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The most interesting facts from the life of Ivan Ivanovich Krylov

Life and work of Krylov is briefly studied inschool in the lessons of Russian literature. But seldom does the teacher have the opportunity and desire to go beyond the program and give the pupils new, additional information about this or that writer.

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Do not make exceptions and lessons on the study of biography and creativity of the famous fabulist.

Interesting facts from the life of Ivan Ivanovich Krylov Andreevich: the thicker the skin, the stronger the nerves

Thus, the ancient Chinese treatise onphysiognomy. And Krylov fully confirmed the observance of this people. He was large, tall, tolstoschekim and tolstogubym. The writer did not care too much about himself, but he did not worry about his family. Krylov was not particularly friendly with anyone, did not like anyone, did not feel hatred, anger or pity for anyone. So, for example, the night when his mother died, his son went to the theater, at his funeral, he did not mourn, but smiled. On the day of the death of his maid, who gave birth to his illegitimate daughter, the writer went to play cards in an English club. Even when his only child was at death, he left with him an old woman, and he went to the ball-masquerade.

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Interesting facts from the life of Ivan Ivanovich Krylov: the main joy

Despite the fact that this man's heart wascovered with a large layer of fat, he still had some preferences. And the main joy of Krylov was, of course, food. If to speak with direct text, then he was a real glutton. And he chose friends on the basis of who better feed. But often, however much he was treated, he returned home hungry and "finished". If in the kitchen at that moment there was nothing tasty, Krylov dispensed a pot of sour cabbage and a jug of kvass. And one day, when this did not happen, he found under the table a cooker, forgotten by the cook, with six molded pies and ate them all without any effect on their health!

Interesting facts from the life of Ivan Ivanovich Krylov: the famous "murzilka"

It is known that the writer never heldcomb, reluctantly changed clothes, washed less often. And this despite the fact that even in winter he was sweating a lot. You can imagine what the smell of it came from, and how it affected the people around, in particular the ladies. In addition, Krylov not only smoked tobacco, but sniffed it and even chewed it. Once he asked a friend what to choose a costume for a masquerade. She advised him to just wash and comb his hair, this will be enough to remain unrecognized.

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Interesting facts from the life of Ivan Ivanovich Krylov: there are no superfluous words and gestures

The writer tried to do a minimum of movements. This was another joy of Krylov. Having worked for almost 30 years in the Public Library, he managed every day for two hours to sleep in the workplace. At first people were angry, and then they got used to having a rest after dinner, and stopped to contact him at that time. The authorities did not pay attention to the liberty of Krylov, since he was a friend of the royal family and a favorite of the society. Friends, from whom he often stayed, had for him a separate chair on which he slept after a dense dinner.

Interesting facts about Krylov's life: a strange desire

It is clear that such a fact can not be mentioned inofficial biographies of the writer. Periodically, he wanted to show his naked body around them. And himself, without spectators, he often went naked. Once he completely undressed, went to the window, waiting for the reaction of passers-by. But no one looked up and the writer did not notice. Then he began to play the violin to attract the attention of people. That helped. Already in five minutes a policeman came running to him and demanded to stop the "performance".