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Hotels in Kstovo: differences and hotel services

Near Nizhny Novgorod on the banks of the Volgalocated the city of Kstovo. This is an urban settlement of regional importance, here there is a railway and the highway "Volga" of federal importance, there are large enterprises of chemical, processing and food industries, significant sports competitions are held.

Distinctive characteristics

There are several hotels in the city. Hotels in Kstovo differ by such criteria:

  • Number of rooms;
  • cost of living;
  • belonging to private or municipal property;
  • the quality of services and the level of comfort for guests.

Most hotels in Kstovo haveconvenient location, close to the federal highway and the city center. Some of them are located on the outskirts of it, not far from large industrial enterprises and on the way to the regional center - Nizhny Novgorod.

G. Kstovo, whose hotels often receive athletes from all over the country and abroad, is famous for its World Sambo Academy. At its base there are competitions and fees for sambo, different kinds of wrestling, artistic gymnastics and other sports. Therefore, the presence in the city of a sufficient number of hotels, mini-hotels and hostels - an urgent need.

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Popular Kstovo hotels

Guests of the city often choose a place to stay,having looked through a rating and responses about hotels in various sources. Popular places that have proved themselves well with travelers in Kstovo are: Kstovo, Lyubimy Gorod and Calypso. These small hotels combine a lot:

  • they are conveniently located, have good transport links with railway stations, industrial and other enterprises and organizations;
  • recently commissioned;
  • the number of rooms is represented by rooms of different classes, the choice depends on the financial possibilities of the guests;
  • The furniture in the rooms is modern, its completeness provides for the needs of the guests, the beds have orthopedic mattresses;
  • The rooms are equipped with home appliances, TVs with cable channels, wireless Internet;
  • guests can order food at local cafes. In the hotel "Beliy Gorod" the residents have the opportunity to cook it independently in the modern kitchen of the hotel, in "Kstovo" and "Calypso" they will provide everything that is necessary for the organization of tea drinking.

Guests in these institutions are surrounded by care, fulfill their requests and provide additional services.

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Economy class hotels

In the category of "economy" their services are offeredhotels Kstovo: "Aelita", mini-boarding houses "Sim-Sim" and "Motel" (on Magistralnaya street) and others. Rooms in these establishments are often rented for one night, budget tourists and their organized groups - sports teams, students and young people, travel. It is possible to settle in the room from two to four people, the hotel "Aelita" offers six- and eight-bed rooms with bunk beds. Guests use shared bathrooms with showers, they are offered hygienic supplies and towels. In the hotel "Aelita" you can pay three meals a day. The motel is near the café. All listed establishments have a convenient location in the city.

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Hotels in Kstovo: prices

Cost of bed for a night in a hotelclass economy is from 350 rubles and above, depends on the number of places to stay in the room. Hotels of a higher class take for their services an average of 1,700 rubles per person per night, depending on the category of the room provided. The institutions have their own system of discounts, which allows you to save up to 20% of the cost of the room.