Legislature is what?

The word "legislature" is not known to everyone,However, intelligent and highly intellectual people often use it. Therefore, you should know what it is - especially given that the word may have different meanings. This article will be devoted to this term - you will understand what the term of the legislature is, and also understand why in the United States of America this term has its own meaning.

What it is?

term of legislature

So, the legislature is the term of officeany government body, that is, the president, parliament, council and so on. Simply put, this is the length of time that a particular body will remain at the helm of a country, region or any other administrative unit. Thus, it can be said that the president's term of office is four years, and if he is re-elected - eight years. However, one can also express a higher language, saying that the president's legislature is four to eight years old. However, the legislature is not only a term, although this value is the main one for this word. What else meaning can it acquire?

Significance in federal states

A special attention deserves the importance, inThis word is used when it comes to federative states. In this case, the legislature is not the term of government of any body or person, but a certain set of members of a given federation. This means that the legislature in this sense represents several states, regions or any other territorial-political units that are part of the common Federation. This term can also be applied to the Russian Federation, referring to the legislature of certain regions and territories of Russia.

Value in the literature

legislature is

However, in the legal and political literatureLegislature is something else. Of course, this word can also be used in its main meaning, but there is a possibility that it will be assigned a completely different meaning. In such literature, the legislature is a legislative body in some states and in some US states. For example, in the UK the local legislature is called the parliament, while the legislative bodies of other countries there are called legislatures. A similar phenomenon is observed in a number of countries, as well as, as mentioned above, in certain US states. Well, now you know absolutely everything about each of the meanings of the word "legislature".