What is spiritual literature?

The term "spiritual literature" has severalinterpretations. First, it can be a whole series of books designed to encourage people to think about the meaning of life. And in a narrower sense, these are the works of the holy ascetics, in which they describe their own way of life. Let's see what books can be considered spiritual.

Spiritual and moral literature: definition and its tasks

The main criterion of spiritual literature isto consider its conformity to the gospel spirit. This means that all books of a similar theme should primarily reflect the essence of biblical principles. Spiritual literature raises an age-old problem of being, answers many philosophical and religious questions, and develops moral qualities in the character of its reader. Among other things, this kind of writing very often describes the life of holy people, prophets and always preaches the fundamentals of a particular religion. In simple terms, spiritual books are food for our souls.

The main task of spiritual books is to awakenin a person all spiritual qualities, develop moral and moral values ​​and, finally, encourage a person to fulfill religious laws. After all, in almost every religion there is a set of covenants that a believer should follow.

spiritual literature

Features of moral literature

Perhaps, the distinctive feature of the spiritualliterature can be called the religious inclination of her books, in which philosophical questions are raised. Spiritual literature, as a rule, appears more in an epic genre, that is, there is practically no lyrics. This genre includes parables, various historical chronicles, descriptions of the life of the holy prophets, sermons and works devoted to the structure of the afterlife and about what fate awaits each person after death.

Books of spiritual literature can be divided into several groups:

  • canonical literature (sacred books, the Bible, the Koran, etc.);
  • liturgical (Psalter, Word, etc.);
  • theological literature (theological treatises);
  • educational religious (orthodox intelligent prayers);
  • religious and journalistic (preaching the holy fathers, the teachings of the elders, etc.);
  • religiously popular (stories, novels and even tales with instructive meaning).

Recently there is an increasingthe number of books devoted to the issues of raising children. Such literature gives advice and instructions to parents on how to raise children properly, in what setting they are brought up, so that they grow up to be good people.

spiritual and moral literature

The most popular books on spiritual themes

In addition to religious spiritual books, spiritualliterature is represented in other genre compositions. These books not only change their view of many things, but also introduce the reader to such virtues as love, kindness, honor and dignity.

Spiritual and fictional literature - just like thisyou can identify those works of great Russian writers, in which through the main characters and their life path the author conveys unshakable Christian values. There are a number of works of Russian classics that every person should read, regardless of their religious beliefs. Here are the most famous: Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, many of Chekhov's stories, MA Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, and Ernest Hemingway's novels from the foreign literature (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Old Man and the Sea "), as well as Dante (" The Divine Comedy "), Erich Maria Remarque and others.

Despite the fact that these works do not have a religious context, they nevertheless touch upon the most important questions of life: what is the meaning of life and what happens to the soul of a person after death?

literature of spiritual moral education

The role of spiritual literature in the life of modern man

It's no secret that in our time people are more than everit's difficult to find free time for anything, especially for reading books. Perhaps, it is because modern people do not read much or do not open books of spiritual literature, people in the world become more selfish - everyone tries to get their own benefit, while forgetting about others.

However, we can safely say that the spiritualliterature plays a huge role in the life of any person. Through the reading of spiritual books, inner spiritual qualities develop, the best features of a person are awakened, such as, for example, kindness, mercy and love. After all, spiritual books preach the gospel covenants, and the main law of the Bible is the covenant of love for one's neighbor. "Love your neighbor as yourself" - this is the main commandment on which all the law and the prophets are affirmed.

Spiritual and fiction

So, it turns out that to induce to think aboutThe meaning of life is precisely such a literature. Spiritual and moral education, as well as in the education of moral values ​​and the formation of a correct worldview, spiritual books fulfill the most important functions.