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Savitsky Alexander. Taste of life

Nowadays, many authors publish their ownworks on the Internet. There are many resources for this. The most active at times become the most famous. One of these authors is Alexander Savitsky, who stands out among other poets with a special charisma and talent.

The young poet is open to all

Young poet Savitsky Alexander was born in Belgorod in 1989. On the Internet, the active user of which he is, there are many of his poems. The works are placed on poetic portals, in social networks, the poet reads his poems in video clips. A lot of pictures and illustrations to yourworks placed poet on the web. It is open to all. Beautiful features, ironic look. Open to communication, to recognition, to glory! Alexander almost everywhere writes about himself very simply, without any frills: "My name is Sasha, I'm 27 years old. I write poetry. "This is very nice, it inspires confidence, a smile and genuine interest.What verses does this open, sincere person write?

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Creative activity

On the account of Alexander Savitsky two collections of poems: "Girls in Vests "(in two editions) and"Compass ", at his age it is very impressive! The young author prefers to make his own texts independently, covers, illustrations help to create friends.Alexander has the title"Master of the Oskol Lyra, "which he received in 2016. The young poet is very active, constantly arranges creative events, projects."Literary slam "in his hometown, Oskol, and also in Sevastopol, "City club of poets "in Belgorod. on the rise, with pleasure travels to cities with performances. Savitskih Alexander himself refers to the "poets from the remote places. "He speaks a lot and reads his poems at the microphone during the holding of creative meetings. He is sincerely sure that true poetry is born and lives in the Russian outback.

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"Girls in Vests"

Collection of poems "Girls in Vests" releasedfirst, he absorbed the works written in an earlier period, beginning in 2009 and until 2012. The author by heart recited all the poems from this collection at his solo evening. Alexander Savitsky can laugh and surprise. With humor reflects on the opposite field, sad, when the girls are not around. So he says, they say, I wanted to write about the fall, but "I write about sex." These hooligan lines cause a smile. Alexander Savitsky, a poet, a man, thinking about beautiful half of humanity, thinks, how can girls make sparks out of girls? Sometimes he states that there is nothing "meaningless" in women in the world. This becomes clear from the work "Avon. " A poet can express himself briefly and capacitively, writesquatrains with deep meaning. Alexander has many friends. He easily appeals to people for help, gives reading his poems, listens to someone else's opinion, is ready to accept criticism.

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"Compass". Love lyrics

At a young age it is necessary to dream of love, and even to a poet - even more so. Alexander Savitsky is no exception. His collection of poems "Compass "consists entirely of love lyrics, in which the author, in a boyish manner, boldly and frankly draws in verse its own history. Namely: a certain poet C is in love with actress Yu. The whole collection is the history of this love. She is already in the past, but she wants to leave something in her heart, fix stupid acts, scream past about her feelings, what she did not dare to say before even in a whisper. The literary hero recognizes the mistakes of youth. He is one of those who write the name of the beloved on the fence, on the asphalt, clouds in the sky. Of those who are capable of madness. At Alexander's "the girl becomes a book ", remaining forever inhis heart. The poet is young, yearning for love. In his works he exudes the energy of youth, a certain maximalism of passions. So naturals - if you really love, then to the last nerve, give it to him "snotty songs of ton, subcutaneous and intravenous injections of passion, but it should be noted that Alexander Savitskikh is not only a poet of love lyrics.

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Taste of life

The civil subject for Savitsky Alexander is very close. Reading his works, one can not imagine a provincial adolescent boy, who wanders along the street, his hands in his pockets, and closely watches everything that surrounds him. Playful, tenacious look, nothing escapes him. The author goes through an easy walk along the "conversational speech. ""Lover of coffee and cigarettes, "a little hooligan, a bit romantic, he seems to taste life, is in a state of"here and now ", sorts it out like puzzles, looks at different angles, notes little things and draws bright pictures from them, which makes his verses read and perceive easily, visibly.

Alexander Savitsky describes life asshe is. And it is remarkable that in one work he can unexpectedly combine everyday detailing with his own associative sensations. In the poem "You're morning, "he says, it's time to fall asleep macaroni cheese, then to serve coffee, sprinkled with grated chocolate. Then the following sounds: "You are dawn. You're oxygen. You're Pepsi-Cola. " We can say that Alexander Savitsky gives his poems to people and does it generously.