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Modern muse of poetry and reality

Before any person visited by a musepoetry and who composes verses in the 21st century, especially if he is inclined to see something more than meaningless fun in it, the question eventually arises: what should be modern poetry to defend its right to exist and not look stupid in the age of technocracy?

Philology considers this type of creativity inthe art of creating an artistic image in the structure of a melodic and rhythmically organized speech, which gives the text a certain ability of suggestive and emotional impact on the listener or reader. But what value, except for the museum, this elegant literature can represent for the modern cultural space filled with 3D graphics and information technology? Of course, we are primarily concerned with modern poetry - Russian and foreign, which, thanks to the existence of an excellent translation school, reflects the entire poetic space of mankind.

At a glance at the bookstore countersand to relevant websites covering the situation on the web, one can believe that modern poetry is not only published on the Internet, but also published on paper. But the reader, like the muse of poetry, will be disappointed immediately after a selective acquaintance with texts filled with banal tongue-tied speech, casting a melancholy neo-ethical and timeless.

Presentation of the reader about modern poetry

It is often possible to encounter the fact thatinsolvency of modern poetry, they say: "Yes you! Here such-and-such writes fine! Keep the link - read! "But there is the creativity of one of the many" elves ", and rhyme something that does not know how, but pretends that it is regularly visited by the muse of lyrical poetry and dictates masterpieces of poetic thought.

But the whole catastrophe of the situation in whichpoetry turned out to be understandable much later, when it turns out that readers have no idea of ​​the existence of really interesting and original poets who live now, but not because they do not exist. The poetry muse is still visiting people - and there are really wonderful creators, but few of the readers are able to recall at least one text in which, at any worthy level, the reappraisal of what happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and what is happening now. One gets the impression that the worldview of modern man is quite capable of displaying humorous couplets, advertising slogans and pop songs, filled with simple everyday life and vulgarity.

Modern poetry and reality

A thinking person well understands thatThe post-Soviet space has been in the hands of cynical tempers for the past ten years, which, regardless of their ideological convictions, consider the strengthening of the foundations of national self-awareness unnecessary and even harmful. But poetry, like all other arts, refers to these very foundations, along with fundamental science and education. The muse of poetry and scientific thought are mutually complementary: the first helps the second to gain the power of persuasion and intelligibility of the formulation, thus turning into knowledge. Being an integral part of knowledge that can reveal the true essence of things, the poetic word also has high mobilization activity: history knows many cases when a poem or song became a companion of people's indignation or another social process.

Thus, the development of poetry is also necessary,as well as the development of science. First and foremost, it is required for the leader, who is going to lead into a bright future, but it is absolutely counter-indicative to the temporary workers. Unfortunately, the modern poet is demoted from the key hierarchy of knowledge to the fairy-tale magicians, who are sometimes visited by the muse of love poetry, but no more. I want to believe that modern self-awareness will soon sharply feel the lack of a poetic word, and this art will be rehabilitated.