/ / Island Beach Resort Annex 2 * (Greece, Korfa): photoes and reviews of tourists

Island Beach Resort Annex 2 * (Greece, Korfa): photoes and reviews of tourists

In the summer, you want to have a good rest, not onlyrespectable adult, but also reckless youth, dreaming of the sun, the sea, get-togethers until the morning and new acquaintances. Unfortunately, in tourist agencies of this category tourists can not offer a large selection of options. Therefore, young people are forced to go to hotels in Turkey or Thailand, but they have a good alternative - this is the island of Corfu. Reviews of the Island Beach Resort Annex 3 * contain information that it is young people who are ready to go here on a nightly stroll. This is not only the hotel itself, but also the resort village in which it is located. If this option interests you, then we are ready to tell you about Island Beach Resort Annex and reveal its main secrets that will help to make the most accurate representation of the hotel.

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A few words about the hotel complex

Island Beach Resort Annex in numeroustourist catalogs are presented a little differently. Some speak of it as a three-star hotel, while in others they give only two stars. This causes some bewilderment of potential travelers who do not quite understand what kind of starry they still have to pay. In reality, the hotel positions itself as a solid "treshka", but its guests often say that up to this level it does not hold out. However, this fact does not upset young people who come here for fun and good mood. After all, in the rooms they spend a minimum amount of time.

Island Beach Resort Annex 3 * is aquite a cozy hotel complex, consisting of several buildings. There are about three hundred numbers of eleven categories in them. Such a large choice allows guests to stay at the most suitable option for themselves. This can be attributed to the pluses of the hotel, because here often come big and noisy companies.

The hotel has a small but well-maintained territory with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Location of the hotel

Located Island Beach Resort Annex in Kavos. This resort town is located on the beach and is a place of pilgrimage for young people. If you are not ready to not sleep at night, listen to music until the morning and have fun songs coming from the street, then you should choose your choice at another hotel. After all, according to the guests of Island Beach Resort Annex 2 *, every night here turns into a real holiday, the euphoria from which the entire resort village is covered without exception.

From Corfu Airport to the hotel complexcan be reached, having overcome about forty kilometers. Approximately thirty meters from the Island Beach Resort Annex 3 * (Corfu) there is a public transport stop. From here you can easily go anywhere in the city.

The hotel is located on the first coastline,so the sea will not have to go too long. The distance depends on the room in which the guests are accommodated. Four blocks are sufficiently far apart, so the road to the beach is between fifty and four hundred meters. Naturally, this factor affects the cost of rooms.

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The hotel has enough developed infrastructure,so the guests are never bored or uncomfortable. On the territory there are two restaurants and five bars, and they are located in such a way that each building has its own institution, where you could buy drinks and snacks.

Also, almost every building has its ownswimming pool, so some guests feel that you can not go beyond your block. After all, there is everything you need for a fun holiday.

Reception is open around the clock, which is very convenient for guests. Here are the safes, where for a small surcharge vacationers can freely leave their belongings.

The hotel is excellent at catching Wi-Fi, whichis very important for young people who do not think their life without the Internet. If you wish, guests can rent a car and leave it for free parking for any time period.

It is noteworthy that the hotel has a laundry,which is often used by young people. After all, in the interval between night and day parties, it's so hard to choose the time for self-washing clothes.

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Additional Information

Being settled in the hotel, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules, the implementation of which will make your life easier on vacation.

For example, on the whole territory of the hotel complex you can pay with bank and credit cards of well-known payment systems.

In the room you can settle with a pet, so if you are used to taking your pet everywhere with you, then this hotel is just for you.

Keep in mind that the settlement is carried out in twohour of the day, and departure from the apartment must be done before noon. Judging by the reviews of the hotel, its staff is very responsible for this item - zazevavshihsya tourists can evict after the specified hour.

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Condition of the room fund

In the evaluation of numbers our compatriots did not agreein the opinions. However, you should not blame anyone for bias, just the state of the apartments depends very much on the housing in which the guest will be accommodated.

We will not list all categories of numbers,presented in the hotel complex, because in their majority they differ only in the number of beds. However, in addition to the standards, there are apartments in the hotel complex with an equipped kitchen. They are often booked by our compatriots.

Each room is equipped with a TV, telephone andconditioning. But the latter only works for an additional fee. This is a fairly common phenomenon in Greece. If you are not ready to pay for air conditioning, then you will have to sleep with an open balcony, from where the blood-sucking insects will constantly fly.

The rooms are equipped with a bathroom with showera cabin and a hairdryer. In some apartments, as already mentioned, there is a mini-kitchen. It is equipped with all the necessary items, so you can prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners yourself.

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A little about nutrition

Island Beach Resort Annex 3 * in Kavosoffers travelers to book rooms with breakfast included. If necessary, it is possible to refuse from food altogether, this nuance should be indicated when preparing a voucher.

It is worth saying that most guests preparethemselves or eat in the numerous tavernas of Kavos. There are a lot of them in the village, and almost all of them are family, which can guarantee restful tasty and fresh food.

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Negative reviews of Island Beach Resort Annex 3 *

There are many contradictory rumors about this hotel on the Internet. He is often praised, but not less often carried to the nines. What is not satisfied with this hotel complex of our compatriots?

We analyzed the written comments and identified several significant shortcomings of the hotel:

  • The hotel often meets such a phenomenon asoverbooking. It is that the Island Beach Resort Annex 3 * is sold more than there are rooms. Therefore, tourists can for a few days move to another hotel, and this can happen even after several days of residence.
  • Lack of Russian-speaking staff.
  • The location is relative to the beach. If you find yourself in the farthest corps, do not expect to reach the sea in no time. Go to the beach will have at least fifteen to twenty minutes. And this is not suitable for all tourists.
  • Modest apartments, in need of repair.
  • The abundance of youth, which is not distinguished by culture and does not allow rest to other guests.
  • Bad service.

island beach resort annex 3 corfu reviews

Pros of the hotel complex

It is noteworthy that the hotel reviews left by young people and older people are very different. The younger generation sees basically only the advantages of the hotel complex:

  • convenient location;
  • availability of kitchen;
  • proximity to the sea;
  • a large number of discos in the hotel and in the district;
  • good cleaning in the rooms.

Summing up, we can conclude thatthe hotel complex Island Beach Resort Annex is an economical holiday option, ideally suited to those people who go on vacation for get-togethers and fun.