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Novel "Island" - a walk with Huxley in the near future

Literature is beautiful in all its manifestations. The main indicator of its quality is the writer's talent. The novel "Island" is a variety of lessons that humanity can learn from. Acquaintance with the work of Aldous Huxley must occur in the life of every educated person.

Acquaintance with the book

Huxley's novel The Island was written in 1962 ingenre of social fiction. In fact, the book can be called a utopia with some elements of ecotopia. It is remarkable that this was the last novel written by Aldous Huxley. It should also be noted that it was based on some ideas from the last chapter "Return to the Brave New World."

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Aldous Huxley's personality

The novel "Island" is a farewell message from the author,in which he described the world of the future. A horrifying utopia, which strikes with realism and scope. Huxley was considered a satirist and a pacifist. At a more mature age, he was interested in questions of psychology, philosophy and mysticism. Living the last years, he was recognized as a great intellectual among his entourage.

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Huxley Island: a summary

In order to retell the plot of the book,you need to have a good imagination because the story line in the book does not. This greatly complicates the perception of all that is happening, but nevertheless gives a more extensive picture of the world. The main character of the book is journalist Will Farnaby. A young man is traveling on a ship. Suddenly, a storm takes place, and the ship crashes. About other victims in the book it is not spoken almost. It is only known that Will Farneby is on the fantastic island of Pala (a place from the fictional world of Huxley).

Further events in the book are the life of Farnaby onisland. More precisely, it's not even life itself, but acquaintance with it. The subsequent chapters of the book are devoted to the fact that the inhabitants of a small islet Pale tells the arrival of Will Farneybi about the arrangement of his own world.

Huxley Island

If you describe this world in a concise way, it turns out thatthe hero finds himself in a space where people have created an almost ideal society with the help of a powerful philosophical system. It surprisingly combines the various elements of Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism.

Immersion in another reality

In order to better understand the world, which hitthe hero of the book, you should take a closer look at him. Aldous Huxley created the World State in his imagination. Currently, there is Era Ford and 632 year of complete stability and confidence. The novel "Island" tells that the most revered figure, akin to God, for the inhabitants of the World State is Ford - the very real man who created the most powerful automobile company in the world at the beginning of the last century. The most interesting thing is that it is called "Our Lord Ford".

A new generation in the novel "The Island"

Children in the World State are not born - theirare obtained from the test tubes. This creates completely different people. The whole society is divided into 5 parts: people alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon. Such a classification is very reminiscent of castes in India. Alpha are people of the highest grade, they are engaged in mental labor, despise the rest of the castes and are considered the crown of creation. All other castes accordingly occupy a much worse position. The lowest caste - epsilons - are people who are only for physical labor, and very monotonous and primitive.

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The process of the appearance of children from tubes is calledCorking. Each caste adheres to certain colors in clothes. It is interesting that the motto of a perfect state is "community, identity and stability." Children are brought up standardized. It is envisaged that in adult life a person does not come across something that goes beyond his understanding. In any situation, it is sufficient to resort to children's experience and recall how it is prescribed to behave in those or other conditions.

It is also worth noting that the story in the WorldThe state is completely absent. It is believed that this garbage, which only prevents to develop. Also, there are no emotions and passions, because they are not productive. From childhood the child is taught that the object of the opposite sex is a means of obtaining pleasure. Growing up, a person continues to see in others only ways of their satisfaction. Children are taught to flirt and erotic games. It is better to have more partners in fact in this world everyone belongs to everyone. Monogamy is not despised - it simply does not exist.

The novel "Ostrov" acquaints the reader with the world, inwhich completely lacks art. Instead of music, movies, pictures, there are primitive substitutions that do not carry any significance in themselves. If the inhabitant suddenly spoils his mood, then it is easily solved - it is necessary to take a small dose of a light drug that will immediately bring back joy and carelessness. Dramas, tragedies, feelings - all this is unfamiliar to the inhabitants of the World State.

The novel "Island" immerses the reader in the nearthe future, which the author himself foresaw. It is interesting that the author was nominated for the Nobel Prize 7 times in different years. "Island" Huxley - this is an amazing world of a variable future, which everyone must get to know in order to avoid it in reality.