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Main Attractions of Kronstadt

The port city of Kronstadt is located on the islandKotlin in the Gulf of Finland. The city of military importance was closed for a long time and it was possible to reach it only by water. Currently, the island is connected to the shores of the Gulf of Finland by a dam, along which the St. Petersburg Ring Road passes. Kronstadt is surrounded by many forts, which served as the defense of the city in many wars and battles. Attractions of Kronstadt attract a lot of tourists and visitors of the city, many of them have important historical significance.

Sights of Kronstadt

The history of the city began in 1704, whenThe island was erected a fortress, which later became the main base of the Baltic Fleet. Attractions of Kronstadt during the existence of more than once were under threat, a major fire in 1764 and the flood of 1824 caused heavy damage to the city. Kronstadt for a long time was a closed city, it housed garrisons and lived military, at present the city is an important historical monument and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sights of Kronstadt beginto inspect from the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The beautiful and majestic structure is practically a copy of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. According to the architect's idea, the cathedral was to be an identification sign for the sailors arriving on ships to Kronstadt. The sights of the city are mainly connected with the history of the Navy and historical events. An monument to Admiral Makarov is located in the Anchor Square, and the services for the health of seamen are still held in the St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Map of Kronstadt with landmarkswill show the most interesting places, which in the city very much. In the center is the building of the Small Gostiny Dvor, which is a small copy of the building in St. Petersburg. After the fire, the building was completely destroyed, but later rebuilt. After the Gostiny Dvor is worth a stroll along the banks of the Obvodny Canal. Behind it you can see old buildings of red brick - former warehouses. All the bridges through the channel were previously bred, at the moment there is only one drawbridge in the city - through the channel of the Petrovsky Dock. On the territory of the city one of the oldest footstacks is installed. It is for this purpose that the depths and heights are measured throughout the territory of Russia.

Kronstadt Attractions

Makarovsky Bridge is sure to see every guestthe city of Kronstadt. This sightseeing is paid attention during excursions, necessarily telling the story of its occurrence, connected with the visit of Emperor Nicholas II to the discovery of the monument to Admiral Makarov. Currently, the wooden bridge structures are replaced by steel, and the appearance of the bridge is preserved. On the territory of the city you can see a gallery of modern art and unusual monuments, for example, the monument to the Blockade stickleback.

Map of Kronstadt with landmarks

Forts surrounding the city are also basicsights of Kronstadt. Many of them are open for visiting, some are almost destroyed. Forts of Kronstadt can be visited during excursions, independent penetration into their territory is prohibited due to the threat to life and health.