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Jack London, "Hearts of Three": a brief summary, main characters, reviews

The novel "Hearts of Three", a summary of whichstated in the article, was the last work of Jack London. American writer and socialist - a landmark figure in literature. His uneasy life is reflected in his work. The novel, which will be discussed, differs from other works of London. Untypical features for the literary creativity of the American writer, present in the work "Hearts of Three", a brief summary and the history of writing the novel - the theme of this article.

three short contents

about the author

About his prose writer in life, his books say. Jack London is a continuer of the humanistic traditions of American literature. Class struggle is one of the main themes in his work. The revolutionary protest suffered by many of his heroes is by no means accidental. The theme thanks to which in the Soviet times the American writer became extremely popular in our country was covered in the pages of the novels of London due to historical events of the beginning of the 20th century and certain facts in the biography of the author.

Adventure novel

Along with the works in which there aresocial motives, London has created several novels of entertaining nature. Among them - "Adventure", "Little mistress of a big house". The novel "The Hearts of Three" became a composition that did not touch any significant problems. The summary of the work is known in Russia, perhaps, to everyone. In 1992, the screens of the same-name film produced in Russia. But, as it happens in most cases, the writers have somewhat modified the plot.

It is worth saying a few words about why the authorfifty works, most of which raise acute social issues, wrote an adventure, light novel at the end of life. Is Jack London, the fighter for social equality, reconciled in recent years with the injustice that reigned in the world?

History of writing

In the preface to the novel "Hearts of Three", a shortthe contents of which we shall consider, the author enthusiastically responds about the work created by him. It's hard to believe that it was during this period that Jack London was in the deepest creative crisis. In the search for new ideas, the classic American literature resorted to all sorts of means. Like many of his colleagues in the literary department, London was addicted to alcohol.

But it is hardly possible to detect pessimisticmood in the preface to the book "Hearts of Three". The author's comments about his novel are exceptionally positive. Jack London calls the work a new achievement in creativity. He assures his readers that he never wrote anything like this. And the success of the American novelist, in his opinion, is indebted to the cinema.

Literature and cinema

"Hearts of Three" - a novel by Jack London, created inthe time when truly revolutionary events took place in world culture. The cinema came to the fore. Large companies were at the development stage. Leading cultural figures and enterprising businessmen realized that the works of world literature can bring considerable profit. It is only necessary to recreate the well-known stories on the screen.

Film company, which has in its stafftwenty filmmakers, filmed in just a year the famous works of Tolstoy, Zola, Scott and Dickens. Literary material, not protected by copyright, was embodied on screens in a matter of months. And as the film companies became more and more, the stories quickly dried up. I had to turn to the well-known authors for help. One of them was Jack London.

A certain Charles Goddard turned to the author of "MartinEden "and other famous works with a proposal for cooperation. It was necessary to create an adventure story that would fit perfectly on the film. The eminent author agreed. Cooperation with the film company is able to derive from the creative crisis. At least, so the writer thought. Perhaps that is why Jack London wrote "Hearts of Three".

Summary of the biography of the Americanthe prose writer is a sad story. In the life of London there were many ups, but by the end of life - only a fall. A few months before his death, Jack London completed the "Hearts of Three". So it is not known whether he was satisfied with his work, as asserts in the preface to the novel. The work was published in 1920, four years after a modest tombstone with the inscription Jack London appeared on a small cemetery in the California village of Glen Ellen, a few kilometers from San Francisco.

Jack London heart three brief contents

"Hearts of Three": the main characters

A feature of the prose of the American author wasthat portraits of characters were created with the help of dialogues. London did not bother to describe the biography, character and habits of this or that hero. The writer gave the reader an opportunity to form his own opinion on the characters in the novel.

What can I say about the heroes of the novel, which inThe last year of his life was created by Jack London? "Hearts of Three" - a story of love and friendship. The heroes of the novel are Francis, Henry and Leoncia. The protagonist of the novel is the heir of a rich man, the owner of large enterprises. Most of his time, Francis Morgan spent idly.

The man from whom he inherited a huge fortune was called Richard Henry Morgan. And he, like all wealthy people, had a sworn enemy - Alvarez Torres.

In the center of the narrative is a love triangle. Adventures, deadly danger, unexpected denouement - features of the novel that Jack London created as a material for the film.

"Hearts of Three": a brief summary of the first chapter

The former competitor of the late Richard Morganaccidentally learns of a treasure whose location is known only to a man named Alvarez Torres. Treasures are hidden by the ancestor of the family of the protagonist. The rival of the late Morgan is Thomas Regan.

This crafty and cunning person did nottime attempts to ruin Frances's father. But all of them turned out to be unsuccessful. Now Rigan is governed by an inexorable desire to deal with the son of the sworn enemy. He does not believe in the existence of a treasure. But he accepts Torres' proposal to organize an expedition. And Francis must certainly take part in it.

