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Hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * (Tunis, Sousse): photo, reviews

Goa, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Egypt are countries in whichthe majority of domestic tourists who prefer foreign resorts spend their vacation. But, of course, these are not the only southern states that offer Russians a decent rest and a lot of pleasant impressions. For example, our compatriots can have a good time in exotic Tunisia. Tours here are usually inexpensive. Rest in Tunisia can be very good.

One of the three largest cities in thistropical country is Sousse. In addition to the magnificent southern landscapes and the warm, gentle sea, this Tunisian resort is also remarkable for a number of interesting sights. Hotels in Sousse built, of course, a lot. At the same time, most of the local hotels belong to the three-star class and are very suitable for not very demanding tourists traveling to the resort mainly in order to sunbathe on the beach, rather than spending time in the room. It is not an exception in this respect either Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 *. Reviews about this hotel on the web are ambiguous. But it is worth living here relatively inexpensive.

marabout sousse hotel 3 Tunisia Sousse

Location Features

This hotel is located directly in theSousse, not far from its center. This modern hotel is built on the beach. The proximity to the beach is, according to many tourists, one of the main advantages Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * (Tunis, Sousse). Certainly, this hotel was very successfulis located and in relation to the airport. The latter is only 15 kilometers from it. That is, to get to the hotel after arrival, tourists on the transfer bus can literally in 10-15 minutes. At the same time, rattling planes over this hotel never fly by.

Infrastructure of the city in the immediate vicinityfrom the hotel is developed quite well. In addition to shops and cafes, in this area there are all kinds of entertainment. To the capital of Tunisia from Sousse and the hotel is quite far. The distance to it is 140 kilometers.

General description of the hotel

Accepts hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * guests in one multi-storey building built inoriginal oriental style. The exterior of this hotel compliments most of its former residents. Parking is available near the hotel entrance. This, of course, is also considered a big plus of the complex. In the parking lot guests can leave rented cars in Tunisia for free.

marabout sousse hotel 3

The territory of this hotel has its own.Looks courtyard of the hotel, judging by the reviews, neat and clean. But the greenery here, unfortunately, is not planted too much. In general, only very high and rather spectacular palms grow on the territory of the hotel.

Reception at the Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * (Tunis,Sousse), as well as practically in any other three-star, works round the clock. This is for the guests, of course, very convenient. To solve any problems related to accommodation, tourists can apply to the administration even at night.

The estimated time of check-in is 12:00 pm.Arrived before this time, tourists are usually not allowed to enter the rooms. To their new tenants, administrators offer to wait. You can also simply give the receptionists $ 20 and enter immediately. However, the guarantee is that the room will be cleaned after the previous tenants, and the bed linen is changed on the beds, in this case no one can give.

What are the rooms in the hotel for rent

By the standards of Tunisia, the hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3* can be considered quite large. Total holidaymakers in Sousse to tourists it offers 257 rooms. All of them belong to the standard class and are equipped with:

  • TVs;

  • telephones;

  • refrigerators.

That is, despite the low cost of rentingrooms, they have everything you need for a comfortable stay at the resort. Photos of Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * (Tunisia), presented on the page, the relative convenience of its rooms demonstrate visually. Of course, installed in the hotel rooms and air conditioning. Without them in the hot climate of Tunisia in the hotel, tourists would feel uncomfortable.

marabout sousse hotel 3 reviews

Most rooms have balconies. Here, guests can, for example, dry their towels or beach accessories. Views from the hotel's rooms can be opened either to the courtyard with a swimming pool, or to the wall of another hotel.

What you should know about

When booking rooms in Marabout HotelSousse Hotel 3 * (Tunisia) is immediately worth a look at their room. On the wall of a nearby hotel in this complex, windows of odd standards come out. However, hurry to change such rooms on even with a view of the pool experienced tourists novices are not advised. The fact is that these rooms in this hotel are the quietest. At the pool in the evenings in this recreation center there are quite noisy and long animated shows that can prevent tourists from resting.

