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Scenario corporate in nature: games and competitions for team building

Field, river, forest - these are the places where it pullscity ​​residents on holidays and weekends. There you can retire on the beach with a fishing rod, collect meadow flowers and strawberries, read a book in a cozy hammock. In nature, it's good to spend time not only as a family, but also as a whole group or team. Today, activities are very popular to unite the team, call them team building. In late spring and summer they are best spent in nature. A well-organized corporate culture helps to strengthen the culture of interpersonal relations of the whole firm. The corporate scenario in nature should be carefully thought out or addressed to special organizations engaged in organizing team building.

corporate scenario in nature

Objectives of corporate parties

Sometimes employees can manifest themselves ininformal conditions. It is in the games in the fresh air that the motivation of colleagues increases. During corporate parties, the leadership qualities of some employees are revealed, and hidden shortcomings are discovered in the interaction of colleagues. The organization of corporate parties has the following guidelines:

  • approximation of the team by playing methods;
  • strengthening the corporate spirit;
  • the adaptation of new employees;
  • training to work and act in a team;
  • determining the best qualities of colleagues;
  • the establishment of friendly relations;
  • demonstration of the company's success in the market;
  • increased motivation of employees;
  • motivation of feeling of pride for the firm and an accessory to it;
  • Demonstration of high-level competitors of the company;
  • formation of corporate ethics, corporate identity.

leading to corporate


The best collective exit to nature is goodorganized departure. Many special companies are organizing such holidays. If there is no desire and an opportunity to address them, then the managers decide to take up the organization of the corporate. For this purpose, an initiative group of the number of co-workers (3-4 active persons) is chosen. In some firms, this is done by special managers. The organizational group does the following:

  • Calculation of the exact composition of the participants in team building.
  • Choosing the right place. Organizers first go to this district themselves to make sure of safety, size, easy accessibility of the place.
  • Drawing up the menu. Most often colleagues in nature prefer barbecue or barbecue.
  • Calculation of funds for the event. This includes payment of travel to the place, purchase of food, prizes for competitions.
  • Development of script and corporate competitions in nature.

After all the above actions are assignedthe date of teambuilding, previously agreed with all the colleagues. Similar trips are usually arranged on weekends, so it is convenient for most colleagues.

An approximate corporate scenario in nature (a fashion quest)

What is most often done when traveling on nature? Fry shish kebab, sing karaoke, guitar, dance. To involve all employees, it is better to come up with games. The corporate landscape scenario in spring or summer can consist of a quest. Today many people like this entertainment. What is its essence? The whole team is divided into teams. Each of them must perform prepared tasks and solve riddles. This will lead the leading team to the cherished goal (maybe a prize). Lead on the corporate with the quest must be. He sets the tone for the whole event. Here is an approximate plan for carrying out the quest (the scenario for holding a corporate):

  • The goal of all teams will be a small chest withprize. He is hiding in advance in a secret place (in a clearing under the leaves, under a bush or tree). Lock the chest with a key and hide it completely in another place (can be buried). Teams will have to go through many trials and adventures to open the treasure chest. This is something similar to the adventure TV show "Fort Boyard."
  • In each team there should be 4-6 participants. Each of them will have his own task. First they must decide on the name of the team.
  • The leader on the corporate team takes the team to the chest and tells them that they must complete the tasks to find the key from it.
  • As soon as the team completes one task, it must cope with the next test.
  • The company that will be the first to find the key will win. She will take the prize.

Passing tests, colleagues can compete in dexterity, ingenuity, erudition. The main thing is that they unite the collective. Here are the approximate tests for the quest:

  • Tear off the sign on the tree. They hang it on a tree approximately to such a height that it can be reached only by standing on the shoulders of a friend. The next test is indicated on it.
  • Participants take their hands and pass the hoop to each other. In this case, you can not disengage. With the help of head and neck movements, the hoop is tossed on the head of the next participant in a circle.
  • Friends are invited to solve the rebus with the encryption of the next test.

Thus, one of the teams will be the first to findtreasured key. Such a corporate scenario in nature allows colleagues to show erudition and imagination. Quest can be geographic (for knowledge of geography), historical or literary.

organization of corporate events

"Gift to a friend"

Corporate scenarios in nature can bedifferent. Why, for example, you can start acquaintance with the glade? How to settle in the new territory? Most often the leader of team building starts with the contest "The best gift to a friend". It must be found directly in the area where the participants stopped. Girls prefer to collect and present original bouquets. Many show skill and as a gift presented with mushrooms, a bunch of strawberries, a handful of blueberries or other berries. For men, the most necessary gift in nature can be an armful of brushwood or a log. Memorable gifts can be unusual leaves, cones, branches. Each participant should argue the choice of this or that subject as a gift. Here colleagues already compete in wit. After the delivery of all the gifts, the winner of the contest is chosen, which does not remain without a prize.

