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How to write a fable yourself? Tips for a budding author

We used to study fables on the example of worksIvan Andreevich Krylov, as he was famous for the whole world the creator of rhymed stories. Many novice poets think that it is not difficult to write an interesting poem with morality, but after the beginning of this action it is understood that certain skills are needed for this. In this narrative, we will try to answer the question of those who are forced to turn to friends with a request: "Help me write a fable". Do not know where to start? Then read our guide.

how to write a fable yourself

How to write a fable yourself? The basic rules for creating rhymed stories

The works of Ivan Krylov inspire usthe fact that they are not only instructive, but also very cheerful. So we slowly got to the first rule of writing a fable: it must be satirically colored - so the meaning indicated in it will be better understood.

help write a fable

Before you write the fable yourself, rereadrhymed stories of other authors, and you will notice there the second rule of creating such a work: a well-played plot. This means that one or more characters can be involved in the poem, which must play a certain situation. This situation must necessarily have an emotional color, either satirical or dramatic, but it should in no case be faceless or superficial.

For all those who have long been in search of an answer to thethe question of how to write the fable itself, there is another good rule: you need to designate for yourself the indispensable goal of creating this type of work. This is done in order to properly prioritize and formulate the main meaning of the poem.

How to write a fable with morality?

All literary works are very differentfrom each other both in style and in the manner of creation. Before you write a fable yourself, determine its basic morality, because it is the distinguishing feature of works of this type. When the main meaning of the poem is formulated, you can proceed to writing a fable based on the principle of overplaying this meaning. This is not so difficult: Krylov wrote his works about animals, and you can write about people or even about some subject in the form of a children's fairy tale. But the main thing is that in every action of the hero you can see a connection with the moral you have designated, which in fact is not so difficult to do.

Writing a fable on the example of famous works

For everyone who loves literature, there is an excellentA way to write a good work from the genre that we are considering in this article. The idea is to read several fables of famous authors (Krylov, Tolstoy, Mikhalkov), analyze them and identify the strengths of each work. This is done in order to try to repeat the experience of the powerful of this world, only to do it with an entirely different story.

how to write a fable with morality

As far as morality is concerned, one can take as its basissome famous proverb or proverb, since in each of them a certain meaning is revealed. With the correct interpretation, it will be an excellent platform for writing an interesting fable.