the feminine images of the saints, members of one kind could long ago seek spiritual help from confessors and great martyrs Samon, Aviv and Guria.

These saints are considered special patrons.happy life together spouses. According to legend, these martyrs were publicly executed by pagans because of their abandonment of the faith of their fellow tribesmen (they denied polytheism and prayed to only one god).

This prayer for peace in the family looked like this:

who to pray for the preservation of the family

According to legend, it was this appeal to the saints could protect all households from possible misfortunes and misfortunes.

Prayer to the Evangelist John the Theologian

When there were frequent quarrels between husband and wife, and the disagreements further alienated them from each other, an appeal was made to the evangelist John the Theologian.

It is this holy people called "the apostlelove ”, because for his love for God he experienced persecution from the city authorities and idolaters, was subjected to imprisonment. As a result, he lived in torment and references up to 105 years.

It is believed that this saint must prayparents of schoolchildren who have any psychological problems because of family problems, for the normalization of relations between a man and a woman in marriage, etc.

prayer for peace in the family

Prayer of the Mother of God to Semistrelnitsa

Another strong prayer for strong familyUnion - an appeal to the Mother of God Semistrelnitsa. The icon depicts the Mother of God without a Baby with seven arrows piercing her heart. It is believed that it is precisely this amount that is enough to neutralize all the negative that can at any moment collapse on a happy family.

family preservation prayer

Turning to the Semistrelnitsa, prayers usually askprotect her family hearth from human envy, from disease, from carnal temptation, from the evil eye, etc. The image of the Virgin must be hung near the front door (or above it). They say that in this way you will not allow into your home those people who wish you and your loved ones evil.

In conclusion, let's say that no matteryou send your appeal about family well-being to God, saints, archangels or great martyrs; you need to back up your words with faith. Otherwise, you will not succeed! Peace in your home, well-being, love and great universal happiness!