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The cycle "The Dark Tower": the order of books with an eye on the plot

If you select the most popular writermodernity, then, definitely, the name of Stephen King is remembered. This American author has been creating for more than 50 years and is not afraid to immerse himself in new genres. The army of his admirers is growing steadily, including thanks to numerous creative experiments. The pearl of his career is the cycle "The Dark Tower". The order of the books and the timing of their release excited the minds of the fans. To date, the whole story is written entirely. Why is it worth reading?

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History of creation

Stephen King is called "King of Horrors", but, according totruth, not all of his works are so frightening. The writer works in different genres, including thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, mysticism and drama. According to his books a lot of films and TV shows have been shot. He published more than 50 novels and 5 popular science books. Plus more than 200 stories.

The pinnacle of his work in many interviewsthe author calls the cycle "The Dark Tower". The order of books fans know by heart, and to preserve the mood it is better to move on it. The books are written at the junction of genres of fantasy, western, horror and fantasy. In the center of the plot are the long wanderings of the last arrow of Roland and his quest for the center of the universe - the Dark Tower. The cycle included many themes and characters from other creations of King. You can say that he embodied the universe of the author.

Dark Tower of Steven King

Dependence on the hero

How was the cycle "The Dark Tower" written? The order of the books and the plot, according to King himself, came to him in snatches, as if from another world. These creative torments the author moved to the plot. Initially, King wanted to create his own story of wanderings. He liked the plot with a long search after reading the story "The Lord of the Rings". But the hero had to look.

Roland's image is collective and inspired by a poemRobert Browning "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came" and Westerns with Clint Eastwood. The author has repeatedly confessed that Roland captured him, sometimes began to burden and weary. It seemed that the story was too complicated for the reader. However, the audience warmly accepted the first book and demanded a continuation. So the cycle "The Dark Tower" began to appear.

Dark Arrow Shooter

Order of books

The story begins with the story of the Strelka. We find the hero in the middle of the desert. He follows his main enemy, the Man in Black. Sands ahead, lack of water and food, but the Shooter, not thinking about the consequences, goes for his own purpose. So begins the first book of the cycle "The Dark Tower" - "Shooter". In it we get acquainted with the central hero, learn his character and begin to be interested in the reasons for this persecution. And in fact, what drives the Arrow forward? His feelings are too complex to be explained simply by a search, a thirst for vengeance or curiosity.

Shooter is looking for answers to your questions, looking for adviceand prophecy. For him, a man in black is not so much an enemy as a goal, which will open the way to the biggest goal - the Dark Tower, which stands at the center of all worlds and holds them together. The shooter aspires to the Tower, wishing to save it from destruction. If the Tower falls, then all the worlds will collapse. On the way, the Shooter meets the boy Jake, whom he begins to consider his adopted son. Then they continue to chase together, and on the way the Shooter sacrifices his named son to open the way to the Tower.

The second book of the cycle "The Dark Tower" - "Extractionthree "begins on the beach where Roland finds a company, from other worlds, he extracts former addict Eddie Dean and a legless woman with a split personality, Odette Holmes, and also prevents the death of Jake in his world, which causes a temporary paradox. "Badlands."

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Center of the universe

In the "Dark Tower" Stephen King was able to prove himselfa real romantic when he described Roland Descain's first and only love. In the fourth book of the cycle "The Sorcerer and the Crystal," he described Susan Delgado - a girl who sacrificed everything for the sake of Strelka. Alas, that story did not have a happy ending! The death of Susan left a scar on the heart of Roland for life.

The fifth book of the cycle "Wolves of Kali" is practicallyAn independent story, which tells of the tragedy of a small settlement. Once in two decades, mysterious wolves who steal children rave here. The shooters come to the rescue and demonstrate all the power of their ka-tete.

In "Songs of Suzanne" - the sixth book of the cycle "The Dark Tower" - Stephen King appears as a character. He is the keeper of one of the rays holding the Tower.

Roland and his friends save King from the doomwheels of the van in the seventh part of the cycle with the same name "The Dark Tower". They manage to prevent the fall of the Tower, but too expensive. As a result, Roland completes his journey the same way he started, all alone. The end of the cycle leads to philosophical reflections about the path of Strelka and his fate. It turns out that while Roland continues his search, the world manages to keep in order.