/ / Krylov's fable "Dragonfly and ant" - life's truths accessible to children

Krylov's fable "Dragonfly and ant" - vital truths accessible to children in the language

Ivan Andreevich Krylov is a man, workswhich became familiar to us as a child, because they were brought up more than one generation. Because of the profound meaning, the rhymed stories of Krylov for several decades

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are included in the school program of literature lessons,because they describe the basic life concepts of bad and good deeds, and also consider conflict situations that occur in the relationships of people. Krylov's fable "The dragonfly and the ant" is very instructive for the children from the elementary school. Let's consider the moral component of this work and the algorithm for the impact of simple rhymes on the child's subconscious mind.

Krylov's fable "Dragonfly and Ant" - subtle psychologism of the work

This work is included in the training programchildren of grade 3-4. Due to the form of presentation that is accessible to children, the fable is easily remembered, and also immediately perceived by the child as an instructive story. "Dragonfly and ant" - a fable of Krylov, which is stored in people's memory for the rest of their lives.

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Each of us can easily reproducethe first quatrain of this work, without even thinking: why do we remember it for not just a few years, but whole decades? It's all about the subtle psychology that gave one of his best fables to the famous Russian fabulist.

"Dragonfly and ant" - motivation for correct actions

Krylov's fable "Dragonfly and the Ant" by exampletwo insects shows how valuable every minute of time is and how important it is to prepare in advance for significant events in life, for example, the arrival of winter. The child's psyche takes everything literally, so Ivan Andreevich presented the morality of every fable with the most understandable speech. Despite this, the teacher's task is to disassemble together with the students the essence of what Krylov wanted to convey in his rhymed stories. "Dragonfly and the ant", the text of which today has sold around the world in a circulation of several billion, teaches children not to be careless and to know the scope of leisure. By indirect influence on the subconscious, the morality of the fable can induce a small person to reconsider their daily routine, to learn how to plan a homework, which in the future will positively affect the level of his concentration in relation to work.

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Krylov's fable "Dragonfly and Ant" shows that for every rash action in life you can pay a fairly high price and warns the child against mistakes.

Ivan Andreevich Krylov - recognized genius

Fable of Krylov "Dragonfly and ant" - one of themany of the author's works that entered the world history as the best rhymed stories for children. In every legend of Ivan Andreevich there is a deep meaning, which, in such a comprehensible exposition, became accessible to the child's perception. The school program in our country includes several works by Ivan Krylov. But I would like to wish parents that they introduced their children to the works of this author from the age of 3-4, since it is at this age that the child's first ideas about bad and good deeds are formed.