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River Trams in Moscow: timetable and itineraries

Many residents of the capital of Russia love again and againto study different places of the city, to visit near the famous sights and just admire the beautiful views of Moscow. What can we say about the guests of the capital, who first found themselves in the metropolis? Of course, they are also very interested in getting to know the city and its popular places.

You can travel around Moscow in many ways. You can ride on the subway, going to some stations on the street. You can ride by car, bus or other public transport. Some prefer leisurely walking tours both in the center and on the outskirts of the city. A part of the guests of the capital and its inhabitants like to walk along the Moskva River on a river tram, from the deck of which you can enjoy wonderful panoramas of the city from very interesting angles.

A Brief History of Moscow's Water Transport

In the Russian capital steamboats appeared in 1923 and immediately began to be used as one of the main modes of transport, with which it was possible to easily reach the desired place.

river trams in moscow

Over time, the number ofcars and ground public transport, appeared and began to actively use the subway. And since there were a lot of options for moving around Moscow, gradually the relevance of the ships as the main transport began to decrease.

However, river trams in Moscow continuedused as a public transport until 2006. To date, the city's water transport serves exclusively for recreational and excursion purposes.

Where the river trams run

As is known, the Moscow River passes practicallythrough the entire capital of Russia. It is on it that river trams of different models go, giving the opportunity for the indigenous inhabitants of the city and its guests to look at Moscow's sights from a very interesting side.

river trolley

River trams for their routes also use the Moscow channel, thanks to which you can see part of the capital's suburbs.

When walking is practiced in Moscow

Enjoy a walk by water transport in Moscowit is possible for almost half a year. Each river tram across the Moskva River starts walking around mid-April, and ends its work around mid-October. You can ride any day of the week and even arrange a great trip on one of the holidays.

In recent years, due to the emergence of modernand well-equipped ships it became possible to enjoy a river walk even in the winter months. Such vessels have a special ice belt, so that they are able to conquer the water expanses in the coldest time of the year.

river trams in moscow timetable

The main routes of river trams

If you need an excursion on the river tramMoscow or you just decided to take a ride on a thermal boat, be aware that in any case have to use the services of one of several shipping companies that carry out water walks. The most popular is the "Metropolitan Shipping Company", which offers the largest number of routes. There are also such organizations as "Flotilla Radisson Royal", "Group of Companies RPK" and "Rechflot".

Regardless of the shipping company, residentsMoscow and its guests can choose the most relevant route for them from just a few existing options. The thing is that on other parts of the Moskva River, pleasure boats simply do not go.

river trolley on the Moscow river

Regularly working throughout the timenavigation route is the route that starts at the Kiev station and ends at the Novospassky Bridge. River trams in Moscow, plying over it, will allow its passengers to see many of the city's main attractions. The vessel will pass by the following berths: Kievsky Station, Vorobyovy Gory, TsPKiO im. Gorky, Crimean Bridge, Variety Theater (Borovitskaya or Kropotkinskaya metro), Ustinsky Bridge (metro Kitai Gorod), Novospassky Bridge (Proletarskaya Metro).

On this route you can ride in both directions, with the tram stopping at each quay.

The company "Radisson Royal" since 2009 invitesall residents and guests of the capital for year-round water walks. River trams in Moscow belonging to this flotilla, their route starts from the berths "Hotel Ukraine" and "TsPKiO im. Gorky. " Both follow up to Kotelnicheskaya embankment, then turn around.

Other routes of river trams in Moscow

A river tram (Moscow) can bring tourists and city residents along several routes.

From the berth "Vorobyovy Gory", "Kiev railway station" or "TsPKiO im. Gorky "you can ride past the Kremlin to Kotelnicheskaya embankment and return to the landing site.

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From the pier called "Swamp area", thatnear the metro station "Tretyakovskaya", you can ride along the drainage canal with the subsequent exit to the main riverbed. This route is circular and ends also near Bolotnaya Square.

From the pier "Kolomenskoye", which is located inthe same park, you can swim to the pier "Marino", located near the corresponding metro station. Here, the river tram (Moscow) takes place and should be back to the point of departure.

Suburban routes

Sowing to water transport, you can see notonly the center of the city, but also its surroundings. River trams in Moscow can take passengers and beyond the capital. In summer it is an excellent opportunity not only to breathe fresh river air, but also to get to the beautiful countryside recreation areas.

There is a route from Troitsa-Lykovo to Strogino andaround the wonderful Silver Bora. Motor ships go through the channel of Moscow, and all passengers have the opportunity to admire the stunning Scenic Bridge directly from the water. For those who want to go for a longer trip in this area, there is a special circular route called "Krugosvetka", which also starts at Troitsa-Lykovo, goes through Shchukino, Khoroshevsky Bridge, Karamyshevsky Dam and the 9th Sluice, Picturesque Bridge and Krylatskoe, and then it turns out again in the Trinity-Lykovo.

walking on the Moscow river on a river tram

There are also routes from the Northern River Station to the recreation area called "Bay of Joy" and walking by trams along the Khimki Reservoir from the berth "Northern Tushino".

Timetables for river trams along the Moskva River

Everyone who plans to walk on the water is very importantTo know the time, in which river trams can depart from berths in Moscow. The schedule of their movement can be found both on the sites of shipping companies, and directly on the piers, where you will buy tickets.

The main routes for trams along the Moskva River, implemented by the Moscow Metropolitan Shipping Company, have the following schedule:

  1. From Kiev railway station to the Novospassky bridge, trams run from 12:00 to 20:00, departing every 25 minutes.
  2. From Novospassky bridge to the Kiev station departure also takes place every 25 minutes from 11 am to 6 pm.
  3. The circular route from the Kiev railway station starts its work from 12:00 and ends at 19:20, departure - every 25 minutes.
  4. From the quays "Tretyakovsky" and "Kolomenskoye" you can leave every hour until 21:00. The weekend routes are open from 11am, on weekdays - from 12am.

excursion on a river tram in Moscow

A walk on a river tram in Moscow willa great way to spend your free time and look at city attractions. This pastime is sure to please both adults and children of all ages.