/ Where in Turkey it is better to have a rest with the child? Choosing a resort

Where in Turkey it is better to have a rest with the child? Choosing a resort

Many families carefully choose where to restsummer with children. It would be desirable, that it was inexpensive, there was a good service, and it is desirable, system "all inclusive". Of all the available options, Turkey is often chosen. On the plane to fly not for long (only three hours), the transfer to the hotel from the airport takes about half an hour on a comfortable bus.

where in Turkey it is better to have a rest with the child

Tourists who decide where to rest in Turkey fromchild, often opt for Alanya. There are many flat and clean sandy beaches, a variety of water attractions, in hotels, especially high-class, beautiful areas, lots of greenery. However, Alanya - the most remote from the airport region, you can get here by bus for about two hours. In addition, in this region the sea is restless, waves often rise. At the same time, the beach season here opens somewhat earlier than in other areas, and lasts longer. Here you can relax from April to mid-November.

where to relax in the summer with children

Where in Turkey it is better to have a rest with the child? Belek is an elite resort-reserve. Its beaches are mostly sandy, with large yellow sand and a flat, gentle entrance to the water. Here, as in other Turkish resorts, there are hotels that target children up to 3 years old. Babies are allocated a cot, in the restaurant - special chairs, as well as in the rooms are offered blenders in which you can warm the milk to the child. There are children's clubs where the kid will be entertained by professional animators. If necessary, you can invite a nanny for a baby for several hours. The best time to relax in Belek is June or late August - early September. At this time there is no hot heat, and the sea has already warmed up enough.

Where else in Turkey is it better to relax with a child? You can consider the Side. It is good to go to families with children from 5 to 12 years old. Side is located near the airport, so transfer to the hotel will take a little time.

In the Side area there are also hotels,focused on the guests with children. Children's clubs offer entertaining classes, in the evenings theme discos are arranged. The beaches here are sandy or pebble, although rocks can also meet in the water. Guests with children are offered numerous excursions to unusually beautiful places not far from the hotel. Side is located near Belek, so the climatic conditions at these resorts are the same.

where to relax in Turkey with a child

Another area where in Turkey it is better to relax withthe child is Kemer. Here, the mountains covered with coniferous forests almost come close to the sea, creating a unique microclimate. In addition to the fact that Kemer has a fertile climate, it is also famous for its abundance of greenery, so most of the resort hotels are located in the forest park area. The beaches are mostly pebble, so the water is crystal clear and transparent. Children should buy rubber slippers for swimming so that they do not hurt their feet on the stones. For young guests in Kemer there are all possibilities for pleasant entertainment, convenient mini-towns, fascinating attractions.

Hotel for a child with a child is better not to chooseKemer, and in its immediate suburbs, directly on the coast. From the airport in this case, you can drive to the furthest hotel in less than an hour. The water temperature in this resort can reach +27 degrees, and the air - up to +35.

So, now you know where in Turkey it is better to have a rest with the child. The choice is yours.