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Royal Beach Club: hotel features and guest reviews

The ancient city of Evpatoria is onnorth-west of the Crimea, in the steppe part of Crimea. It stretched along the Kalamitsky Gulf and occupies fourteen kilometers of its shallow waters. The climate of the city determines its location. Here it is mild, the air humidity is moderate, in summer, hot days cool cool breezes.

There is a lot of sun in Evpatoria, so herealmost always clear weather. In the coastal areas the Kalimitsky Gulf is shallow. The water here warms up well, the swimming season lasts from early summer to mid-autumn. Many tourists this resort place attracts unique curative mud, brine, curative mineral water. The local sun, air, beautiful beaches are suitable for families with children.

Sanatoriums and hotels in Evpatoria

In Evpatoria their unique services are offereda lot of sanatoria. Experienced specialists conduct therapeutic and prophylactic procedures using natural minerals and therapeutic mud. Many diseases are treated here:

  • skin;
  • light;
  • heart and blood vessels;
  • blood diseases;
  • nervous system.

For every taste and prosperity they offer their owncomfortable rooms for living numerous hotels. Each guest can choose a place to his liking. Popular in Evpatoria is the Royal Beach Club 4 * hotel. Tourists are offered decent conditions here.

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Location and general description of the hotel Royal Beach Club, Evpatoria

The hotel is in a quiet location, at tenkilometers from the center of the resort town and a hundred meters from the sea. Such an attractive location is an undoubted plus in the choice of accommodation at the Royal Beach Club. Management position their hotel as the only one in the Crimea, which provides European living conditions with foreign management. The hotel started its work relatively recently - in 2013.

Accommodation at Royal Beach Club

Guests are offered rooms with a unique design,the situation of each of them is individual. There are 28 rooms in the hotel. Here at the Royal Beach Club, an unbeatable advantage is the beautiful sea view that opens from the balcony of the room. Very close to the beach. It is well equipped - there are comfortable sun loungers, from the scorching sun and the heat of holidaymakers will hide umbrellas.

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The beach is clean, sandy, its area is shallow andwide. Therefore, there is enough safe sea, besides, the water warms up well. These advantages of the local beach are in demand for families with children. Therefore, the service at the Royal Beach Club is designed more for family rest.

Rooms are available for up to fourhuman. Children under seven years of age stay in the hotel for free if they are not provided with an extra bed. We offer quality service and additional services:

  • regular cleaning of rooms (you can call the maid at any time during the day);
  • guests are provided with clean and ironed bed linen, fresh towels;
  • on request, you can use the hair dryer and iron, there is a well-equipped laundry;
  • in the rooms there is WI-FI, its use does not require additional payment.
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For a small cost, guests are offered a meal: only breakfast or full board. The management of the Royal Beach Club positions its cuisine as tasty and healthy. In the recipe of dishes only fresh and ecologically clean Crimean products are used. Do not apply preservatives, food additives, ready-made sauces. Meals can be ordered in the room.

Transport service and organization of excursions

For hotel guests there is a transfer from and to the airport. Guests can leave personal transport in the parking lot, which is located in the Royal Beach Club.

Evpatoria is a city in which you can see a lotinteresting. This is both entertainment attractions, and historical. Families with children will be interested in visiting the Dinopark, the amusement park "Evpatoria Disneyland" and the Dolphinarium. Interesting monuments of architecture will attract many hotel guests, these are:

  • city ​​gates;
  • Juma-Jami Mosque;
  • monastery of dervishes;
  • the ruins of Kerkinitida;
  • Turkish baths and others.

In the city there are museums: local lore, mail and pharmacies.

At the request of the guests, the hotel's administration will offer transportation services and arrange excursions for an additional fee. Guests can take a taxi or public transport.

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Guest reviews

On the websites of travel agencies many visitorsshared their impressions of the Royal Beach Club. Reviews are very diverse and contradictory. Most guests like the convenient and quiet location of the hotel, proximity to the sea. Guests are noted that the beach is clean and comfortable, well equipped and convenient for rest with children. Guests like the rooms, their arrangement. A lot of complaints are caused by the organization of food for holidaymakers. Not all guests agree that the food offered is tasty and environmentally friendly. Many guests are not satisfied with the menu, they note the scarcity of the diet.