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Nekrasov, the cycle "Panayevsky": a list of poems about love, analysis, features

Great poets leave behind a legacy thatlives in the ages. This was also NA Nekrasov. "The Panaevsky cycle," whose poems many heard and read, one of the best examples of intimate lyrics. He is entirely devoted to the poet's love for his museum - Avdotya Panayeva.

nenakas the Panayev cycle

NA Nekrasov: acquaintance with the poet

This great poet wrote a special language. Born in a noble family, he was a soul with the common people. I wrote about him and for him.

Nikolai Alekseevich was born in a previously richnoble family in the Podolsky province. A dark cloud over the family hung the dependence of its chapters on card games. Nicholas's grandfather almost lost all his possessions in cards. Father, by the military service, restored part of the property, but his depraved unrighteous life of the landlord-landowner led to the fact that a large family with fourteen children was practically without means of subsistence.

It is also worth mentioning about the poet's mother. It was thanks to her that he could understand the essence of true, sacrificial love and good.

The second woman who changed her lifefree young poet, became Avdotya Panayeva. She devoted Nekrasov cycle "Panaevsky". The lines about love are filled with sincerity and frankness, in them easy recitation rhymes reveal truths and questions that for millennia disturb the minds of people.

Nekrasov Panaev cycle of poetry

"The Panaevsky cycle." History of initiation and initiation

Poets have always been people with a special mindset. Their work was born into the light, thanks to the marvelous muses. Nor did Nekrasov's love lyrics become an exception. The verses of the "Panayevsky cycle" represent a kind of recognition in love of the poet's museum - Avdotya Yakovlevna. The name of this only beloved author is Panayev. From here, as you understand, the cycle takes its name.

This woman was a Petersburg socialite, oher fatal coldness broke many hearts. She was notable for her beauty and special behavior. In addition to the external appeal, there was also an invisible riddle in it, inherent in fatal women, because of which destinies collapsed and life was ruined.

In addition to the literary value of the poemNekrasov from the "Panaevsky cycle" also have historical significance. All because apart from them there is practically no information about this passionate novel of the poet and his inspirer.

Panayeva was married, and the poet kept the whole yeartheir feelings in themselves, but their strength was so great that they won the heart of this lady. And then there was a civil marriage in which they lived for fifteen years.

The Panaic cycle is not a beautiful list of poems

Briefly about the "Panayevsky cycle"

There are poets who can subtly convey the slightestshades of mood and feelings. Nekrasov was one of those. The cycle "Panayevsky" is a real picture depicting love. The reader, immersed in the world of images of the poet, as if he sees everything with his own eyes.

A cycle of poems dedicated to his beloved poet,tells about the feelings and emotions of the lyric hero, about his sufferings from quarrels and the joys of reconciliation, grief from petty quarrels. There is room for painful philosophical reflection on life and death, love and hate, suffering and joy.

Almost no historical data on the poet's relationship with Avdotya Panayeva have been preserved. However, it is the cycle that shows us the feelings and experiences of the poet. He is a reflection of what he experienced and felt.

In the poetic lines of the collection, the lyrical herothen he sings his feelings to his beloved, then in an entirely simple language, almost prosaically speaks of quarrels and misunderstandings, is sad about how the character of his beloved is not perfect.

Despite some similarities of this collection with"Denisievsky cycle" F. Tyutchev, it remains original and original, bright and unusual. A huge role in this is played by the biographical elements and the style of dialogue. And the author leads the dialogue both with himself, his mind and heart, and with his beloved woman.

Nekrasov poems about love

"The Panaevsky cycle" Nekrasov: a list of poems

Before turning to poems, it is worthrecall when and in what era they were created. Then openly talk about their feelings, experiences, suffering was not accepted, society frankness was not welcomed. But the poet's love untied his hands and saved him from prejudice. He created, as if he was pouring on his paper his feelings and thoughts, joys and resentments.

"Panaevsky cycle" Nekrasov: a list of poems:

  • "Yes, our life flowed rebellious ..."
  • "For a long time, rejected by you ..."
  • "He got a heavy cross for a share ..."
  • "Sorry! Do not remember the days of falling,
  • "We are stupid people ..."
  • "Farewell"
  • "So this is a joke? My darling",
  • "You are always good incomparably"
  • "I do not like your irony,
  • "Sufferer! You stand before me ... »,
  • "A difficult year has broken my illness."

This is not a complete list. In the opinion of critics and literary critics, many poems dedicated to Panayeva were never published. Another part irretrievably perished in the letters burned by Avdotya. However, those that survived transmit the general picture and atmosphere of the whole cycle.

Literary analysis

The general theme of the cycle is love and life, ups and downs.falling. Many critics consider the poetry of this cycle from the philosophical point of view. Still, because the whole philosophy of life, an individual view of many truths, the author concludes in his stanzas.

