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White Lake (Novokosino) - rest in Moscow

White Lake (Novokosino) - one of the three reservoirs,located in the most marginal areas of the east of Moscow in Kosino-Ukhtomsky district. Its location is very successful, allowing easy and quick access to beautiful and picturesque places without leaving the city limits. The lake is surrounded by oak and birch groves. Here you can enjoy the nature, having rested from the impetuous pace of the metropolitan life.

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Brief description of the reservoir

The White Lake, Novokosino, was formed by naturalby way of. The area of ​​the reservoir is 27 thousand hectares. Together with the Holy and Black Lakes, it enters the famous Kosinsky treshozero. The biggest depth is 23 meters. The origin of the lake is glacial. Several springs, feeding the reservoir, leave the water cool in any weather.

The bottom, which was originally sandy, nowsometimes silty. This was due to the fact that in 50-60 years the reservoir was connected by an artificial channel with the Black Lake. It is in it that the silty sediments predominate. For this reason, White began to change its color. Now its waters have a cloudy-yellow hue. The White Lake (Novokosino) is distinguished by a sandy coastline: it is mostly sloping, in some places covered with grass.

Greetings from the past

The lake and its surrounding areas are very ancient andinteresting story. Between the Whites and the Holy, excavations of three groups of mounds have long been performed. All findings are presented as exhibits of the anthropological museum of Moscow State University.

The first written mention of the three lakes was found inthe testament of Prince Serpukhovsky and dates back to 1401. Today the White Lake - Novokosino - can be called a unique place, since its banks are decorated with three ancient temples: Uspensky, Tikhonovsky and Nikolsky. They make the surrounding area special and peaceful, set up the holidaymakers in a positive way.

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Unity with nature for tired Muscovites

White - one of the long-loved places to relax. He is favored not only by the residents of the capital, but also tourists who came to visit. In summer, the banks of the reservoir are dotted with numerous beaches, both municipal and wild. On the landscaped areas there are rentals of boats and catamarans, rescue services work. A year-round fishing is also popular on the White Lake. Here are found in abundance: carp, podleschik, crucian, tench, roach and white cupid.

White Lake (Novokosino): how to get there?

It is easy to drive to the reservoir by car. To do this, turn from Moscow to the Novo-Ukhtomskoye highway. Then go along Muromska street to the parking lot by the beach. There is also another option: from the railway station Kosino you can walk (1 kilometer past the traffic police station) or take the bus that runs from the metro station "Vykhino" to Kosino itself.