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Moscow, Oceanarium: prices, address, photo and reviews

In October 2011 in Moscow, in the shopping and entertainment complex "RIO", the first and largest Oceanarium in Moscow was opened.

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Creators of the project

The appearance on the Moscow land of thisa remarkable complex of Muscovites owe to the group of companies "Tashir", which occupies the thirtieth place in the version of Forbs. The company acted as investors to the Oceanarium on Dmitrovskoye Shosse, which very successfully blended into the premises of the SEC "RIO". By the way, he also belongs to "Tashir".

Designer and main contractorconstruction was the company LLC Aqua Logo Engineering. As a result of fruitful joint work of designers, designers, designers, biologists and workers, it was possible to realize the dream of many exotic fans for a year in just one year. In dozens of aquariums, swimming pools, terrariums, cages, ideal conditions for their inhabitants were created. Moreover, the corners of nature are simulated from the arctic seas to the hot tropics. Most importantly, the specialists of the company "Aqua Logo Engineering" created not just an original design: they thought out the details and safety of animals to the smallest detail.

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about the project

In the Oceanarium,original and interesting solutions of talented designers: glass floors, with aquariums under them and a bottomless starry sky. In the 5D cinema, visitors can experience the breath of the ocean breeze and the gentle smells of the sea. In the open-air swimming pools, seals and seals perform, specially trained in the skill of the Anapa dolphinarium. Animals, plants and their delivery from the Antarctic, Australia, the Caribbean and the Barents Sea cost the creators of the complex 20 million rubles, and the entire Oceanarium at $ 18 million. At the same time 500 people can visit this miracle.

Description of exposition

The territory of the Oceanarium is divided into several thematic zones:

  • "Jungle".
  • "Lagoon".
  • "Amazon".
  • "Seals".
  • "Ocean".
  • "Tropics".
  • "Cave".

oceanarium rio in moscow

Acquaintance with the Oceanarium begins with the polar zone, where penguins live in pens.

Malawian cichlids settled in the tropics. Next to them, the birds of paradise, monkeys, parrots are quite comfortable.

Nobody will remain indifferent when they see coralreefs, which are found only in some areas of the Red Sea. Corals of the most bizarre shapes and colors, bodies, angelfish, bright yellow zebra and other mysterious inhabitants of underwater depths will cause admiration not only in children, but also in adults.


In this outdoor pool you can admirerepresentatives of South America. It's aaron, friendly pack, colorful astronotus. The most predatory inhabitants of the Amazon are piranhas. They are kept in a separate aquarium.

Mysterious caves

the largest aquarium in Moscow

This section introduces you to the nocturnal marine inhabitants - the Egyptian wings and Mexican blind fish.

Rare specimens

In the Oceanarium on the Dmitrovskoye highway settleda lot of unusual for Europeans representatives of flora and fauna. Live here and truly unique specimens even for the natural environment: for example, a small anulyaris fish and coral actinia magnefics.


Today, the largest institution of this type inour country can boast of Moscow. The oceanarium on Dmitrovsky is not the largest in Europe, but it is very beautiful and cozy. Visitors are very attracted to bridges with glass floors, especially areas where you can enjoy living corals.

Many places of interest amaze theirguests of the city of Moscow. The oceanarium should be visited necessarily! Cognitive excursions are regularly conducted here, so no one will leave with the accumulated questions - the professional guide will answer everything. Usually groups are designed for 10-15 people. This is very convenient for guides and guests.

Most recently, many believed that in this"Non-marine" city, like Moscow, a high-level oceanarium is difficult to create. But this is a delusion. According to experts, the Oceanarium has turned out to be high quality.

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The inhabitants of the Oceanarium are very shy, so the use of flash cameras is strictly prohibited.


Penguins attract special attention of visitors. These charming creatures feel quite comfortable here and as if they do not notice curious eyes. At once I want to note the tremendous work done by the organizers of this wonderful corner of nature in a huge metropolis. We feel love and care for the "guests" of the capital, the desire to make their stay in the new place of residence as comfortable as possible.


There are a lot of inhabitants: crocodile caimans and turtles, lizards and chameleons, snakes and a giant anaconda.

The "RIO" oceanarium in Moscow has the main keyelement - an aquarium with a transparent tunnel. Its capacity is 412 thousand liters of water. It consists of two vaulted tunnels, completely transparent, made of high-strength acrylic. Thanks to this amazing design, visitors seem to be inside the underwater kingdom, and watch the life of its inhabitants from the inside.

oceanarium in moscow Dmitrov highway

In the aquarium there is a huge swimming pool with a spacious viewing room, which allows watching pinniped shows. All the animals in the Oceanarium were delivered by the company "Aqua Logos".

In addition to simple observation of marine(photo of whom you see in this article) provides its guests with a unique opportunity to see the feeding of predatory sharks and the performance of fur seals under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Such unique programs can not be seen in every European com- plex. This Oceanarium in Moscow is the largest. The volume of its exposure is more than 500 tons of water.


Many are interested in what the marine inhabitants feed,especially foreign ones. It turns out that for each type of fish food is prepared separately. Water is also prepared separately, and each type is selected the most comfortable temperature.

It is interesting to observe the feeding of piranhas. It seems that peaceful and cute "karasiki" are quietly swimming in their "house" while waiting for their feeding. The technologist of the Oceanarium draws a heavy piece of frozen fish from the refrigerator, throws it into the aquarium, but the spectators hear only a slap: the food, before it sinks to the bottom, disappears in the toothy mouths ... An eerie sight, believe me!

Sea water for the Oceanarium is prepared artificially. To fill all the tanks consumes more than a million liters of water.

In the Oceanarium, there are tworepresentations. One of them has an auditorium to watch the show of fur seals and seals. The second auditorium has no: it is intended for feeding leopard sharks, hammerhead and other predators. Those who want to feed fish can use the open swimming pools, of course, if they do not have predators.

The Oceanarium in Moscow: prices

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The entrance to the Oceanarium is paid: on weekdays an adult ticket costs 500 rubles, children's (from 5 to 14 years) - 250 rubles. At the weekend, a ticket for an adult costs 600 rubles, and for children - 300 rubles.

There are benefits for an adult ticket (only inweekdays) for pensioners, participants of the Second World War, large families, full-time students, schoolchildren from 15 to 17 years old. Such a ticket costs 350 rubles. For children from 5 to 14 years old, from large families, the price of a discount ticket is only 150 rubles.

Lovers of extreme pastimeDiving is available. Immersion in the company of an experienced instructor lasts 45 minutes, and the price is 7000 rubles. Expensive pleasure, but many are ready to pay for this immersion this tidy sum.

Opening Hours

The Oceanarium in Moscow (Dmitrovskoye Highway 163) is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. The ticket office is open until 21:00.

How to get there

From the metro station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" to the Oceanarium, you can get by bus number 763K or shuttle bus number 735.

From the metro station "Altufevo" there is a free bus with an identification sign "RIO", and a regular bus № 685 (to go out at the stop "Rynok").

Today we introduced you to one of the modern sights, which Moscow is very proud of. The oceanarium on Dmitrovskoye Shosse is a great place to relax with your family and children.

moscow oceanarium

The Oceanarium on Clean Ponds

For comparison, we want to tell you about the first Oceanarium, which has been operating for 14 years, since 2000. It is located at Chistoprudny Boulevard, 14, p. 3, and runs daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

The total area is little more than 800 m2. Visitors can watch the life of more than a thousand marine inhabitants.

Admission price for adults is 300 rubles, for children under 12 years - 150 rubles.

You can get here by metro to the station "Chistye Prudy" or on trolleybus No. 48.