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An interesting scenario of the autumn fair for the school and kindergarten

Autumn Fair is a magical event, whereyou can meet homemade cakes, incredibly beautiful crafts, bright dance numbers and thematic songs. The script of the autumn fair will create an incredible holiday for children, from preschool age to graduates.

script of the autumn fair

School holiday

Autumn fair in the school - fascinatinga celebration that unites the elementary and senior classes. Everyone is engaged in design, comes up with interesting productions and original dishes to surprise teachers and their classmates. The script of the autumn fair in the school consists of several main points:

  • Preparation for the holiday. To make the event grandiose, it is best to use an assembly hall or a long hall on the first floor. For registration, you need a lot of tables - one for each class.
  • In the center of the room you need to lay out a carpet to use it for the performance. Holding a holiday in the assembly hall will greatly simplify this task.
  • The beginning of the holiday is the collection of classes in the room, the expectation of the host's performance according to the script.
  • In breaks between competitions, dances and songs, schoolchildren can walk around the assembly hall and corridor, trying food and getting hand-made articles.

The beginning of the celebration

The scenario of the autumn fair begins with an exit onthe scene of the two leading - a guy and a girl. They are dressed in thematic costumes, which can be decorated with golden oak leaves or artificial berries.

autumn fair in school

Leading number 1: "Dear guests, Officially declare that the autumn fair is open! This year you will find an exciting program, fragrant pies and competitions for the best traditions."

Leading number 2: "Look how bright the sun is shining! On such a warm day, we will honor the rich harvest and praise the holiday in the same way as in Russia!".

Leading number 1: "Noisy Fair meets you with our school bazaar! Nuts, crafts, fruit baskets - treat yourself and enjoy the natural gifts."


A golden-haired girl of about 9-10 years old (in a smart dress) runs to the stage leading to the stage. According to the scenario of the autumn fair, the little girl is holding out a basket of fruit to which paper is tied.

Leading number 2: "A beautiful Autumn came to us and announced that it's time to start the celebration!"

Girl: "The rules are simple: I pull out one fruit and announce the speeches. Today you will be surprised, because I prepared a real noisy festival for you. Are you ready?"

crafts for the autumn fair

Leaders help the audience, encouraging students with the words "Ready, ready!". After that the curly little girl gets out the first fruit and declares: "Parade of fast-food!".

According to the script of the autumn fair on the stage goskoromohy in Russian folk costumes. One lute, another flute, and the third will be disguised as a bear. They start dancing and singing autumn ditties under the merry music. For example:

Skoromoch No. 1: "This autumn we meet you and your crops."

Skoromoch No. 2: "Let's say together with you: Autumn, you are beautiful, golden!".

Break for a fun fair

After the performance, the presenters announce thatofficially opened the autumn fair. The idea of ​​the script is simple: as soon as the performance ends, cheerful music turns on, a few jokes run out onto the stage: someone turns the hoop, someone dances with ribbons, and someone shows pantomime. At this time, children from all classes can walk around the fairground tents, try food or buy hand-made articles.

Holding an autumn fair is an amazingan event, because here children can talk about their creative talents and share their art crafts. As a rule, the school does not prohibit the sale of handicrafts. It can be pies, homemade jam, clay pots, amber beads, ikebans.

design of the autumn fair

In order not to offend the children, you can give out in advanceTokens, which they can spend on the purchase of a free craft. For example, the tokens will be of gold color and with the school number. Will be issued at the entrance to the assembly hall and only 3 pieces per pupil.

Contests are the best part

Autumn fair for children, held in school or kindergarten, will be remembered for many years. After all, with the right organization you can arrange real fun, safe and exciting.

Competition №1. Take yours. By drawing lots, three volunteers are selected pereach team. In order to be honest, try to pick up rivals of the same age, so that there is no advantage and advantage. In the hall a large basin of water is set and pure apples are dropped there. The task of each participant is to catch the apple with his teeth, without using his hands, for one minute. The team that wins more fruit wins.

Competition number 2. Raceing. There are no need for teams, because everyone is for himself. Issue one bag for each participant. Build the children in a row and tell them to put the bags on their feet. The winner is the participant, who will jump fastest on all two legs to the finish line.

script of the autumn fair in the garden

There is another interesting contest thatlike children of all ages. It is held throughout the holiday. Each class should have its own tree made of paper and styrofoam attached to the tent. For the entire autumn fair, it is necessary to find the decorated leaves with the original emblem, which are subsequently attached to the tree. The prize is awarded to the class that collected more than one leaf for the whole event. They can also be obtained for competitions and for participating in dance shows.

