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Choose the best Pattaya hotels 3 stars

Among the travelers who gathered in Thailand,The most popular hotels in Pattaya are 3 stars, which are a comfortable and economical holiday. The choice of a place of residence depends, first of all, on the preferences of tourists. After all, families, in most cases, prefer to stay near the sea, and youth computers

Pattaya Hotels 3 stars
They choose the proximity of entertainment facilities.

Hotels in Pattaya 3 stars cheapaccommodation, while providing guests with all the necessary amenities. There are a lot of places in this category, so in order to choose your own option, you can refer to the information given by tour operators or to the reviews left by travelers who have already visited the hotel.

In most cases, hotels offerguests only breakfast. Lunch and dinner will, most likely, in the nearest cafes or restaurants. However, this is not a big problem, because in Thailand, low prices for almost everything.

Many Pattaya hotels 3 stars are located nearcoastline, so it is easy to get to the beach from here. Almost all rooms in the establishments of this category are air-conditioned. The hotel offers a variety of services, including for business people.

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It is necessary to note hotels in Pattaya with its own beach, since such establishments are most convenient for family or private rest.

The hotel complex "Camelot" is considered one of thethe best in the southern area of ​​the city. The design of the building, in which the hotel resembles a medieval castle, is interesting. At the disposal of the travelers there are several heated pools, a chic garden and cozy rooms, accommodating from 1 to 5 people.

Popular among tourists is the Jomtien Garden hotel.Its advantage is a good location - not far from Phuket airport. From entertainment guests of the establishment are offered Thai massage, tennis classes, billiards and much more. On the territory of the hotel there are restaurants offering delicacies of local cuisine and international cuisine.

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All hotels in Pattaya are distinguished by a friendly, smiling staff who are happy to help guests with what is in their power. Some establishments employ Russian-speaking staff.

Popular among Russians is the hotelAiyara Grand. It was built several years ago, but it is already recognized as one of the best in Pattaya in its category. Less than a kilometer away is the municipal beach, where tourists can find activities to their liking (lie down in the sun or ride a catamaran, depending on the preferences of tourists).

Hotels in Pattaya 3 stars are not just a budget option for vacation abroad. These establishments are distinguished by high-quality service, despite the democratic prices.

All hotels belonging to this category,have a pool (and sometimes several), provide massage services. Among the entertainment many hotels offer a visit to the fitness center, gym. Conditions for golf are created.