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Russian journalist Ulyana Skoibed: biography, publications

Born Ulyana Borisovna Skoibeda October 201975 in Moscow. Since 1997 he is an observer of Komsomolskaya Pravda. For the first time about Ulyan as a journalist, the light was heard in 2009, when her article about corruption and financial pyramids of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was published. At the same time, she was nominated for the Iskra Prize for this article. Four years later, for her scandalous note, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda issued a warning to Roskomnadzor. Then her remark caused a huge resonance. Many media representatives accused the journalist of manifesting anti-Semitism. While still a beginning journalist, she covered the scandal, which eventually led to the resignation of Yuri Skuratov, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Ulyana Skoibeda

Conflict with the defenders of stray dogs

Thanks to the article of Skoobedy Ulyana, whichwas called "Kill! Sam! ", The newspaper" Komsomolskaya Pravda "was included in the candidates for the anti-prize" Rotten Rupor ". This prize was established by the Moscow zoosecurity organizations and was to be awarded to those media that, in their opinion, supported the dognters. By the way, doghanters are people who, on their own initiative, are engaged in catching wild animals on the streets of the city and killing them.

No less well-known article by Ulyana Skoobedy -"Why does the Russian language teach us a citizen of Israel, Dina Rubina?". She wrote it before the total dictation in 2013. The point of view of the journalist was supported by Viktor Toporov, but there were also those who again saw in the article the notes of anti-Semitic mood. However, Uliana Skoibeda said that the speech in the article was about citizenship, and not about nationality.

Lampshades from the ancestors of liberals

Another work that caused a resonance wasthe one where she regretted that the Nazis had not made lampshades from the ancestors of the liberals. This article was printed in 2013 in the same Komsomolskaya Pravda. Her article was a response to written words in the blog of Leonid Grozman about the counter-intelligence organization of the USSR SMERSh, which he equated with the SS troops. Despite this, it was in the words of the journalist "KP" that they read "an anti-Semitic trick." "Komsomolskaya Pravda" was issued a warning, and the words of Skoobedy were deleted from the electronic periodical. After that, the journalist herself publicly apologized for the incorrect statement in the direction of the relatives of the opponents. Ulyana Skoibeda, whose biography is bright enough, first admitted her mistake, but she did it ambiguously and caused a resonance. At that time, these events flared loudly not only across Moscow. In this regard, his opinion expressed and the deputy mayor of the capital, Leonid Pechatnikov, who recalled that his grandmother was a victim of genocide, and refused to answer further questions from the correspondents of the KP.

Article by Ulyana Skoobedy

Resonant personality of Ulyana

Despite the fact that Ulyana Skoibedu collapseda lot of criticism, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda not only did not intend to fire her, but even defended her. He called to deal with the statement of Leonid Gozman that the Soviet SMERSH had left the Nazi SS close.

From the point of view of Vladimir Kara-Murza, an apologySkoobeds were more like defending their opinions than apologies. Another journalist, Pavel Lobkov, parodied the journalist in his permanent rubric "Lobkovskaya Propaganda". After this hype, according to Ulyana, she was repeatedly threatened with physical violence by nationalists.

Through the eyes of FSB officers Skoibeda talks about Beslan

What does Ulyana Skoobed think about Beslan? This could be seen on the Facebook page, where she laid out interviews with siloviki who admitted that the special operation could have taken place with fewer victims. They were prevented by the local residents, who ran to the school with weapons. It must be said that these interviews could only kindle the fire between the two grieving peoples who survived the tragedy. The names of the interviewees in this article were not disclosed, and only their posts were signed. So, according to an officer of the FSB of Ingushetia, during the school's seizure, many fathers and relatives of children were standing near the school with weapons. They did not fulfill the demands of the FSB officers, thus interfering with the planning and conduct of the special operation. According to them, as a result of the operation, some siloviki were wounded in the back, which means they were shot outside.

Ulyana Skoibed about Beslan

Interview with FSB officers

According to another employee of the centralthe apparatus of the FSB, the assault was launched by the security forces not because of the explosion, but because of the unreasonable demands of the terrorists to end the war in Chechnya. They also could not start the assault openly because the parents of children who were in school became a shield in the way of special forces. Undoubtedly, even 11 years after this event, this interview could not but find a response in society. There are those who took sides with Ulyana, thanks to the truth that was revealed, and others accused of stirring up a conflict between nations.

Ulyana Skoibeda biography

"The chronicle of the death of Germany"

This is another loud article, which in the "KP"wrote Uliana Skoobed. "The chronicle of the death of Germany" at the moment consists of three parts. It begins with the fact that Ulyana receives information from her compatriot from Kazan, Galina Ivanovna. She is already a naturalized German, first married in Germany, then divorced and was going to confirm her diploma of higher education, and then find a job. However, according to her, all plans were broken about the illogical actions of the government of the country. In her letter, almost all information is confirmed by specific references to various German media. Her diary is from the first of January to August 2015.

Ulyana Skoibeda chronicles the death of Germany

In the first part of the chronicle, Galina Ivanovnatells how everything started and what the government is doing, so that immigrants arriving in the country feel at home. Naturally, initially this may seem very noble, but only in relation to the refugees, and not to the indigenous inhabitants.

Arriving in the country does not always behave the way,as there should have been people who are given everything possible in a foreign country. The second and third parts of the article describe the actions that took place from September to August and were the most intense for Germany in 2015. In this article there is no proposal, written by Ulyana Skoibed. "The chronicle of the death of Germany" reflects the opinion of another person, but the attitude of the journalist to what is happening is understandable.