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The little fable of Krylov and the deep morality that is embedded inside

Ivan Andreevich Krylov - famous fabulist. Many of his works are known by children from an early age. It is easiest for the children to learn his small creations. Krylov's little fable "Fox and Grapes" is easy to remember for children and adults.

The eye sees, and the tooth does not

Little Fable of Krylov

In a small work by Krylov "Fox andgrapes "the main role is assigned to the fox. This red cheat climbed into the garden to feast on grapes. Fruits seductively hang and poured into the sun, and ask in the mouth. All anything, but the fox can not get the desired fruits. She comes to the berries from one side and the other, but to no avail. Fruits can be clearly seen, but they hang too high, so the predator does not get to break at least one berry. Then the fox said with vexation that this grapes is only good looking, but it certainly does not taste very good. The berries are green and immature, so there is no point in trying to get them. This little fable of Krylov is fraught with deep meaning. Sometimes those who can not reach some heights begin to scold those who have succeeded. On the other hand, it is a very useful quality for a person - do not worry about the fact that a lucrative affair is looming on the horizon. Works of the fabulist are taught to think and look for a deep meaning. The same goes for his other creations.

Krylov's Little Fable "The Pig Under the Oak"

small fables by Krylov

Telling this story, you can characterizeher one expression: "Do not cut the branch on which you sit." Fable teaches to be grateful. The pig was under an oak tree. She ate enough of her acorns and, with nothing to do, began to undermine the ground under her tree, and at the same time its roots. This saw a wise crows. He told the pig that she would not do it. After all, this can wither and die the whole tree. But the stupid animal said that she did not care, most importantly, that there were the acorns that she was eating. A stupid pig does not know that on the dead tree the acorns will not grow. Oak told her that she was ungrateful. As you know, pigs can not lift their heads up. So the heroine of the fable. The tree said that if she could do this, she would have seen - the acorns grow on the oak tree.

In the end, this little fable of Krylov tells the reader that there are some people who scold the doctrine. They do not know that they are using the fruits of enlightenment. The work is directed against ignorance.

Krylov's little fables are easily remembered. The same can be said about the legendary work about the monkey.

"Monkey and glasses"

Ivan Krylov, fables

The human ancestor became oldyears it is bad to see. But somehow she heard that there are glasses that help to get past vigilance. Monkey bought as many as 12 pieces. But she did not know how to use them and what to wear. The monkey for a long time turned the glasses in her hands, trying on them even on the tail, sniffing, licking, but the sight did not improve from this. Then an angry animal threw glasses at the stone. And they crashed. At the end of his work, Ivan Krylov draws another conclusion. His fables often protest against ignorance. "Monkey and glasses" is injected with the conclusion that one can not repeat the uselessness of a thing, if you do not know how it should be applied.