The sub-themes of the cycle are love and separation, life anddeath, tenderness and fury, quarrel and reconciliation, understanding and misunderstanding. This can easily be understood by looking at what poems are included in Nekrasov's "Panayevsky cycle." Here poetry is about the relationship of the lyric hero and his beloved, his sorrow, if there was a misunderstanding and discord in the pair.

In one of the poems ("Farewell") describes the parting of lovers. The lines are not just sad - the love of the lyric hero is so strong that he compares it to death.

Poems dedicated to Avdotya Panayeva,deeply biographical. The poet does not hide his feelings, shows them in his poems. Many moments of their relationship are imprinted in the collection, while rejoicing moments of harmony and fleeting happiness, the poet is not afraid to sing and bitterness, as an integral part of love and passion.

what poems are included in the Panaic cycle of the ugly

Means of expressiveness in the poems of the cycle

Many poets in an attempt to impart their poemsbrightness and originality preferred a minimum of means of expressiveness, relying only on their feelings. This created Nekrasov "Panaevsky cycle," whose verses are easy and written in a very simple, understandable language. However, if we exclude completely the emotional part, this can make poetry too prosaic.

Literary scholars and researchers of the "Panayevsky Cycle" singled out several permanent means of expressiveness, which Nikolai Nekrasov used in his poetic lines.

In the first place is the antithesis. It is used by the poet with a noticeable consistency. Recall that the antithesis in the literature is called the method of opposing two fundamentally different concepts. For example, the first poem of the cycle "You are always good incomparably": "dull and gloomy" - says the poet about himself and then about Avdotya - "your cheerful, mocking mind." Also, the antonyms "laughter" and "tears" are very often found in the poetry included in the collection. In the poem "We are stupid people with you", the poet is wonderfully beaten by such concepts as quarrel and reconciliation, anger and love. Receiving the antithesis as well as possible helps the author to display the changeable mood and feelings of lyrical heroes.

Among the means of expressiveness in second place after the antithesis in the poetry, dedicated to Avdotya Panayeva, there are epithets.

The poem "We are stupid people": a brief analysis

The novel of the poet and his beloved was completely insane. Passion and emotion withered their hearts. The society discussed these relations, they were completely incomprehensible to contemporaries.

NA Nekrasov "The Panaevsky cycle" created for many years. Almost fifteen years, his relationship lasted, and rhymed lines fell on paper.

The poem, which we will analyze,is devoted precisely to his relationship with Avdotya Panayeva. Calling himself and her "stupid people", the poet condemns his explosive nature and uncompromising disposition of his beloved. "That minute, the flash is ready!" - shows their full passions and bitterness, heat and misunderstanding of the relationship, filled with diversity and contrasts.

At first it seems that the author condemnsand myself, and my beloved, but the subsequent lines show the opposite. As it turns out, quarrels are also needed, truth is born in them, and discontent is splashed out. And also "after the quarrel it is so full, so tenderly the return of love and participation" ...

So subtly, unusually depicted in the poeticlines his relationship NA Nekrasov. Poems about love ("The Panaevsky cycle" contains only a part of them, many irretrievably perished in the burnt letters to Avdotya) reveal feelings from all sides. And let the love is not always beautiful and serene, but its sweetness should alternate with bitterness, otherwise neither the first nor the second taste will be felt.

The lyrical hero of the cycle

Even without delving into literary techniquesanalysis of the cycle, we can safely say that the lyrical hero is not an abstract or collective image, but a spiritual embodiment of the poet himself. This emphasizes the epistolary style of poetry (poems remind the poet's letters to his beloved). The cycle is a kind of poet's diary, it was created for decades, reflecting the spiritual quest, maturity and maturation of the author.

The emotions of the lyric hero constantly changes depending on his feelings and the mood of his beloved.

He is "dull and gloomy", then "merry". The biographical nature of the cycle gives us an opportunity to trace the development of the poet's relationship with Avdotya, their ups and downs, experiences of adversity together and separately. In this - the colossal value of the cycle, thanks to him we have the opportunity to learn about the dramatic mad feelings of the poet to his only in life museum.

The image of your beloved woman

The central way of the collection is the lyrichero. Many critics are not afraid to identify him with the poet himself, too biographical and "photographic" of feelings and thoughts in poems. But no less important is the second main character - the only muse of the poet Avdotya Panayev.

The first poem of the cycle "You are always goodincomparably "portrays his beloved poet's light, gentle and witty (" your merry, mocking mind "). Researchers creativity Nekrasov call this poem the most light and gentle. But this is only the beginning.

The "Panaevsky cycle" of Nekrasov, whose list of poems reaches two dozen published works, in each poetry contains a different image of the main character.

"To part was inevitable, and for you now Iglad "- these lines show the relationship in a different light. Such partings and quarrels will be many, but the poet and his muse will experience many troubles and sorrows together, their love will give them the strength to defeat life and pettiness.

The image of the lyrical heroine of the cycle changes all the time. This woman is kind and gentle, but the experiences of adversity make her all the harder and stronger. Prior to Nekrasov's display in poetry, such profound changes in the characters' characters were few to anyone.

