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Natural and historical sights of Sardinia

Of all the magical resorts of Italy in no wayforget such a beautiful place as the island of Sardinia. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, to the west of the mainland, and is considered the second largest island in these waters. And in order to understand what is so fascinating there are on these lands, we now consider the sights of Sardinia, among which there are natural miracles, and monuments created by the hands of man.

Sardinian Attractions
Archeology once again proves to us thatthe story is too mean in its exposition about the past, and the complex of nuraghs located on the lands of this Mediterranean island is the main proof of that. The conical nuraghi towers, which were built over 2 thousand years ago, are the main sights of Sardinia. The structures were erected by an unknown people who lived here before the invasion of the Roman army. These people knew how to work with metal, as well as perfectly oriented in all the tricks of construction and architecture. Today, this tower complex is in a dilapidated state, but still a huge interest for each of us.
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Sardinia can not be visitedpresent without the coast of the Costa Smeralda, which means "Emerald Coast". In this place are located the most expensive hotels and boutiques of the region. Yacht clubs, helipads, luxury restaurants and other establishments, where one can leave one's entire state in one day, have their place. Only to get here can not every tourist. The coast, which is 55 kilometers long, is a source of pride for the locals.

As stated above, not only humanthe island of Sardinia is famous for its labors. The sights of nature are no less interesting and exciting, and among them is the cave of Is Zuddas. This mysterious grotto was formed from stalactites and stalagmites hundreds of millions of years ago, as evidenced by monuments of fine art and literature, as well as research by archaeologists. Intricate figures of natural architecture in this cave have attracted tourists from all over the world for many centuries.

Sardinia Island Attractions

A small town of Cagliari, located on theisland, is the center of the plexus of ancient Italian and Middle Eastern culture. Sardinia's attractions, located here, were erected by both local residents and Phoenicians who came from the Eastern Mediterranean. You can see them in half a day, but remember these works of architecture for life ...

But the small village of Porto Torres is famous for itsall of Europe is one of the oldest and well-preserved monuments of the Roman era. It's about the Basilica of San Gavino, which stores the most valuable sculptures of the time. The sights of Sardinia, contained there, are sculptures of holy martyrs, images of religious characters and other church artifacts. In itself, this building is already an important monument, a symbol of the early Middle Ages.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the purestbeaches, fresh air, numerous secrets of history and the indescribable beauty of buildings - this is all Sardinia. The sights of this region can not be described in full, they need to be admired ...