Guest reviews of hotel rooms

Of course, appreciate the tourists of any hotel beforeall in terms of the convenience of the rooms being rented in it. In this regard, the hotel Marabout has earned quite conflicting reviews of guests. Many tourists in this complex get quite decent in terms of comfort rooms. But in some cases, vacationers who rented accommodation in the hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 *, no luck, and they immediately after arrival are settled indark, dirty and neglected rooms. In such cases, experienced vacationers advise our compatriots to pay at the front desk $ 100. Immediately after this tourists are usually transferred to the best, well-equipped bright rooms with comfortable furniture.

Cleaning maids in the rooms of the hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 *, sufor many times, but not too oftencarefully. In this case, even left on the bed tip on the quality of their work does not affect in any way. Bed linen here is also changed, unfortunately, not too often.

hotel marabout sousse hotel 3 reviews

Hotel Infrastructure

Actually, on the territory of the complex Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * PThe guests are also offered different kinds offacilities. The infrastructure in this hotel, judging by the reviews, is relatively well developed. When arriving residents are asked to hand over things to the storage room. Valuable things for a fee tourists can leave in the safe at the reception. There is also a spa on site. Here guests can make a massage or visit the sauna. There is also a hairdresser in the hotel. In addition, the hotel operates a shop.

Swimming pools at the Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 *(Tunis, Sousse) is equipped with two. For a three-star hotel, this, of course, is very good. If you wish, vacationers can visit the indoor or indoor swimming pool. For children there is a small paddling pool in the complex. Near the outdoor pool in this recreation center is equipped with a real mini-water park. Its availability, of course, greatly adds to this hotel popularity in the eyes of tourists. And especially those who came to rest in Tunisia with their children.

Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 *: reviews of the infrastructure

With regard to the convenience of living this hotel tourists usually praise. The presence of a spa, two swimming pools, parking and water parktourists consider, of course, the absolute pluses of this hotel. For a three-star hotel, this is really a very good "set". But there is this hotel in terms of amenities in the territory and some cons. So, many hotel guests believe that its pools could be more clean. The fact is that a lot of sand accumulates at the bottom of their bowls during the season. And when bathing guests, of course, he emerges and strongly muddies the water.

hotel marabout sousse hotel 3

As already mentioned, for the entertainment of tourists inEvery evening an animation is held. Domestic guests, however, attend events quite rarely. There are shows in the hotel, of course, not in Russian. In addition, most of the tourists consider the program not too diverse and interesting.

Hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 *: staff reviews

Despite some minor shortcomings, most of the tourists praise the infrastructure of this hotel. The same goes for hotel rooms. In most cases, they are in a hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * quite comfortable for living. On the staff of the same hotel on the web there, Unfortunately, including not too good reviews.

In general, hotel staff areguests polite. But only so long as the tenants do not have any problems. To fulfill their duties and eliminate defects, they in most cases agree only for additional payment. The propensity to extort money by the staff, according to most tourists, is consideredof the major disadvantages of this hotel.

Caution does not hurt

Reviews of Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * (Tunis, Sousse) inoverall and on the web there are good ones. But in addition to the propensity of workers to extortion, he also has another very serious shortcoming. Unfortunately, on the web, among other things, there is information that the staff of this hotel can steal from the guests things (though not too valuable). On such facts reported on the sites of tour operators in their reviews, many former residents of this hotel. Things in this hotel, to all other things, can disappear not just from tables and beds, but even from closed suitcases.

hotel marabout sousse hotel 3 Tunisia Sousse

On the complaints of tourists, for example, on the inclined tothe theft of the cleaning lady, the administration of Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * (Tunis, Sousse), of course, reacts. The employee who has been fined can also be fired. However, unfortunately, unfortunately, it is not possible to return their things to the guests. In addition, it takes some measures associated with such unpleasant situations, the administration of the complex is usually not too willing. According to the owners of the hotel, tourists should watch their own things for their belongings. Warnings that the administration of the complex for their safety of responsibility does not carry, even hang in each room.

Guides of tour operators who have sold tickets to thishotel, no special help to the guests in search of their belongings and the punishment of the guilty, unfortunately, also do not have. They explain to tourists the uncleanliness of some hotel employees with the poverty of the local population and small salaries.

In order not to get into an unpleasant situation in theHotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * (Tunisia), associated with theft, experienced tourists are advised to necessarily hand over valuables in the safe at the reception. Worth this service in the hotel is not too expensive. Well, or you can just carry things around with you.