One of the poems of the cycle is called the once-youngand gentle Panayeva sufferer. "Sufferer! Standing before me is a beautiful ghost "- these poetic lines show a vulnerable woman with a torn heart. From a light, cheerful girl, the heroine turned into a "ghost". Why it happened, now it's hard to say. Love can not only resurrect, but also hurt.

Features of the cycle

Features of the "Panaevsky cycle" Nekrasov lies in his frankness and subtle psychologism. The poet with the wave of his pen reveals the most intimate feelings and emotions.

A striking difference between these works is the ongoinghand in hand poetry and the prose of love. Romantic exalted feelings echo, are replaced by realistic, sometimes even naturalistic details.

The higher the rise, the stronger the fall. "The Panaevsky cycle" became a kind of revelation of the poet.

Another feature of the cycle is unusual for poetry drama and epic. A peculiar love epic of Nekrasov carries a lot of plot lines and feelings.

Among other means of expression, the poetused an interesting technique - polyphony. This is the sound of two or more voices of lyric heroes. In the poems are the author's dialogues with his inner voice, the dialogue of thought and feeling, the alleged conversation between the poet and her beloved.

It is worth noting also the subtle psychologism andthe versatility of the experiences of the heroes of the poems. Their inner drama was conditioned not only by personal emotions, but also by the constant pressure of the society for which their love was criminal and incomprehensible.

love poetry of the non-beautiful verses of the Panayev cycle

"Panaevsky cycle" Nekrasov and "Denisyevsky cycle" Tyutchev

Despite the vivid originality of the collection, in the annals of Russian poetry there is a similar collection of another great poet. It's about Denisyevsky cycle by Fedor Tyutchev.

This cycle the poet also dedicated his belovedthe woman - Elena Alexandrovna Denisyeva. This girl was a student of the Smolny Institute, where she studied Tuyatchev's daughters. Twenty years of age difference and the family of Fedor Ivanovich did not become an obstacle to the all-consuming passion and love between these different people. Their feelings gave rise to a lot of condemnations and discussions in society, but only the illness that killed the still very young Helen was able to separate them.

Like the "Panaevsky cycle" Nekrasov, "Denisyevsky cycle" is dedicated to sincere and strong love, which changes a person, ennobles and extols his feelings.

In July 1850, when Tyutchev first methis Helen, a poem "Come Lord, your joy ...". Here the lyrical hero prays for love and compares himself to the sun-scorched beggar who sees a rich fresh garden and dreams of getting there. In this allegory lies a deep hidden meaning. The poet associates himself with a beggar, who is not available to the pleasures of the rich. He understands that the garden is alien, but he prays for "joy".

Very little is known about Elena Denisyev. But her name in history and literature lives, thanks to poems dedicated to the poet.

the nonsense Panaev cycle

Comparative analysis of the cycles of N. Nekrasov and F. Tyutchev

In these, combined by one theme collections, verymuch in common. Both cycles are dedicated to a beloved woman, each of them describes a variety of feelings, sometimes - completely contradictory in the same poem.

Like the "Panaevsky cycle" Nekrasov (analysiswhich can be seen above) "Denisyevsky cycle" reveals the most unexpected aspects of life. "O, how murderous we love" in Tyutchev and "We are stupid people" with Nekrasov, for example, reveal the theme of love, which perishes in quarrels and prejudices, condemnation and misunderstanding.

In both cycles, the idea of ​​reciprocal feelings is also revealed ("Let's go, Lord, your joy" by F. Tyutchev and "For a long time - rejected by you" N. Nekrasov).

Despite the serious similarity in these pearlspoetry there are many differences. For example, the Nekrasov cycle "Panaevsky" wrote a lighter and airy syllable. The poet used a simple and understandable language. Fedor Tyutchev gives preference to a more melodic, lyrical style, in which one can, if desired, trace the features of anacreontic and pastoral poetry.

Each of these cycles carries its own luggage of feelings andexperiences. Nekrasov cycle "Panayevsky" created under the strongest social oppression. Common to the poets was the rejection of society, its condemnation, which did not stop blossoming their feelings for their beloved women, but very tangibly exhausted, tore their hearts. Both novels - Nekrasov with Panayeva and Tyutchev with Denisyeva - were incomprehensible to their contemporaries.

The fate of the poets and their loved ones was different. Considering that both cycles are biographical, one should not expect the identity of love stories.


Almost a decade and a half created Nekrasov poemsabout love. "The Panaevsky cycle" has an unusually bright, biographical character and an easy author's speech made this collection a real gem of Russian poetry. This poetic collection of individual poems, but if you read it in chronological order, it seems that we have a real romance. Here there is love and separation, happiness and bitterness, warmth and cold, passion and serenity. Lyrical characters of the cycle change with time, they grow up and become more tolerant, wiser. This collection reflects love itself not in a decade, but in life.