/ / Sanatoriums of the Kemerovo Region. Description, services

Sanatoriums of the Kemerovo Region. Description, services

On the most beautiful expanses of the northern part of Russia, inKemerovo region, there is a large number of sanatoriums, boarding houses, children's hospitals for those who want to relax and get better. The most popular sanatoriums of the Kemerovo region will be presented in this article.

"Cedar forest" - a cozy health resort in the Kemerovo region

sanatorium cedar forest kemerovo region

The "Cedar Forest" dispensary is located inthe most picturesque place in the vicinity of the city of Kemerovo and is considered one of the best health resorts of the Kemerovo region. A special microclimate and uniqueness give the wellness center a convenient location away from populated areas. The territory of the sanatorium, drowning in the forest park area, the silence and fragrant scents of the cedar forest, the beach on the lake is a great place for treatment and recreation.

The services

Sanatorium "Kedrovy Bor" (the Kemerovo Region)offers its guests a lot of health and wellness procedures. This is the treatment of mud, and water treatment procedures, sauna, physical procedures, services of a cosmetologist. For those who like active recreation in the sanatorium, there are sports halls with simulators, swimming pools, where you can work out and swim in pleasure both by yourself and under the guidance of an experienced coach. Even in inclement weather, vacationers of the sanatorium can always find employment: visit the library, take advantage of the services of a hairdresser or beautician, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee in a cafe or bar located on the territory of the sanatorium.

For guests and guests of the sanatorium, arrived at thepersonal car, there is a guarded parking lot. Especially popular are the dispensaries, the main profile of which is the prevention of heart disease. This area is actively used by the following sanatoriums of the Kemerovo region.


sanatoria of the Kemerovo region energetik

Sanatorium "Energetik" is a medical institution,which specializes in the treatment of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, heart diseases and respiratory organs. Ecologically clean place, a lot of coniferous trees and birches, located on the territory of the sanatorium, create a unique aura of rest and harmony.

Sanatorium "Forest Lake"

sanatoria of the Kemerovo region

In the vicinity of the settlement Guryevsk, drowning inthe majestic beauty of the old pines and the coolness of the flowing Talmovaya river, the "Forest Lake" health resort is comfortably located, which offers vacationers the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system, digestive system and respiratory system, bile duct and genitourinary system. Treatment is carried out according to a certain program, developed individually, for each resting person taking into account the diagnosis and contraindications. Drug treatment and revitalizing and restorative procedures will help to effectively pass the course of treatment, strengthen health, increase vitality. Special attention should be paid to the sanatorium of Salair (Kemerovo region).

Silver of Salair

health resorts salair kemerovo region

Sanatorium "Silver Salair" - one of the modernhealth centers of the XXI century. Built in 2006, it has become a favorite holiday destination for those wishing to be healthy from all over the vast country. The picturesque area of ​​the Salair ridge, the breathtaking beauty of the forest lake and forest, clean air combined with treatment create favorable conditions for rest and recreation. The sanatorium offers programs for treating various diseases and restoring the body thanks to health-improving procedures and a unique opportunity to enjoy magnificent views and clean forest air.

The sanatorium of the Kemerovo region is fullyfurnished rooms, consisting of several rooms, a bathroom and all necessary household appliances. Among a large number of sanatoriums, boarding houses and health resorts located near Kemerovo, there is also organized a children's holiday. Children of various ages will be happy to spend their holidays in the summer recreation camp with organized leisure and 4 meals a day.

Many sanatoriums and boarding houses of Kemerovothe edges offer the holidaymakers a rich and organized holiday on weekends. The developed infrastructure and the widest range of services offered - health, beauty, sports - will make your holiday bright, memorable and useful. Due to consultations of qualified medical personnel you can make necessary diagnostics, as well as undergo wellness procedures.

Both on weekends and on weekdays of the sanatoriumKemerovo region offers to rent a room for business meetings, seminars and conferences, various holidays, both corporate and family. The halls for such events are large and can accommodate about 100 people. Even if there are no special health problems, visiting sanatoriums as prevention is extremely necessary. This helps prevent severe illness and rest in comfort.