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"Copywriter.com": feedback on the work. Copywriter - who is this and what does it do?

And earlier, after all, writers were held in high esteem. The masters of the pen and word were received in their homes by aristocrats, invited them to various events and looked forward to another work. Times have changed: writers have now been replaced by copywriters, and for work they use a regular computer with an Internet connection. No romance, but the name is beautiful. But still, who is this copywriter, and what does he do?

Who is a copywriter?

Maybe a few years ago a word"Copywriting" could be frightened by humanitarian students, but today it is a very lucrative business that you can do without leaving home and without investment. A beautiful fairy tale, is not it? But how are things going?

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To date, there are manyDefinitions as to who the copywriter is and what his responsibilities are. Someone says that this is a marketer and an advertiser, and someone says that this is a person who simply writes articles to websites. In short, everything boils down to the following: a copywriter is a person who creates a unique text material. The copywriter's job is to create texts of different formats. This can be advertising or selling articles, information content, slogans, landings, scripts, etc.

What should a copywriter do?

If the copywriter's job is to writetext, then we can assume that anyone who knows the alphabet and can add several words from the words can become a copywriter. Well, that's not true. The work of the copywriter involves the execution of more complex and extremely professional duties:

  • Rewriting. Creation of a unique text based on the finished article with preservation of the structure and the main idea.
  • Revision and correction. A copywriter must write correctly and correctly use terminology.
  • Slogan and title. If it comes to selling text, you can not do without clinging statements that will increase the level of conversion.
  • Picture. Both the uniqueness of the text and the uniqueness of the images affect the promotion of the resource, and often the copywriter faces the problem of choosing a thematic image for the text.
  • SEO-optimization. Each copywriter should be able to harmoniously insert keywords into the text.

The ability to write well does not define a goodcopywriter. Literacy and uniqueness. Only an author possessing these qualities can become a competitive person in the field of information business.

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And yet, how to become a copywriter? Since there are few miracles in the world, the probability that one day a kind uncle will appear and say: "Write, my friend, you have a talent", extremely low. Therefore, everyone who wants to work in copywriting has to look for work independently. And often newcomers get to sites such as "Copywriter.com" (reviews about it are not the most flattering).

Becoming a copywriter

To avoid trouble, those wishing to work in copywriting should know what "homeland begins" with:

  1. Registration on the stock exchanges of content and freelancing. On these sites, you can find many suggestions for writing text. In addition, most such sites insure performers. That is, they can not doubt that they will receive payment for their work.
  2. Search for an order.
  3. Writing a project.
  4. Ordering.

Actually, this is the whole algorithm of work. As can be seen from the example, the copywriter is not such a difficult profession, especially if there are any knowledge of who it is, copywriter, and what it does.

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Types of copywriting

Not every novice copywriter knows that there are several varieties of his profession. In general, there are 4 main types of work:

1. Rewriting. Recently, one of the most commonphenomena. Since all resources are short of qualified specialists, and everyone wants to earn with the help of the Internet, a phenomenon such as rewriting has emerged. This is when they create a new text based on the article already written. In the end, the original text turns out to be 100%, however, even without a hint of the author's idea.

2. Image copywriting. The text creates and maintains a resource image orproduct. Today, the expression "image of the site" is very popular. Since there are several million resources on the Web, properly composed PR-texts help the consumer to find among this million one single, best, resource.

3. LSi-copywriting. This phenomenon appeared in 2013. At that time, the search engines changed the search algorithm, and the robots began to rank the articles not by key queries in the text, but by how much the text answers the user's question, that is, they began to measure its informativeness.

4. Marketing texts. Articles ranging from 1800 to 3000 zbp., which is briefly available and clearly describe the proposed product or service. Such texas are distinguished by a special structure: catchy heading, "problem paragraph", sale of the object, sale of the price, call for purchase.

5. SEO-copywriting. Initially, when ranking resourcessearch engines were guided by the presence in the text of key queries. In this regard, each copywriter should be able to harmoniously fit the keyword into the text. Now much less attention is paid to this, but the presence of a couple of key words in the text has not been canceled.

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Do I need to learn?

Since anyone can become a copywriter,it is worth thinking about training. Actually, is it necessary for the copywriter to learn this profession? To date, there are many courses where practicing writers teach beginners in this field.

Each of the so-called teachers in the coursescopywriters talk about what is good. Someone teaches how to write landings, someone talks about the basics of creating marketing texts, and someone gives good advice on how to make the text interesting. If you think about and analyze, it is difficult to find a resource that would offer a comprehensive training copywriter. In addition, the vast majority of speakers are self-taught. Everything they talk about on the courses, they learned in the process of work. Such lessons are useful in their own way, but even if you visit them all, you can not learn everything about copywriting.

The work of the copywriter is based, first of all, onpractice. Only daily practicing in writing texts, you can find out your strengths and weaknesses, find your own style and understand how to make articles interesting. In addition, it is necessary to stock daily profile knowledge. That is, to study marketing, advertising, psychology, books written by outstanding copywriters. Also it is worth remembering that the one who reads a lot writes well. Every day you need to read at least 20 pages of high-quality fiction.