Dining at the hotel

Hotel Marabout sousse hotel 3 *- three-star. And therefore, on its territory, of course, there is a dining room. You can rent rooms in this complex with breakfast, boarding house or half-board. The hotel's restaurant refuses its guests as a relatively good institution. The menu in the dining room, like, perhaps, in any other budgetary, not too diverse. But portions of tourists here are served truly gigantic. Hungry hotel guests who live on a full board, never stay. In any case, the need to buy additional food in the city, judging by the reviews, these lodgers do not arise. Dinners and lunches in this hotel, according to most tourists, are served much more delicious than breakfast.

About the service in the dining room of the hotel on the web, toUnfortunately, there are some not too good reviews. Tables in this institution may not be too clean. The dishes at the hotel restaurant often smell of detergents.

marabout sousse hotel 3 Tunisia photo

Arrogant Arabs

In addition to the propensity for extortion and the possibility of theft, the hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * there is another rather serious flaw.

Reside in this hotel is mainly Russian andEuropean tourists. And for the latter assigned a new and comfortable right wing. Behave themselves Europeans and our compatriots in the hotel is quite dignified and intelligent. Resting each other guests here do not interfere. But, unfortunately, the water park of the hotel is a complex open. That is, anyone can buy tickets for his visit, including local residents.

The Arabs water park hotel Marabout Sousse HotelMarabout Aquapark 3 * is incredibly popular. Local people come here as families with children, and just big friendly companies. And the Arabs behave noisily and in relation to Russian tourists quite brazenly. For example, they can throw things away from the chaise longue occupied by our compatriots and lie down on it. Not too respectful are the local residents and to Russian women - can make obscene suggestions or even dismiss their hands.

What do tourists think about the beach of the hotel

Beach near the complex Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * there is own, sandy. The sea next to this complex has earned very good reviews of tourists. Go to the beach for hotel guests need no more than five minutes. This, of course, is especially convenient for residents with children. No dirt on the beach of the hotel usually noticeably does not happen. The same goes for the sea. It is clean and quiet in this place. Entrance to the sea on the beach of the hotel is gentle. This tourists, and especially those with children, of course, also refer to the pluss of the hotel.

Some disadvantages of the beach of the Marabout Sousse HotelHotel 3 * (Tunis, Sousse) is that in this place in the sea lives a lot of jellyfish. However, the size of these underwater inhabitants is small, and their burns are not too painful. No special measures in the case of contact with jellyfish tourists usually do not have to. Burns from them are similar to burns, for example, from nettle.

Jellyfish on the beach of the hotel are relatively safe. But in this place of the coast occasionally there may be more "harmful" living creatures. Therefore, to swim on the beach of the hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * experienced tourists advise at least in the shale.

Of course, on the beach near the hotel touristscan use, among others, sun loungers. However, unfortunately, there is not enough for everyone who wants them. Occupy sunbeds experienced travelers advise beginners already in the morning.

As in the hotel, on the beach of the hotel there are cases of theft. Therefore, leaving things unattended here is not worth it.

Another small disadvantage of the hotel beachmany tourists consider the lack of showers. Rather, she is in this place. But to walk up to it along the shore is quite far away - about seventy meters.

marabout sousse hotel 3 photos

Instead of concluding

Thus, judging by the feedback on the web, for a hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * can be considered quite convenient. For not very demanding tourists who come to Tunisia just for the sake of the sea and the beach, it is suitable, most likely, not bad. Its main advantages are quite spacious and comfortable rooms, substantial food and a good beach. Disadvantages of the hotel can be called the propensity of staff to extortion and theft.

Photos of hotel Marabout Sousse Hotel 3 * Pare presented above on the page. As you can see, the rooms and interiors of this hotel look quite tolerable. But of course, ohwhether to stop in thisle, or choose some othertourists should decide for themselves. For those holidaymakers who are used to great comfort on vacation, including in a hotel, this hotel is most likely not suitable. Such tourists should consider the options for hotels more expensive and more comfortable. Four- and five-star hotels in Soussee there is little. But many such complexes operate on the resort located near this small town El Kantaoui.