/ How to write an essay about the museum?

How to write an essay on the visit to the museum?

Homework of today's schoolchildren are capable ofsurprise and confuse many parents. How to help the child write an essay-report about a visit to the museum? In fact, everything is not so simple, most importantly, follow a simple plan, and the work of your son or daughter will definitely be appreciated.

Gathering information

Composition of a report about a visit to the museum

Tasks of this type are usually set afterschool trips or on vacation. Parents are advised to visit the museum together with the child. So, if a young writer really looks through the collection about which he is going to write, ask him to immediately make a cheat sheet on the spot. A few notes in a notebook containing the names of the most interesting exhibits or a series of photographs are sufficient, provided that the administration of the cultural institution allows visitors to take pictures.

What if the essay-report on the visitDo you need to write a museum without visiting the exposition? The task is a bit complicated, but do not forget that all the large collections are constantly described in encyclopedias and have their own sites, where sometimes a virtual tour can be visited. Also there is a good option - to get acquainted with the reviews of those who really was in the museum.

Author's style

Composition reportage on the topic of visiting the museum

Consider the age of the child when performinghomework. A junior schoolboy will have a couple of short paragraphs, but a high-school student will need a detailed story on several pages. It is not necessary for an elementary school student to mention the exact dates for the creation of the exhibits, the styles to which they relate, and other signs of classification. But the essay-report about the visit of the museum, written in middle and high school, should not just be a narrative. It can mention the branch of science or the work of the artist as a whole, describe the events that preceded this discovery or the creation of a masterpiece. Be sure to explain to the child that he has the right to express his real thoughts and is not obliged to admire every exhibit of the collection. Invite your son or daughter to present yourself as a journalist preparing a review for the newspaper. So the essay-report on the topic "Visiting the museum" will be written much faster, and the process of work will only give the student pleasure. Do not force the child to use complex terms and definitions, but from this point of view there will be inaccuracies in the text, but any teacher will understand that the student really worked independently.

How to write an essay-report about a visit to the museum: useful advice

Composing a visit to the museum

For home creative tasks usefuluse drafts. This is especially true for writing author's texts - after all, in the process of verification and editing, there may always be more exact words and phrases. Recollect, from what parts is the composition composed? Visiting the museum is a topic that can be revealed by a standard template: entry, main part, conclusion. In the beginning, you should tell about the event itself. Be sure to correctly name the museum, you can specify with whom the author got on the tour and what was expected. After this, you need to describe the examined collection and your impressions of it, and in conclusion you can give a brief evaluation of what was seen.