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Where is Khazapetovka?

Khatsapetovka is a populated place that is mentionedauthors of the Golden Calf. After the publication of their work, the name of the village became widely used in folklore. And in 2007 a series appeared on the screens, telling about a girl who arrived in Moscow from a remote province. Namely, from the village called Hatsapetovka. Where is this town located? Does it exist?

hatsapetovka where is

Symbol of the province

Not only in the "Golden Calf", but also in one of thestories of Alexei Tolstoy mentioned Khatsapetovka. Where she is, the writers may not have known. The name of this village is so "sonorous" that it served as a kind of symbol of a deep province. In Ilf and Petrov as one of the faceless stations is Khatsapetovka. Where is this village, perhaps, knew Valentin Pikul. In the novel "The Impure Force," he devoted a few lines to her. And in the book "Barbarossa" - a whole chapter.

The village from which the heroine of the aforementionedseries, has nothing to do with the really existing settlement called Hatsapetovka. Where is the village, which the writers Tolstoy, Pikul, Ilf and Petrov mentioned, can be defined. It is located in the Donetsk region and has a completely different name for more than half a century. And since the television movie shows the events of the two thousand years, we can say that here Khatsapetovka is nothing but an imaginary village.

A small mining town

Where is the village of Khatsapetovka? This question would not have been correct even before 1958. After all, there was no such village. There was an urban settlement, almost the whole population of which worked on a local coal mine.

where is the village of Khatsapetovka

In October 1941, near this populateda bloody battle took place, as a result of which more than a hundred people died. After the war, two mines were opened in the village. And in 1958 it was renamed into the city of Uglegorsk. This is the history of Khatsapetovka, which is located in the Donetsk region and borders the city of Gorlovka.