/ Aluston is a fortress in the Crimea. Sightseeing

Aluston is a fortress in the Crimea. Sightseeing

Any traveler is well-known forthe importance of attractions in each of the countries visited. No trip to an unfamiliar city or region is complete without large-scale excursions to all famous places, and photos against the backdrop of attractions - this is an excellent souvenir. Excursions around the Crimea have always been a great success.

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Every city, every country or island by rightproud of their history. It is the sights that connect the present and historical events, unite the peoples and tell the city legends. Each memorable object deserves special attention, and tourists perfectly understand the value of such structures when visiting different cities or states.

A little bit about Crimea

The peninsula Crimea is widely known for its resorts.However, people come here not only to soak up the beaches near the sea. Also these revenge are interesting and their sights, which managed to survive, despite all the historical events. Residents of the Crimea with special trepidation belong to each historical building, that's why even today anyone can enjoy the views of castles and fortresses, old houses, ports and piers. All excursions around the Crimea include a trip to Aluston.


In today's world, a large enoughnumber of ancient fortresses. They in old times served as protection from attack and were a guarantee of safety of city residents. Unfortunately, most fortresses around the world have been destroyed or destroyed, but that's why the remaining ones are even more valuable.

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History of the fortress of Aluston

During the reign of Emperor Justinian I wasone of the most attractive buildings on the Crimean peninsula, called Aluston, was erected. The fortress, which has existed for several centuries, has formed around itself a large city. It was named Alushta and proudly carries this name to this day. Unfortunately, by the 21st century only ruins and huge boulders remained from the fortress, but several centuries ago the powerful walls of the structure reliably defended their inhabitants.


The ruins of the fortress contain important elementsstories. It was here that the most severe warriors clashed. Today, Aluston - a fortress that is almost invisible at first sight to a simple tourist, but once the powerful walls towered a few meters and impressed with their dimensions of everyone who was nearby.

The modern territory of the fortress is filled with inhabitedpremises. The resort peninsula on the seashore often receives a wide variety of visitors from among travelers, so technological progress gradually overtakes this historic object. Nevertheless, the most valuable elements of the fortress have been preserved and are accessible to visitors.

Pier and seafarers

Aluston - a fortress on the territory of which absolutelyrecently there was a pier. Not only seafarers and travelers came to her, but also merchant ships. From the hills of this building was opened an incredible view of the Alushta Valley. At the time of its faithful service the fortress was considered one of the most powerful and reliable fortifications, despite its small area.

Aluston fortress in Alushta

Built in the VI century, the fortress of Aluston inAlushte carries a lot of memories about the events taking place on the peninsula. Created to control the navigators and ships on the peninsula, Aluston fortress survived many attacks and destruction. Despite all attempts to break the bastion, many of its buildings have survived to this day.

Fortress today

Aluston fortress is officially recognized as a monumentarchitecture. Today a huge number of tourists come here who want to touch history. Thanks to its convenient location, anyone can visit the ruins. Moreover, the fortress of Aluston is one of the main objects for photographs on the whole peninsula of Crimea. Local residents are proud of this landmark and always gladly tell its story to everyone who wants to. The current state of the Aluston fortress evokes a lot of emotions, so it's certainly worth looking at this building.

modern fortress of Aluston

The history of each corner of the planet is interestingin its own way. A resident of an ancient city can tell a long and colorful about all the sights connected with the history, but seen with his own eyes never replace with words. Aluston is a fortress that attracts a lot of attention from both residents and travelers. The remnants of the once powerful bastion were preserved for descendants and can tell about all the historical clashes that took place under these walls.

Tourists constantly visit this place. Their reviews on the Internet are filled with enthusiastic responses, which allows you to believe about the superiority of the fortress. You have to visit it if you can get to Alushta.