/ Birthday of Pushkin. Date of birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

Birthday of Pushkin. Date of birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

Pushkin's birthday
The great Russian classic, the poet Alexander Pushkin,was born in the Russian Empire during the reign of Emperor Paul the First. Pushkin's birth date in historical sources is indicated in two ways: May 26 and June 6, 1799. So which one is true? The thing is that May 26 is Pushkin's birthday according to the Roman (old) calendar, and on June 6 - according to the modern - Julian. In any case, today all fans of the talent of the genius Russian poet annually celebrate his birthday on June 6. The birthplace of Pushkin is the present capital of our homeland, the city of Moscow. However, in those years it was considered the second city of the country after St. Petersburg.

1799 for Russia

The end of the 18th century was very difficult for Russia. The people did not really like the current emperor Paul the First. In the short time of his reign, he was so disgusted with his people that on the day of his death, people did not grieve for him, but congratulated each other. However, during his reign, Russia was able to expand its borders, and all thanks to the great generals. By the way, on the birthday of Pushkin Russian troops won and took the city of Turin. In general, this year was the most successful for the Russian troops, it was full of loud and valiant victories and attacks, as well as serious for Russia gains. So, the year of Alexander Pushkin's birth - the last year of the 18th century - was marked by the victories of the Russian army and the birth of a great genius - the most talented of all Russian poets.

date of birth of Pushkin


By origin A.S. Pushkin is a nobleman, his roots come from the untitled branched Pushkin family, which, according to legend, goes back to Ratshe - "honest husband", who was a contemporary of Alexander Nevsky. The great-grandfather of the poet for his mother was African Abram Petrovich Hannibal, a pupil of Peter the Great, who later became a general. His father's grandfather - Lev Pushkin - was a colonel of artillery, but the father of the writer was far from military life. He was a secular man, an amateur poet and a great wit. Another well-known poet in the family was his uncle by his father, Vasily. However, on the birthday of Pushkin his relatives probably did not expect that they had a "luminary of Russian poetry" in their family - a poet whose works will be memorized in many countries of the world even several centuries after his death.


Birthday of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin - 26May 1977. In the metric book of the Elkhovo Epiphany Church on May 27, that is, a day after the future poet was born, a record was made that Sergei Pushkin had a child of a male who was called Alexander. 10 days later, the boy was baptized in the same church. Summer little Sasha usually spent on the estate with his beloved grandmother Maria Alekseevna Hannibal. The venerable lady lived in the suburbs, near the town of Zvenigorod. Already at the age of 14-15 Pushkin began to compose his first poems: "Monk" and "Bova"; in 1915, the 16-year-old Pushkin wrote a poem "The Epistle to Yudin," and a year later - "Dream."


Year of birth of Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Pushkin studied in the Lyceum in Tsarskoe Selo about 6years, during which his gift of the poet was consistently disclosed. Here he also acquired true friends and like-minded people. During this period, French poetry served as inspiration for him. Especially liked him works of Voltaire and the Guys. Of Russian poets, he idolized Zhukovsky and Batiushkov. A lot of poems by the great poet belong to the Lyceum period. Later, when his poetry acquired a socio-political color, Derzhavin became interested in his works. Every year on Pushkin's birthday his friends-classmates arranged creative evenings and recited poems in honor of him.

date of birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin
After the lyceum, which he graduated in 1817,Pushkin began to serve in the college of foreign affairs. During these years he joined the theater art, did not miss a single performance. Pushkin also visited the literary society "Arzamas" and the literary and theatrical community "Green Lamp". Here he became friends with many of the Decembrists, although initially he did not suspect about their main activity.


Further in the life of the poet begins the period of references andpersecution. And his fault is his freedom-loving disposition and his desire for justice. Many of his works are imbued with wrestling spirit, an unwillingness to put up with the state of affairs that was characteristic of Russia during the reign of Nicholas I. This is connected with the affinity of the poet with many Decembrists, his freedom-loving poems and poems. And it was precisely because of this acute sense of justice that his death occurred.

The death of the poet

Pushkin's birthplace

In the winter of 1836 in the light of a rumor about the connectionthe wife of Pushkin Natalia with the emperor. And then, in order to divert suspicions from the royal person, they already gossiped about the love affair between Natalya and the courtier, Baron Dantes. Pushkin had no choice but to intercede for the honor of his wife and summon the baron to a duel. Their fight took place on February 27, 1837, four months before the poet's 38th birthday. Indeed, the date of birth of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin - May 26 (June 6), 1799. As a result of the duel, the writer was mortally wounded. He died two days later, and Russian literature became orphaned, having lost a brilliant poet and prose writer at such a young age. They buried Alexander Sergeevich at the Svyatogorsk cemetery, near his native Mikhailovsky.

How to celebrate Pushkin's birthday today

Today in Russia there is no such city where there was noa school that bears the name of the great Russian classic. Before the facade of these schools monuments to Pushkin are raised. And in all of them, traditionally twice a year - on the birthday of the poet and on the day of his death - there are creative evenings or morning performances devoted to these memorable dates. Events traditionally begin with the laying of flowers to the monument of the writer, then all pass to the assembly hall, and the solemn part begins. Students recite memorized poems, excerpts of poems, tales written by Pushkin, even there are theatrical performances based on the works of the great poet. In addition, on memorable days events are held in libraries, also bearing the name of the writer. Students of philological faculties also do not bypass these days. In high schools there are interesting lectures, seminars, during which students together with teachers talk about the life and work of the great classic - the luminary of Russian literature.

birthday of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

Celebrating the birthday of Pushkin outside of Russia

With the work of Pushkin are familiar not only in Russia,but also beyond its borders. His works are highly respected in the countries of the former USSR: Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. In many cities of the post-Soviet space there are schools bearing the name of the great poet and prose writer. And they also annually celebrate memorable dates associated with the name of Alexander Sergeevich. In some of the former Soviet republics there are representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo. The contribution of this organization to the development of socio-cultural interaction between Russia and these countries is simply invaluable. For example, thanks to it, evenings devoted to the memory of great Russian poets and writers, including Pushkin, take place every year in Yerevan, Baku, Minsk and Astana, Chisinau and other capitals. For example, in the city of Yerevan, at school number 8, bearing the name of Alexander Pushkin, on June 6, very meaningful events are organized every year. Probably, few know that near the capital of Armenia there are mountain passes, which are called "Pushkin passes". It is here, according to legend, Pushkin met the lifeless body of Griboyedov, which was transported from Persia to Russia. There, among the incredibly beautiful nature, all drowning in the green of oaks and elms, there is a monument to the great poet. Here on the birthday of Alexander Pushkin schoolchildren come from different schools of Armenia, lay flowers, at the foot of the monument they recite poems, read out lines from stories, exchange opinions, etc.

birthday of Alexander Pushkin

Other great people who came into the world on Pushkin's birthday

On the same day when the greatRussian poet, only exactly 200 years before him, was born Spanish artist, a representative of the Baroque - Diego Rodriguez Velasquez. But almost 100 years later the world-famous Armenian composer, author of such works as the ballet "Spartacus" and "Gayane" and many others, Aram Khachaturyan, was born. On the same day a Russian poet and translator Nikolai Ushakov was born.