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Glossy magazines for men and women: a list of the most popular

For a modern successful man glossymagazines are a bottomless storehouse of useful and useful information. The material contained in them makes it possible to always be aware of the latest world trends in any branch of life. Despite the fact that any information today is much faster and easier to find on the Internet, glossy magazines have not lost one iota of their popularity. For many people, waiting for a fresh room, buying it and reading it becomes a whole ritual. In general, fashion magazines can be divided into two types - male and female. Of course, there are a myriad of editions of a common theme, but it is fundamentally wrong to believe that a man does not take a woman's gloss in his hands, and vice versa.

What are the interests of women's magazines

Glossy magazines for ladies are usually consideredthe main source of useful advice. Honestly, such a publication is simply pleasant to look through at leisure. Most often they raise questions and consider the problems of the female part of the audience, as well as highlight the latest fashion trends.

Despite the fact that they buy them mainlywomen, women's glossy publications can be considered a venerable for the whole family. On their pages you can find answers to all the questions: how to create a unique and cozy style of your home, what to do with a disobedient child, what color and style of dresses are now in vogue, how to get a job in prestigious position and pass the interview with honor. The cover of the magazine will immediately tell you everything that awaits you inside. Here they advise, train, help, educate.

A look into the past

Surprisingly, the very first glossy magazinesappeared in Europe at the dawn of the XVII century. The very first of them did not contain almost any printed information and consisted only of fashion pictures. However, such publications immediately gained incredible popularity. After all, this is how the ladies of that time learned about new trends and trends of fashion.

glossy magazines

The first fashion magazines of that time are hard to nameglossy. After all, they were published on poor-quality yellow and rough paper, and the pictures in them were simply painted by hand. Only much later, with the development of the printing industry, magazines have acquired the kind that we are accustomed to call fashionable gloss. It was during this period that the pictures were quietly superseded by photos, first black and white, and then colored. Only since the 30-ies of the last century pages of glossy magazines have become the same as we used to see them today - bright, shiny, colorful.

What was placed on the pages of the first editions? Of course, fashionable styles and stylish models: dresses, frock-coats and cylinders, ornaments and trinkets, umbrellas and hats. At the same time, the first advertising appeared in the magazine - haberdashery and shopkeepers beckoned new customers, assuring that the most fashionable color or style is only with them. A little later, besides magazines devoted to fashion and stylish interior, publications began to appear, telling about novelties in literature, achievements in science and economics. Men preferred a more intellectual reading, women also paid tribute to fashion and style. Strictly speaking, since that time little has changed ...

Lady's gloss, published in Russia

Today in Russia, as, indeed, any othercountry of the world, you can buy periodicals for every taste. Ladies' periodicals are very diverse, publishers offer such types of glossy magazines:

  • about beauty and health - "Women's health", "About health", "Beauty & health", "Secrets of health";
  • for young girls - "Lisa. Girl "," Young Lady ", Elle Girl, OOPS !;
  • for future and real moms - "Lisa. My child "," Shape Mama ";
  • family - "Peasant woman", "Liza", "Women's magazine", "Home hearth";
  • elite, international - Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar and others.

Of course, all of the above is only a smalla bit of a wide range of popular publications. In addition, there are women's magazines on interests: knitting, sewing, floriculture and various needlework. Among them, the most popular are "Sabrina", Burda, "Mod", "Lena" and "Hand wonders."

Guiding light in the world of glamor

The glossy magazine Harper's Bazaar for the first timesaw the light back in 1867. He became the world's first periodical devoted to fashion. Initially, the pages of the magazine, in addition to fashion trends, printed tips on farming and prescription drugs to care for themselves. Over time, Harper's Bazaar stopped only on fashionable novelties, fresh trends in style.

fashion magazines

The journal gained huge popularity already by 1936and remained at its peak until 1962. It was at that time in the publication that the "magnificent four" worked: Karmal Snow, Irvine Penn, Alexei Brodovich and Diana Virtland, a great editor who showed the world to Andy Warhol. To date, this popular gloss is published in more than 27 countries around the world.

VOGUE - supermoda for the rich

The first issue of this super fashion edition came out almost 125 years ago, in 1892 and immediately became one of the main guides in the world of style and fashion of the time.

The magazine's policy has changed many times, and the readership has narrowed and expanded. Some editors wanted to bring VOGUE closer to the people, while others, on the contrary, bet on the elite.

Today's editor of the magazine,who heads it since 1988, positions this edition as a fashion magazine No. 1 in the world. It was Anna Wintour who returned VOGUE to its former glory, showing that high fashion is available to everyone. With her arrival, the cover of the magazine VOGUE ("VOG") was given to the stars, not to the models. On his pages stopped printing "glamorous hangers", preference was given to models that have natural forms.

magazine cover

It's no wonder that this stylish, beautiful,a well-groomed and very influential woman became the prototype of one of the main heroines of David Frenkel's film "The Devil Wears Prada". How much truth in the film, and how much fiction - is difficult to say. However, interesting is the fact that Anna Wintour herself, invited to the premiere, appeared in Prada, as befits a real devil.

Fashion Riot - Cosmopolitan

Interestingly, but for the first time this edition was publishedas a home, family journal. The first issue appeared in New York in 1886. There really was something to read. On his pages were printed Jack London, Theodore Dreiser, Reddyard Kipling and others.