But these are only general recommendations that will helpimprove the quality of work. In the issue of teaching copywriting, personal characteristics of a person play a significant role, as well as a clear awareness of certain truths:

  • Author's copywriting has nothing to do with academic education.
  • Copywriting is, first of all, the ability to communicate with people, to hear their needs and speak their language.
  • Texts need to live and breathe, make them your favorite work and hobby.
  • Among the crowd of copywriters you need to be able to stand out. It is necessary to write brightly, extraordinarily and understandably, each time breaking their ideas about the text.

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And yet, no matter how many people did not write, while hisnot bought, he can not be considered a copywriter. In that case, how much does the copywriter earn? Everything depends on the environment of his dwelling. If the copywriter is looking for orders on content exchanges, the payment for his work will be extremely low, especially if he is a novice on the stock exchange. So, the new masters of the pen on such resources receive from 10 to 50 rubles for 1000 zbp. At the initial stages, the authors earn themselves a rating, and depending on how fast it grows, the payment for orders increases. But even then, it has an extreme boundary. The maximum cost of a copywriter's order with a high rating is from 100 to 200 rubles per 1000 zbp.

The situation on the freelance exchanges is slightly better, where the customers set a fixed cost of the project. In some cases, the cost of 1000 characters can be from 300 to 500 rubles.

But most of all earn those copywriters, thathave their own websites with a portfolio, reviews and acceptable prices for it. The names of these copywriters are known to managers of many companies and advertising agencies. The prices for their work are much higher than what customers usually offer. For example, one informational article costs from 2800 to 3500 rubles. The cost is indicated for the entire work, and not for the number of characters, as is customary on exchanges. With a good scenario, the author can earn about 2000 dollars a month.

Therefore, considering the addition of the copywriter as an additional and temporary phenomenon, many authors turn this employment into their main activity.


Some resource owners are wondering,where to find a copywriter. The location of the search depends on how much the customer is willing to spend on the text. If he has bad finances, then he has a direct road to the content exchanges. Only in this case the quality of work will correspond to the price. After all, do not look, but really smart and talented people rarely linger on stock exchanges.

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If you want the price to match the quality,copywriter is better to look for on freelance exchanges. As practice shows, experienced and talented performers meet at such venues, which for a moderate reward will help to solve the problem. The only thing that can upset the customer, this time, that will have to spend on the search for the artist. After all, freelance exchanges are inhabited not only by copywriters, but also by representatives of other professions.

In case the customer needs smart content,on which he does not mind money, he can turn to proven copywriters with a good reputation and a well-known name (Dmitry Kot, Peter Panda, Ksenia Volkodav, etc.).


But not all cats carnival. Beginning copywriters in pursuit of high earnings or people who want to find work online, very often fall into the network of scams, such as the site "Copywriter.com." Reviews about this resource will make everyone think, just if someone else has read them.

Therefore, the first rule of a beginner freelancer should be as follows: "Before registering on the resource, you need to read about it the comments of other users."

Feedback on the work of "Copywriter.com" frankly say that this site is nothing but a way to cash in on naive people.

Externally, the site is very similar to the real one, that's onlyThe services here are offered somehow strange. Here are painted services of various kinds, that's just without price. Then comes the registration form. Numerous visitors "peck" at easy money (a joke, 40 thousand rubles a month, not even for copywriting, but for the usual typing). Here are just reviews on "Copywriter.com", show that this site is not intended to sell services.

And fairy tales

Visitors read about fabulous working conditions andimagine an easy and comfortable life. The information is very plausible, and it is really easy to believe in it. Only those who know how scammers operate are safe in themselves.

After a beautiful fairy tale about easy money to the visitoroffer to go through registration (from freebies it is difficult to refuse). By the way, this registration is not real. The user is assigned an ID number and is informed that before starting work, he needs to pay an insurance fee of 650 rubles. The person should pay this sum as a guarantor of that he will conscientiously carry out the work and will not throw the begun business.

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Such conditions are absurd to ridiculous, likeno one acts and no one requires money from the workers. Whether the situation on the Internet or in real life, the person who needs workers, will not demand payment from them. Moreover, he understands that if someone is looking for a job, then it is clearly not all well with finances. Pay for the opportunity to work can ask only scams.

That's just in the hope of better working conditionsa lot of people got caught up in the manipulation of the site "Copywriter.com". Reviews about the work of this resource can be found and read. But only after a beautiful fairy tale about a decent and easy earnings, no one wants to be disappointed. People are ready to believe to the last and, if they are required to give money, they will give them back, just to believe a little more in the unrealizable.

Most often, such machinations come acrosspensioners. They believe, like children, in such beautiful stories and do not even think to look for reviews about a particular resource. All who registered on the site "Copywriter.com", gave their money with the ends.

Now no one needs workers who willjust retype the text. Demand is used only by those who write unique articles, edit them and can "sell an elephant" using only two sentences. But even such frames are not valued as high as it is described on the site "Copywriter.com". It is worth to go to any content exchange and then it becomes clear that copywriting can only be sustained by those who, not sparing themselves, create unique text materials day after day by investing in them a part of themselves.