A trip represents a trip full ofdangers. This is exactly what Thomas Rigan needs, in order to get even with Francis. The very heir of a successful businessman in no way suspects of the true motives of his opponent's opponent. The young man is sure of the good location of Rigana.

jack London heart of three

Preparing for a trip

Francis takes the offer with enthusiasmgo in search of treasure, the existence of which only the assumptions say. He does not know that his enemy, so skilfully depicting a benefactor, submits the idea of ​​a journey, guided by a cunning plan. Alvarez Torres plans during the absence of Francis to finally undermine his material well-being. And if the young heir does not return alive from the expedition, the Morgan family will be happy only.

Intrigue and secrets provided Jack London "Heartsthree ". What is the book created by the classic of world literature at the end of life? The novel does not address such problems as social inequality or the hard fate of the artist. "Hearts of Three" - a work created in the best traditions of adventure prose. There is no tragic denouement in it, the images of the heroes are simple and unpretentious. Perhaps, therefore, the novel was not included in the list of the best works of London.

A beautiful stranger

Francis goes to San Antonio. From there to Panama. Here the unusual adventures of the hero begin. On the island he meets a girl who mistakes him for his friend. She embraces, scolds, instructs Francis. And most importantly - a young woman insists that Francis must immediately leave the island.

Who is this girl, the hero is unknown. But for some reason, he decides to follow her advice and returns home. Or rather, makes an attempt to return to New York.

the hearts of the three novel jack of London


It's not possible to leave Panama Francis Morgan. On the way of the hero there is another unexpected meeting. This time Francis gets to know a man who accepts him not very cordially. The stranger also assures the traveler of the need to return home. At the same time he is not so soft as the girl who met Francis shortly before that. The quarrel goes into hand-to-hand combat. The effeminate Francis, not accustomed to physical contests, is defeated in this battle.

The humble heir of the Morganov state is in a hurry to go home. But suddenly a stranger calls his name. The winner of Francis is Henry Morgan. Therefore, he is a distant relative of the protagonist.

Jack London hearts of the three main characters

The History of Henry and León

Young people get acquainted, each tells hishistory. It turns out that they both arrived in Panama in order to find the treasure that was once left by their common ancestor. And the girl who persistently dissuaded Frensis from leaving dangerous places - the bride of his new friend. Henry and Leoncia are engaged. But their happiness was destroyed by a ridiculous incident.

Uncle Leoncia - Alfaro Salano. The old man was killed, and Henry was at the scene of the crime. There he was found by gendarmes. Henry Morgan was sent to prison, sentenced to death. The young man managed to escape, but now there was no question of the wedding. At least until justice triumphs, and the real killer does not suffer punishment. The name of the man guilty of the death of Alfaro Salano, while the heroes are unknown.

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Treasures of the Maya

The hero of the novel is a noble and honest man. Francis is ready to help even a stranger. He rescues a young Indian from death, and the father of that, as a token of gratitude, promises to lead Morgan to the places where the Mayan treasure is kept.

He can not forget the meeting with the beautiful Leoncia. And when the niece of the deceased Solano abuts the expedition, the young man is already certain that he will always love this girl. But Francis will never betray his friend. Leontia, meanwhile, suffers: her heart is bursting with love for both Morgans.

Francis, Henry and their companion are in an unknown valley, where, according to the old Indian, there are treasures. Here, travelers are captured by representatives of the wild tribe.


Over the savages dominated by a young woman. On her head is a golden tiara. The Queen does not want to release the captives. She does not have a husband, and the unenviable position of "guests" for her is an excellent opportunity to change her marital status. The ruler announces to unlucky travelers that they will be released only after one of the young people becomes her husband.

Neither Henry nor Francis express wishesmarry the queen-savage. So the decision was made to draw lots. However, Francis takes a blow at himself. The young man at the last moment expresses the desire to connect his life with savage.


Alvarez Torres persistently pursues Francis. If at the beginning of the novel he does not believe in the existence of treasures that the ancestor Morgan once hid, then in the future greed wins all doubts. He follows the heels of travelers and once he is on the verge of death. But, like all negative characters, Torres is tenacious and almost invincible.

Francis gets news from New York. The state of his business is on the brink of disaster. And Francis Morgan returns home. With him is an unloved wife. The former ruler of the savages tries to join the civilization, which she hardly succeeds. And soon she accidentally hears the conversation of her young husband, from which it becomes known: Francis loves Leoncia.

three hearts

New trip

After Miss Morgan has no doubt that her husband does not like her, she decides to get even with her rival. But a jealous woman dies, as well as the sworn enemy of the Morgans.

Henry and Leoncius are recovering on a new journey,from which they return fantastically rich. In the meantime, it turns out that the girl is not Solano's daughter. Leoncea is Henry's sister. Under such circumstances, the wedding can not happen. Leoncia becomes the wife of Francis.


Readers loved the novel. Positive reviews of the product gained thanks to the intriguing and exciting plot, which gave Jack London "Hearts of Three". The main idea of ​​the novel, however, is subtle. According to the opinion of the admirers of the writer's work, the last composition differs significantly from the others in both genre and style. Probably, the present work of literature can not be written to order.