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Vladimir Alekseevich Soloukhin, "The Law of the Alarm": a brief summary, the main characters

Probably, no literature in the world can comparewith Russian. It is always filled with deep meaning, instructive and makes you think about these or other events. The meaning of such works is often much deeper than it might seem at first glance. It is to such works that the story of VA Soloukhin "The Law of the Alarm" relates. The summary of it, as well as the points that the author draws attention to, we will describe in this article.

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Briefly about the author of the work

Vladimir Alekseevich Soloukhin - this is the famous Russian writer of the Soviet era. He was born in the summer of 1924 in an ordinary village family. More precisely, it was usual in terms of the lessons of his parents, but the number of children in it is truly impressive. As it turned out, the author of the sensational work was the tenth child of the parents.

Getting an education and starting a literary career

From his childhood Vladimir AlekseevichSoloukhin grew up in a large and friendly team. Despite the fact that the family was not very rich, the author of the story "The Law of the Alarm" still got a decent education.

At first it was study at a local rural school. And then the writer entered and successfully graduated from the Vladimir Mechanical College. And let his specialty as a mechanic-instrumentalist was not connected with literature, he began to write the first verses, namely, studying in a technical school.

At that time there were people who agreedpublish his poems in a newspaper called "Appeal". From that day on, the writer was talked about as a promising and talented literary figure. Who would have thought that he would justify the hopes placed on him and write a realistic story called "The Law of the Alarm". The brief content of this work allows us to understand how deep the meaning is laid in it.

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Service in the army and the beginning of a serious literary career

Seriously engage in the development of his literarycareer future author of the story "Law of the alarm" Soloukhin decided after his service in the army. For this he even entered the Literary Institute named after AM Gorky.

Later he became an honorary member of the Unionwriters, wrote many vital and realistic stories, poems and even zatesyalsya in the ranks of representatives of the media. At different times he managed to work in the magazine "Young Guard" and the editorial office of "Our Contemporary".

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The story "The Law of the Alarm": a brief summary

His work "The Law of the Alarm" by the famous Soviet and Russian writer was created in 1971. At the same time, he was first published in the journal Sovremennik. So, what is this story about?

Here is a story about a village in whichthere was a fire of several houses. A glow from the fire was visible in the neighboring villages. About what happened, many nearby residents found out after the alarm. In this case, a small bell played in his role. At that time, it was the only warning signal about the fire, as the previous church bell along with the church was destroyed.

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The complexity of choice and the willingness to come to the rescue

After the locals gathered around thealarm, they began to speculate about which village had a fire. Then they thought about how they could help their compatriots. In addition, the fire department of the district was very far away. Therefore, it was necessary to act quickly. But what stopped the eyewitnesses from taking concrete actions?

At the time of the fire, as the "Law of the Alarm" narrates,the main characters - ordinary villagers - had to choose between expectation and action. In the first case, it was assumed that the villagers will stay in place, and the help will be provided by other residents whose villages are closer. In the second case, active actions were assumed. Throughout the story, villagers could not decide which option to choose.

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Miraculous rescue of compatriots

However, to stand and watch the village burn out,they still did not want to. As a result, they tore down the castle to fire the barn and went to put out a fire in a neighboring village. As it turned out, their help was timely, because in the village, where the blazing flames are almost burned two houses, and the fire spread to other buildings.

In this case, no one to help, except wavering residents of the village, and has not arrived. Firstly, there were very few residents in the village itself, and mostly women. And secondly, other villagers, apparently, hoped that the fire victims would be saved by someone else, and took no action. As a result, the fire was extinguished and the village was saved. Here is the story of the "Law of the Alarm".

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What is the essence here?

Having studied the summary of the "Law of the Alarm" each reader will be able to make certainconclusions. In some ways they may be similar or partially different. It all depends on how to interpret this story. For example, some readers confidently state that the relevance of this work is not lost today.

The thing is that when someone from strangerspeople have trouble, for example, fire, each of us will act differently. Someone immediately begins to call the rescue service, call a fire brigade and an ambulance. Other eyewitnesses will immediately run to the rescue, hoping to save the property and the fire victims themselves.

And someone will simply watch and even shootvideo, which then safely put on the Web. By the way, the latest version with surveys can often be read among numerous user reviews. "The law of the alarm" although it was not written in the light of modern technologies, nevertheless it touches upon daring topics. After all, indifferent, onlookers and just lovers of bread and circuses were even in those distant times.

What does this work teach?

Other readers confidently say that thisthe story teaches us to act. Do not rely on someone. The author is sure that every eyewitness is simply obliged to lend a helping hand to people who are in trouble. After all, the law of the alarm is precisely that the one who heard the signal for help can not stand aside. People need support. And this means that it is necessary to make every effort to ensure that it has been provided.

A brief historical note on the bell ringing

In addition to the main message about helping those in need,the author raises the theme of Russian history. After all, many centuries ago the bell ringing was used not only on the eve of various religious holidays, notified about the arrival of high-ranking persons, but also reported the approach of enemies and emergency incidents (most often fires).

In this case, the bell, with the help of which, and reported about this or that event, had quite impressive dimensions. It has always been associated with the inhabitants of Russia with something important and even divine.

What problems does the author raise?

Since the replacement of a large church bell with a small bell, which is mentioned in the work of VA Soloukhin, the attitude to the signal has changed significantly.

There was a kind of substitution of concepts. Something big and important has been replaced with less dimensional and less important. For the same reason, people who heard the alarm were confused for a long time.

They did not know how to react to this signal. Therefore, the author highlights this point. In his understanding, it is impossible to change the foundations, which until then existed for many years. Otherwise, there will be fundamental changes in the culture of man. At the same time, a great deal of influence will be exerted on his cultural and moral values. And having lost these priorities, a person will simply lose himself. It will change beyond recognition. That's what the author of the story tries to convey to the reader.