/ How to write articles for publication?

How to write articles for publication?

When it's time to choose a future profession,it would be desirable to change a hobby or the basic kind of activity when there was a desire to change something in the life we ​​are looking for a new occupation for ourselves. This occupation can become anything. You, for example, have never been interested in how these or other articles are written? What do authors do when writing them? What motivation makes a person move in this direction - writing texts?

What is an article?

How to write articles

To clarify this concept, one can approachmany parties. The article can be presented as a scientific work describing some phenomena and incidents. It can also act as a genre of journalism, which carries an entertaining or informative character.

The article itself is of a small size. For example, if it is a scientific work, too much information can turn it into a scientific essay, a course essay, a thesis or even a book. There may be a question how to write articles for publications, but the principle of writing in this case is almost similar.

Very often the writing of articles is confused with the usual onessketches, manuscripts, texts that do not carry an informative character - that is, one that does not convey information to the masses. If the text is published and is informative - it can be called an article.

Problems in modern journalism

Often, you can find many usual notes,"Drafts", with published and proud title "article". In modern society, even ordinary amateur writers can call themselves literate journalists. But if the text does not have clear facts, conclusions and reliable information, confirmed by certain sources, it can not be called an article.

Also a very common mistake novice writersis the inability to convey information to the public. This is because it always has a different level of knowledge, different outlooks and classes. The ability to bring facts to a certain category of people is a very important indicator in the writing of any article. To develop skills, you can use samples to write articles.

article plan

Impact on the reader, which occurs inthe time of reading this or that information also plays an important role - what the article will bring, what conclusions it will lead to, it may disprove erroneous stereotypes, or, on the contrary, force them to adhere to them even more. And all because the word always had a strong influence on any person.

How to write articles: the stages of writing

How to write articles

How, then, to write a literate article? We divide the actions into several stages:

  • to determine the main criteria: the topic, scope, target audience, objectives of this article;
  • conditionally draw up a writing plan: break down into headings, subtitles, paragraphs, anything - this will help to spread your thoughts throughout the text;
  • the material used: which sources you will use, which people to refer to, and how reliable your information will be;
  • write the text in accordance with generally accepted writing rules: the introductory part, the main and the final.

Creating texts is not always easy. Many people are wondering how to learn how to write articles. Specialists in this field say that this is not only consistent, sometimes monotonous and long work, but you need to have patience, skill, and experience. The first "test of the pen" may not at all come out with what is needed, but with every new attempt, with due attention will get better, because how to write articles correctly, you need to know everyone who wants to do it.

Types of Articles

Each of the articles written by many journalists has a certain theme. Thus, all articles are divided into types:

  • Informational.

They carry certain information: news articles, reports, reports, etc.

  • Analytical.

It can be various reviews, reviews, recommendations, advertising.

  • Artistic.

That is, such articles, in which it is important not so muchthe semantic load, how much the author's opinion, his thoughts on this matter and artistic design. Often this type of articles is used in magazines: various interviews and stories of specific people.

Scientific articles and how to write them

Enough for many, especially for students of higher education.educational institutions, you need sometimes write a couple of scientific articles. How to write scientific articles, and what should be present in them - this is what is described in this paragraph.

Scientific articles, in fact, are a small research in a certain field. You need to correctly present your arguments in the text.

  1. Do your own experiments and get personal experience - let your article be supported by examples of your achievements.
  2. Analyze the results of research by other scientists or students for better information reliability.
  3. Do not use already published data - use your own. An example of how to write a scientific article can be found in this publication or consult with a teacher.
plan for a scientific article

It is recommended to create articles with the effectnovelties based on their personal achievements and experience. Then you will not be wondering how to write a scientific article, and your work will be a priority for others.

What are articles for?

As mentioned above, articles should always beinformative character. Information can reach different categories of people: for lovers of beauty trends, then it can be an article for a popular women's magazine; scientific article - for the announcement of a newly discovered invention or for scientific sites; entertaining articles - for various events; articles on children's topics - in developing journals for parents, articles on health - respectively, for books, websites or newspapers about it.

Here the question becomes quite actual: how to write articles for the site? There is practically no difference: again, everything depends on the theme and target audience. In other respects, the principles of writing are almost the same.

What does an article mean for a journalist?

Work as a writer

If this does not concern the work - writing articles onthemes given by the authorities, then it really means a lot to the journalist. Every professional, one way or another, started from the bottom. This did not always mean writing for someone, perhaps for yourself or for any school projects. In this case, writing becomes much more interesting, thinking with each new article becomes more extensive, and views and worldview changes.

They say that a journalist is a person whounderstands almost all areas of activity - from cars to the contents of a women's handbag, from global problems to minor scandals. In this situation, a person earns not only writing skills, but constantly gets new knowledge through active analysis of various sources.

