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Sergei Roshchin: the work of the writer

Sergei Roshchin is a Russian writer whosecreativity can be found in the magazine "Samizdat". Over the shoulders of the writer, there are already seven books that deserve approval from the readers. At the moment, the writer writes under the pseudonym Cedric.

Books: Roshchin Sergey and his fantastic worlds

All novice writer's books havefantastic foundation. To a greater extent, the genre of books written by Sergei Roshchin is samizdat and fanfic. But despite this the writer still earned a high score from the readers.

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What can the author suggest?

At the moment, Sergei Roshchin is the author of seven books, most of which relate to diologies and trilogies.

The most famous series of books by the writer was"Path of the Patriarch". Sergei Roshchin offers the reader to plunge into the mystical world, which gets the main character of the book. Dark forces, the use of magic, mythical creatures - this is what offers to get acquainted closer Sergei Roshchin. This diology refers to the literary genre of fantasy.

No less famous is the cycle of books by the writer«The stoned world». The plot unfolds in an ordinary city, where strange things begin to happen. Nobody knew that sometimes pets are able to turn into terrible monsters. It is also strange how the most terrible and terrible monster can become a devoted friend who knows how to feel all the experiences of a person. Trilogy also refers to the literary genre of fantasy.

Another series, which consists of two books,became the "Nine-tailed demon". The book is a fanfic about the anime about Naruto. The main character falls into the body of a young warrior boy and goes in search of adventure. Fanfic is as close to the story that underlies the anime. The writer himself says that the reader will not be disappointed in the author's idea, because there are no intrigues in this work.

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Sergey Roshchin: other books of the writer

In addition to the main cycles that brought the writerthe greatest fame in their circles, there are several books that are published in one part. Such books were "Harry Potter and the Harsh Reality", "True Opportunity" and "Natrezim."

In the book "Harry Potter and Suvorovaya reality"Sergei Roshchin talks about the new adventures of "the boy who survived." The work is a fanfic to the continuation of the famous series of books by Joan Rolling about Harry Potter.

The book "Natrezim" is written on the grounds of world-widefamous computer game World of Warcraft. The content of the book does not take into account the latest updates of the game, since Sergei Roshchin does not want to take this development in the mythical world that the game developer offers. This book also refers to the literary genre of fanfic.

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Another such book is "MelancholyShinji Ikari. " The book is a fanfic to the "Evangelion". According to the plot, the main character gets into the world of Shinji Ikari, where he is awaited by serious tests and unforgettable adventures.

The final book of Sergei Roshchin becamework "Symbion". The main events take place in the worlds, which the "Marvel" film company offers us. This work is also a fanfic. The narrative is based on the events presented by the directors of the animated film Spider-Man in 1994, but the author suggests that the readers consider a completely different course of events in the life of the characters, which makes it possible to present the well-known story of the "infected guy" from a completely different angle.