How to decorate the assembly hall

The design of the autumn fair should bethematic. Agree that snowflakes will cause confusion among children, because everyone knows that autumn is the golden season of the year, distinguished by bright and unimaginable colors. To simplify the task in the design of the autumn fair, you can entrust the creation of jewelry to all classes. For example, many elementary school children in labor lessons make original fakes. They can create 10 leaves or make a beautiful rain of flowers.

Original ways of decorating:

  1. Herbarium - a budget option. The collection of twigs of red mountain ash, fallen multi-colored leaves is an exciting activity. In addition, they can be glued to any fabric and rope, and then decorate the entire assembly hall. If there are columns in the room, you can make incredible patterns of birds from leaflets. The main thing is not to use over-dried inventory - there is a risk that they will be showered before the start of the celebration. On each table you can create a unique ikebana of flowers and beautiful twigs. It is not forbidden to use artificial flowers - so you can keep inventory until next year.
    autumn fair ideas
  2. Applications. Use templates to cut out colored leaves. They can be sewn with a single thread to create a unique autumn rain. Hang the decoration along the wall on a double-sided scotch, and if opportunities permit, then for a greater effect, you can paint the applications with a fluorescent paint of silver, gold.
  3. Wicker items made of twine. Original dishes look, which is wrapped in a brown string. In the course you can use everything: bottles, and unnecessary jars, and glasses.
  4. Wreaths of dried flowers. And to make the holiday look more impressive, you can create huge letters that would broadcast that all the children are present at the autumn fair.

What to wear for an event

It does not matter which scenario of the autumn fair is registered: a morning performance in the preparatory group or a grandiose celebration at school. Participants should be dressed appropriately:

  • Do not choose gray suits. This is a bright celebration, and not a dull and boring event.
  • Decorate the dress or T-shirt with leaflets,thematic colors. You can use artificial plants, painted in the right color at home. To give children an incentive to dress up, arrange a contest for the best costume. Let the students vote during the event, and at the end of the autumn fair the presenters will sum up. Winners will receive prizes and certificates.
  • Allow girls to use bright makeup. If the autumn fair is held in the kindergarten according to the scenario, then the girls can be butterflies, and the boys are pumpkins or fruit baskets.
    holding an autumn fair

Crafts with own hands

Crafts for the autumn fair can be usedabsolutely original. For example, during breaks between competitions children can visit an exhibition corner, where students hang out their thematic pictures from leaves, pasta or cereals.

  1. Bright portrait. Draw a contour of the female face. Complete the picture with leaves, pasting them to the place where there should be curls.
    autumn fair for children
  2. Animals. Autumn leaflets are a real find forneedlewomen and needlewomen. From them you can create an image of any bird or animal. Sufficient to use only colored paper and glue along with flowers and leaves.
  3. Leaf fall. Again bright and colorful leaves. Choose the most dense, beautiful and attractive details. Glue them on the thread so that between each leaf was a distance of not less than 5 centimeters. Such a rain or leaf fall can be used as an original decoration.

Crafts at the autumn fair can be sold,exchange or simply - show all the students. You can make an original vase of twigs, and those who are engaged in pottery, can present at the event, decorated ceramic pots or vases.

Fair meals

This fair is always held with treats. Cover the table or instruct each class to present the best dish to the competition. Let the students make a unique fruit basket, bake a bright pie of berries, make homemade jam or confiture. All children love sweets, so do not forbid to treat each other with juicy fruits, delicious sweets or hot tea with homemade cakes.

scenario morning performance in the preparatory group autumn fair

Features of the event in the kindergarten

The script of the autumn fair, though it can givean unforgettable experience, but it contains some nuances. For example, small children are much more difficult to organize, and sometimes they do not understand what the educators require of them. They are delighted only by the opportunity to wear a bright suit and receive another gift, so you need to make the celebration as simplistic as possible. First, do not be afraid to use dances and songs. Secondly, children should participate in light competitions. For example, go through a simple baton and put an apple in the basket.


Which school holiday can take place withoutdiscos? Give children the opportunity to have fun with the heart for the fiery music. Let time in the school does not allow you to hold a celebration until late, but after a busy concert and exciting competitions, children will definitely be delighted with the crazy autumn dances.