If the writing of articles is still connected withworking process, the importance of a journalist is extolled in many respects. For example, working in an enterprise, you need to know how to write articles, not only to save your work and show yourself as a competent specialist: the future rating of the company, statistics of its incomes and work, and information that the audience will receive depends on the written texts of the journalist.

Indicators of a good article

A completely clear question arises: how to write articles correctly? Specialists distinguish three ways for excellent writing:

  • literacy;
  • reliability;
  • uniqueness.

With literacy, everything is crystal clear - no goodwritten article without knowledge of the correct presentation. Correctly typed text is much more convenient to read, which increases its informativity at times simply because the reader will reach its end and understand what is at stake.

Reliability of information is extremely important forfor several reasons. First, each article, as already mentioned, carries a certain amount of information. And, to be more precise, accurate, reliable information based on confirmed facts. No author in the world can write an article, not based on any information. Secondly, the article will be of poor quality due to the lack of sources or false facts. You also need to know how to write articles for websites so that the information does not repeat.

Uniqueness in writing is as important asprevious items. Not a unique text is equal to plagiarism. And this is completely discouraged in the modern world of copywriting. After writing the article, you should check it for uniqueness - there are many different programs for this.

Text structuring

Work of the journalist

The main importance of a correct and literate text is perception. On how the target audience will understand the article, it depends on whether it will have success.

And for better perception, you should divide the text intoparagraphs and sub-paragraphs - so the article will be read faster, easier and more understandable. Also, do not write too long and complex sentences - they are easy to get confused, and the meaning will be lost. But it's also not very hard to be zealous, because what you've written can become only incomprehensible scraps.

Try to post the essence of the article throughout the text,and not closer to the middle or to the end. This threatens that the reader, having lost interest, will not reach the end. You can use numbered and unnumbered lists, add photos, citations of people for better perception of the topic. In addition, it will also raise the reader's interest at times.


Novice writers sometimes do not know how to start writing an article. Naturally, you need to do this with a header. How should it be?

  1. The title must contain a "lightning" - then,which will immediately let you know what your text is about. However, it is not recommended to put the reader in a puzzled state. If you can come up with a short title, do it.
  2. Do not write too abstruse words in the title - again, it all depends on the target audience for which this article is being prepared. Too complex to understand the words do not arouse the interest of the readers.
  3. It is recommended to write headings without usingseparators, exceptions may be commas, if the title contains an enumeration (but not too complicated), interrogative and exclamation marks (however, do not put them in large numbers).

Every good article begins with an exciting title. Try to make it capacious and accurate, then he will draw attention to the article.

Layfhaki for writing articles

How to write texts

Experienced journalists have used them for a long time, thereby making their work much easier. There are approximately five basic techniques that help you write text quickly and conveniently.

  1. The method of "ten-finger seal". It is also called the method of blind typing. Over time, when you have a lot of experience working with writing articles, you can do it without stopping from the screen. In fact, you can simply type without looking at the keyboard, which will greatly simplify the task for you.
  2. Hotkeys. Incorrectly written the word, want to fix the letter, it is inconvenient to constantly refer to the mouse to make edits, drag or move the text? Use hotkeys, there are a lot of them, so they will make it easier for you to work.
  3. AutoCorrect. Her help is often used during work, wishing to quickly replace the word or letter in the entire text at a time.
  4. Use macros. This is the ability to record a specific sequence of commands or actions that you resort to whenever you write a new article. Perhaps you do not have to repeat the same actions every time, and you will know how to write articles, topics you already met.
  5. Make templates. A little later you will notice that the themes of your articles are constantly repeated - be it review, review, article-biography and so on. Make yourself a template for such cases and use them.

Adhering to these criteria, you can write a qualitative, literate and useful article. But nevertheless, does the work of a journalist suit everyone and everyone can write articles?

Who can write?

Ask yourself how to learn how to write articles,everyone can. Everyone can try to write to the same degree, to compose really a lot and to think that this is a vocation! In fact, the profession of a writer, journalist, editor and all those people who are connected with writing articles is not subject to everyone. You can know how to write articles, and do not work in this sphere at all, but you can, on the contrary, strive for this profession, starting from the very bottom.

In modern society, the work of a journalist is highly valued, because this person presents information to people, promotes the formation of worldviews and opinions.

Importance of writing articles

Writing articles

The network is full of examples of how to write an article -can really learn everyone. There should be more literate journalists in the world who know their business, then opinions will not be formed on false information and be perceived correctly.

If you want to know how to write articles forpublications, it is enough to read all the rules and recommendations of experienced specialists. Not necessarily based on their experience, but it can be an excellent example and an assistant in this difficult matter.