The style of the magazine changed in 1900, together withchange of the editor-in-chief. Now Cosmopolitan basically printed articles on topical topics. It was at this time that much attention was paid to the images placed. Since 1907 the pages have been filled with images of refined beauties.

In 1965, while on the verge of closing, the journalagain changed his editorial policy. Now it was a publication that focused on the interests of young independent girls who were not afraid to emphasize their sexuality.

advertising in the magazine

Specificity of the men's magazine

Since almost all the famous glossy magazinesare divided primarily on the basis of gender, then the content of men's magazines is radically different from what is present in periodicals for ladies. Here, in due respect, advice on proper sports nutrition, novelties in the world of cars, weapons and equipment. In contrast to women's publications, there are practically no social issues, subtleties in the upbringing of the younger generation, psychological problems. Advertising in the magazine for the stronger sex most often affects the sphere of sports, technology and brand status accessories.

The sections about career, power, sport, business novelties are most interesting to readers. But probably the most readable pages are about sex and relationships with a beautiful gender.

There are also narrow-profile, thematicmagazines for men. The most popular are glossies dedicated to computer technology, technology, hunting and fishing, cars, design and architecture. A separate block of professional publications.

Playboy - legendary magazine

This most popular magazine with a trueworld famous since 1953. For many years, he has not lost his position in the ranking of the most popular publications in the world. Its ancestor was Hugh Heffner, who managed to build an entire entertainment empire "18+". It was thanks to Playboy that men of all ages could easily touch the world of beauty and sex. Glossy pages were completely given to semi-dressed "nymphs".

famous glossy magazines

Over time, the magazine gained incredible popularity: See your photo on his pages honored for the honor of Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor and many others. On the other hand, Heffner claims that he has never positioned Playboy exclusively as a sexual edition. This is a magazine about life in which sex is an integral part.

At various times there were published interviews withcelebrities, stories of popular writers: Stephen King, Arthur Clark, Stanislaw Lem and others. In the pages of Playboy, Fidel Castro, John Lennon, Martin Luther King and Yasser Arafat expressed their thoughts. Despite the rather serious topics that the magazine offers its readers, for many years of its existence Playboy has not lost its unique playful style with a touch of sexuality.

Men's Health

In the opinion of a large number of readers, Men's magazineHealth is a truly masculine edition, with its own unique style. According to readers' estimates, it is so good that it does not leave other competitors even a chance to lead.

The first issue of Men's Health was released in the US in1988 by the efforts of the publishing company Rodale. Specializing in health, the magazine nevertheless covers almost all areas of male interests. Today this popular edition is published in 45 countries and has a readership of more than 22 million people.

In Russia, Men's Health has been published since 1998 and hascirculation of a quarter million copies. The editorial office positions its offspring as "... in general the only men's magazine in the country". Here, simple values ​​are moving forward: a real man must be strong, determined, healthy, smart, rich and successful. Well, who does not agree with this?

types of glossy magazines

A potential reader of Men's Health is a youngthe man who lives in the city. He is quite educated and follows fashion trends, is interested in novelties in the field of technology, worries about his health, eats properly and is engaged in sports, is focused on a fast and successful career. All these qualities reflect and develop the rubric of the publication. A special burden is borne by the name - Men's Health. A healthy lifestyle is the key to success in all life endeavors.


In comparison with the well-known world publications,This magazine appeared not so long ago, in 1995, and immediately won the hearts of readers. The topic and content of his pages are more focused on middle-aged men. Since "Bear" positions itself as a magazine for the intellectual reader, its basis is articles on politics, business and finance. Also here you can see quality articles about health and cars. Despite the fact that since 2011 the magazine has ceased to exist, electronic and PDF versions of past issues are still very popular on the Internet.


The very name of the magazine, which can be compared withall known word "gentleman", speaks for itself. The audience of Esquire is men who not only understand what style is, but also value it in others.

Here you will be offered interesting interviews with different celebrities, high-quality photos and thoughts about the eternal. What is not exactly here, it's gossip and rumors - gentlemen do not like this.

The first issue was published in the United States in 1933, and alreadyin 1937 the monthly circulation grew to 1.5 million copies. The first issue of the Russian edition was presented to the public in April 2005. Since then Russian Esquire regularly shocked its readers with scandalous headlines and publications.

pages of glossy magazines


A magazine for those who follow fashion. In this regard, L'OPTIMUM - the announcement of news and novelties. The publication was created in France in 1996, but who is better versed in fashion trends than the French? L'OPTIMUM is a magazine for those who value style and luxury in everything, understands brands and brands and knows firsthand what true art is.

Here you can see the latest achievementsautomotive industry and high-tech, read the opinions of famous businessmen and politicians, fashion figures of art and culture. A special attitude is here to the sport, especially to its elite types, which allows not only to maintain a good form, but also to emphasize its status.


This magazine is one of the brightest representativesperiodical press, which is committed to the policy of gender equality. Weekly People can not be considered either male or female - it is for everyone. Published since 1974 and specializes in news and scandals from the life of the stars. People gained the greatest popularity thanks to the annual ratings, in which each time new nominations are sounded. Of the most popular: "The sexiest man", "The most beautiful people of the world", "The most sexual representatives of the fair sex" and so on.

The world circulation of the edition is about 4 million copies, and the readership has long exceeded 45 million people.