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Reviews about rest in Crimea: the list of the best places

On the Internet you can find different reviews about the rest inThe Crimea. Someone worships the Black Sea peninsula, for someone it's too noisy and crowded. In order not to get confused in such a large amount of heterogeneous information, I decided to systematize all the reviews about rest in the Crimea and compile a list of places on their basis that will suit different groups of tourists depending on age and preferences.

reviews about rest in Crimea
Evpatoria. This city is considered the capital of a children's holiday inThe Crimea. All because it has the smallest sea, a huge number of summer camps for children and entertainment centers. And a large dolphinarium will not just leave indifferent children and adults alike. However, hotels in Evpatoria better book as early as possible, because on the forums, leaving feedback on the rest in the Crimea, many write that in the summer season the places are sorely lacking.

Saki. A small town near Evpatoriais known throughout the Crimea thanks to its salt lake. In this lake, the curative Sak mud is extracted, which are considered a panacea and according to stories can cure of any diseases. In Saki it is better to go to people who want not only to have a good rest, but also to strengthen their health. There are 5 sanatoriums on the territory of the city, which are ready to offer many different procedures using Saki mud. But, after studying reviews about the rest in Crimea, I found out that it is not necessary to order these procedures, it's enough to come and bathe in the healing lake yourself - the effect will be the same.

reviews about holidays in Crimea
Kazantip. Every beloved Republic of Kazantip every summerinvites young people from different parts of the earth to rest in their improvised state. According to the laws of the Republic, everyone should have fun, rest and dance from morning till night, and then again - from night to morning. Kazantip is one huge endless disco, and not all are able to withstand such restless rest. Reviews about the rest in the Crimea, which left people between the ages of 18 and up to 30 years, tell us that for real fans of club life Kazantip - just a paradise. The motto of the residents of this republic is interesting: "We do not suffer from insanity - we enjoy it!".

Bakhchisaray. For those who go to Crimea not for the sake of the sea, but for the sake ofmountains, it is worth to settle somewhere near Bakhchisaray. This ancient capital of the khans is located in the most picturesque part of the peninsula, among the low mountain peaks and dense forests. Especially striking for all tourists is the clean air of those places. Lavender fields and pine forests dissolve in the air their aromas, saturate it with healing vapors and, in order to completely clear their lungs from the heat of the megalopolis, it's enough to just walk around in those neighborhoods for about half an hour.

reviews about holidays in Crimea
Yalta. Warm sea, bright sun, sandy beaches -everything you need for an excellent holiday on the Black Sea. All these delights can be found in Yalta, the unofficial tourist capital of the peninsula. So many think and therefore every summer they decide to come to this town, because of which there are always too many people in Yalta. However, having looked at the reviews about the rest in Crimea, namely in Yalta, I found that if you come to this city in the autumn, the time spent there can be compared with the most expensive resorts in Spain, Greece or France. In the autumn there are not so many people in Yalta, but the sea, the sun and sandy beaches are all as wonderful as they are in the summer.