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Victor Hugo's book "Cosette". Summary

This excerpt from Victor Hugo's novel "Miserables"perceived by many as a separate book. And in fact, the story of a little man inside a vast plot has a plot, a climax, and a denouement - all that is necessary for an independent story. The writer had a special attachment to disadvantaged people, especially children, and therefore in his novels children's images are written especially brightly. This and the other hero of the novel - Gavrosh, who died on the Paris barricades, and a whole gang of homeless children, and, of course, Cosette.

Cosette summary


The story of the girl begins with a description of the ill-fatedthe fate of her mother, who was the victim of deception. She was seduced and left by her beloved man, a girl was born to her, and now Fantina is wandering with her child in her arms around the world in search of food and work. However, who will hire a woman with such a burden? She happens to be near the tavern of the spouses Tenardier, who have three small children - two girls and an infant boy. During a conversation with the innkeeper, Fantine manages to persuade her to keep the girl in her home on the condition that she will send money every month for her maintenance. Greedy spouses Tenardier were glad to have such an opportunity to earn extra money. And little Cosette stayed with them.

hugo cosette summary

Summary of the life of the baby inSheltered her house has no clearance. Evil Tenardieu hated the child and believed that she was eating their children. Although the poor girl was eating garbage, she ate under the table along with dogs and cats. Mother gently sent the promised money, but all the greedy owners were not enough, and they raised the fee several times. Poor Fantine meekly fulfilled all their demands, although she had to sell her luxurious hair, and then her teeth.

From the age of five, Cosette became actually a servant intavern The daughters of the owner no longer allowed her into their games and also treated her like a servant. Mother no longer sent money - she died of consumption and longing for her daughter. Hopeless orphan life - this is what Cosette was doomed to. The summary of her misadventures is unlikely to fit in one description. The reader mixes two feelings in his soul - pity for the child and indignation at human greed and malice. An unexpected twist in the fate of this Cinderella was predetermined by the development of the plot itself Victor Hugo.

"Cosette": summary of the history of salvation

In one of the cool late evenings hostess sentgirl for water to the creek. The poor thing was terribly afraid of the dark, but she was even more afraid of the wrath of Mrs. Tenardier. On the way, she stopped near the lighted shop window and gazed at her dream - a big beautiful doll. Then she ran to the stream and, trembling with fear, scooped up a bucket of water. She was dragging him, bending with gravity, and suddenly a strong hand picked up a bucket.

Summary of Cosette Victor Hugo
“This is too heavy a burden for you, child,” said the stranger, “who sent you on such a night?”

“Madame Tenardier, the owner of the tavern,” Cosette replied.

He helped carry the bucket and went into the tavern. The hostess looked with disdain at the poorly dressed old man, but invited him to sit at the table. Conversing with her, the guest found out how Cosette came to them, a brief summary of their misfortunes and impoverishment through the fault of this voracious prizhivalki. Cosette sat under the table, and at that moment, when the master’s daughters were distracted from her rag doll, she crawled out and grabbed her. The anger of a woman fell on her head. Saved by her stranger, who asked for permission to take the orphan with him. The innkeeper was glad, but Mr. Tenardieu, who began to bargain, intervened: he had raised this girl and was attached to her as if he were his own daughter, so he simply does not agree to give it away. Is that for the money. Finally agreed. The stranger left the tavern and soon returned with a doll, the same one she admired in Cosette’s shop window. The innkeeper and her daughters almost burst in anger.

She left this evil house, her hand was held tightly by an unfamiliar old man in tatters. This is a summary.

Cosette summary

"Cosette". Victor Hugo and his heroes

The reader in this part of the novel can onlyguess that the life of the poor girl made a turn for the better. Only then he learns that this poorly dressed stranger is none other than the former mayor, rebel and fugitive convict, benefactor of the outcasts Jean Valjean. The fate of the girl thanks to him now dramatically changes. He takes care of her as a daughter, gives her education, in a difficult moment sacrifices his freedom to save her lover. The story of the girl Cosette is yet to come.