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Andrei Malyshko is a Ukrainian poet, songwriter "Vchitelko mine", "Pisnya about rushnik" and "Bili kashtani"

There are such poems that crash intomemory and stay in it forever. Ukrainian poet Malyshko Andrei Samoilovich wrote just such poems. Beginning to compose at the age of ten, he created magnificent poetic masterpieces, which are still loved today.

Andrei Malyshko: a short biography of the early years

The future poet was born in a small town Obukhovin November 1912. His parents were Samoilo and Evgenia (Yvga) Malyshko. His father earned his living by sewing and repairing shoes. To this profession he taught from childhood and his sons.

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A great influence on Andrei Malyshko had hishis uncle Nikita. It was he who read the very young nephew Bible, poems of Taras Shevchenko, the prose of Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Pushkin and other famous writers.

When Andrei reached the age of eight, hissent to school in his native town. Thanks to the efforts of parents and older brothers, by that time the boy had already read beautifully, and also knew the basics of arithmetic.

The poet's youth

After graduating from seven classes, the young man decided to become a medic and went to Kiev. But he arrived too late and did not act. However, the following year Andrei Malyshko could still enter a medical college.

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In the same year, the poet's family suffered a disaster: his elder brother Peter Malyshko, being against Soviet power, was actively subversive. Soon he was caught, convicted and executed. The whole family suffered very hard. Years later Malyshko told me that Peter was a much more talented poet than he.

After the technical school, the young man continued his studies at theliterary faculty at the Institute of Public Education of the city of Kiev. During his studies, Andrei meets Maxim Rylsky, who appreciated the first poetic experiments Malyshko. In addition, in the same period in newspapers and magazines begin to print the poems of young talent.

After graduation, the young man began teaching at the secondary school in Ovruch.

From 1934 Andrei Malyshko spent a year in the Redarmy. Written poetry for this time was later published in the collection "Motherland". After demobilization, the poet moved to Kharkov and actively engaged in literary activities, which he had long dreamed about. For the next few years, he has worked in such reputable publications as Komsomolets Ukrainy, Molody Bilshovik and Literturnaya Gazeta. Before the war, seven collections of poems were published, which Andrei Malyshko wrote. Photos of the talented poet are printed next to poems in many literary magazines and newspapers, and he is beginning to be recognized all over the country.

Malyshko also wrote several times in the pre-war periodbeautiful poems: "The Duma on the Cossack Danila", "Triplya", "Karmalyuk", "Yarina". In addition, at the very beginning of the forties he began composing songs for movies.

The Great Patriotic War

From the first days of the war, the poet becomes a military correspondent for the newspapers he worked with earlier.

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Being at the front, he not only writes articles fornewspapers, but also composes poems by Andrey Malyshko. The biography of the poet during the war knows many facts of his heroism. At the front, Malyshko's life was repeatedly threatened, but he continued his work anyway.

During this period his poetry was incredibledepth and sincerity. One of the most heartfelt poems of the war years - "Ukraine is mine!", Which was included in the collection of the same name. This book was so popular that it was published twice.

The post-war period

After the victory Andrei Malyshko spent two years in the magazine Dnipro as a responsible editor.

In 1947 he published a dramatic poem about the heroism of the common people during the war years under the name "Prometheus". For her, the poet is honored with the Stalin Prize.

Three years later Andrei Malyshko as a member of the delegationcultural workers are sent on a business trip to Canada and the United States. Poems written during this trip, included in the collection "For sinim sea." For him the author was awarded the Stalin Prize for the second time.

The most productive in the poet's workare considered the fifties. It was in this decade that Malyshko wrote the most famous poems, some of which were based on music. So there were such songs as "Znovu tsvitut chestnut", "Pisnya about rushnik", "Vachitelka mine", "Bili kashtani". To most of them music was written by the famous Ukrainian composer Plato Mayboroda.

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His friends told me that he inherited a talent for singing from his mother and often composed music for his poems, though he rarely wrote it down.

Last years Baby

In the sixties and seventies the poet continuedbe loved by readers and remained in high esteem with the authorities. For the collection "Far away Orbits" he was awarded the Taras Shevchenko Prize, and for "The Road to the Swords" - the State Prize of the USSR.

At the beginning of the sixties, according to Andrey Malyshko's scripts, two films appeared: "Kvіtucha Ukraina" and "Mі z russki".

In addition to poetry, Malyshko also writes many critical articles, and also translates from other languages.

The poet died in 1970 and was buried, like most of the intelligentsia in Kiev, at the Baikovo cemetery.

Andrey Malyshko: "Pisnya about rushnik"

Despite the fact that for his life the poet published aboutforty poetic collections in the Ukrainian language, the most famous of his poems, which later became a song - "Pisnya about rushnik" or, as it is sometimes called, "Ridna my mother ...". Music was written by Plato Maiboroda.

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This song was first performed in the movie "Yearsyoung "(1958) performed by Alexander Tarants and instantly won popularity throughout the USSR. D. Bezborodykh translated it into Russian, but most often it is sung in the original language.

In the Ukrainian literature of the twentieth century, not muchsuch strong poets as Andrei Malyshko. The biography of this talented person is rather short, he lived only 57 years. However, over the years he managed to write as many inspirational poems as another person could not compose for a thousand years.