"Guess the pantomime"

The corporate adult scenario will beInteresting if it includes a competition with pantomime. The game involves two teams (all wishing). Each team chooses the captain. The players of each team think of some concept, and then someone with the help of gestures and facial expressions will try to portray it. The team captain chooses a depicting player and hints from what area this concept (dishes, fruit, wood). Teams in turn try to guess the pantomime. The group that will win more silent scenes will win. For each correctly guessed pantomime, you can give stars, and in the end - a prize.

Sports competitions

The real attribute of each corporation issports competitions. They take away the shyness, give passion, without which the holiday will not be incendiary. Here are some contests that can include a summer corporate:

  • "Hunters behind the balls." To carry out this match, you need two dozen balloons. Two teams must consist of 5 people each. One group takes the balls of red, the other - of blue. Players inflate balls and tie them to the feet. The task of the participants is to hunt for the balls of opponents. They are allowed to burst only with their feet. The team that first eliminates competitors' balls wins.
  • Archery, throwing darts. These competitions reveal the most accurate. Darts can be thrown alternately - then left, then right hand. Option can be complicated and try to throw a few darts together. The most prized competitor is entitled to a prize.
  • Kayaking, boating, catamaran.
  • Various relay races: in bags, with buckets on legs.
  • "The obstacle course".

adult corporate scenario

Competition for the composition of a better story

Very often in the summer, companies organize a corporatenature about the birthday (anniversary) of the company. If we already mentioned in this article how to start such an event, then we should mention the possible completion of this holiday. The entire team should be divided into groups of 4-5 people. Each group should compose a story "How we celebrated the birthday of the company." The assignment is allocated 15 minutes. The peculiarity of this competition is that instead of epithets (colorful adjectives) there must be omissions in the composition. Then the captain gives the compiled story, and the team-rival should insert funny adjectives into the place of the passes. The main thing is that these descriptions are not offensive. Ready stories are read aloud and the owner of the most original and funny composition is determined. The winner is waiting for the prize.

a fairy tale for the corporate

Fairy tale for the corporate

Often practiced on corporate stagingoriginal fairy tales in a new way. So you can compose a fairy tale about all the employees of the company. The chief can act as the uncle of Chernomor, who in submission has the same number of warriors. Each employee of the company can be associated with a fairy tale hero. A feature of the fairy tale will be its focus on what the firm does. If each employee write a funny poem in a fairy-tale form, then a funny story can turn out.

Young people like a theater-impromptu with instantfairy tales, where you need to quickly change clothes. So, already many collectives liked the fairy tale "Repka" in a new way. The task of the actors is to make the tale ridiculous and flash witty. So, for example, Repka can pronounce the phrase: "Do not touch me, I'm still a minor!" Granddaughter can say: "Dad, grandma, hurry, I'm in a hurry to the bar." Like this one can experiment with any other fairy tale.

corporate nature in summer

Features of the spring corporate parties

In late spring, you can organize a reala holiday for the team in nature. The object for such an event may be a forest glade, a park zone. It is in the spring that you can arm yourself with soccer or volleyballs, badminton. In May, it's time for a posh picnic! It is possible to carry out not only mobile, but also gambling. Those who like are waiting for the game "Mafia" that has become popular.

Collective summer vacation

The corporate nature is beautiful in summer. The difference between summer teambuilding and spring is that activities can be carried out not only on land, but also on the water. An excellent entertainment is the rope park. The summer corporate proposes a trip with tents. In summer, a corporate can be found on the beach.

Summer is beautiful! Guests are waiting for glades, logs, sticks, pavilions with benches, barbecue grills. Especially popular in the summer is a picturesque team building to create a corporate oil painting.

corporate scenario on nature in the spring

Role of the facilitator

From the leader in many ways depends the success of the futureteam building. In large cities, there are a lot of popular leaders with experience. They masterfully communicate with guests and the public. It is very important to organize those present to participate in interactive games and competitions. An experienced presenter for the corporate must necessarily choose an approach to each employee. He will also take into account all the wishes of his clients. Many of the presenters themselves are developing a script for the corporate in nature, thereby helping management inspire employees to new joint ideas.

Where to order corporate

It is best to entrust corporate nature(script, competitions) to the reliable hands of professionals. Any team building with them is doomed to success. Today, there are many organizations or centers for holding corporate events. These people do not just organize, they get pleasure from it. The corporate centers are individually tailored to each customer. They very effectively help employees look at each other from an unusual side. Where else, if not on corporations, get adrenaline and strong emotions? As a result, carrying out creative activities leads to the creation of a team that works with the accuracy of hours!